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Name: Bob Gotti
Website: www.poeticpulpit.com
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I grew up around Religion and lived without a true knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, or The Bible for the first 29 years of my life, although I believed I was a Christian. It wasn't until my wife (who was saved, but, never grew in the Word) started to witness to me, about 3 years after we were married, that I picked up a Bible for the first time in my life and was miraculously saved after reading the Gospel of John. I have been a Christian since the spring of 1986 and use April 1st as my Spiritual Birthday, to remind myself that The Lord Graciously reached down and saved a fool like me.

I don't consider myself a poet, as my poems come right of of my prayers to God, usually on my way to work, after I had a small conflict at home or my heart is just welled up with concern. I hope that all of the Praise goes to God and that He can simply use my small talent (which came from Him) in a bigger way to either be a Blessing to all of my fellow brethren, or draw unbelievers into His Wonderful Light.

My first poem was on Visitation, which is very dear to my heart, and after posting it on poetry.com, I continued to use the 20 line format to post on their site. With this one poem published, I was moved to continue to post the poems that I truly thank God for, as I am not a poet by trade, and give all the Glory to Him. My thoughts at this point go to a beautiful song, by Nancy Steinman, where one of the verses she says "Even my Praise comes from You", as she is singing to The Lord.

I just thank The Lord for guiding me and pray that my poems can move people closer to The Soon Coming Kingdom. In His Love, Bob Gotti

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