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Name: Angela Posey-Arnold
Website: www.angelaposeyarnold.com
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Articles written: 54

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I am a wife of 19 years, I am the daughter of the best parents in the world. I am the sister of a Methodist Pastor. I am a sister-in-law to his wife and she is my friend. I am the aunt of a Marine. I am the aunt of a young man preparing to be a Pastor. I am a church pianist. I am a Christian. I am a friend to some great friends. Some I have had since kindgergarten others have developed later in my life. I am a pet mother to my three dogs and 5 cats. I am a writer and a journalist. I am fluffy. I am short. I have naturally curly brunette hair. I have blue eyes. I am aging. I am serving God. I am supporting our troops with a Scripture Card mission. I live in a log home. I drive a Ford F150. I have a travel trailer and we love to camp. I am a Faithwriters 500 member and I enjoy the writing challenges. I am a contributing writer for www.4Him2U.com I was published in Guideposts Angels on Earth Magazine in the Nov/Dec 2007 issue. I have a book out ---The Nightingale Protocol. Oh yeah, I am a BSN Nurse, retired RN. Almost forgot that one. my book is available thru my own online bookstore at www.authorsden/angelaposeyarnold I am a country bumpkin from Alabama all my life. I am a Southern Belle. My best friend is Jesus.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
12/10/08 Watch for the Answer 338 Free to Share
11/19/08 In The Still 391 For Sale
07/04/08 America Is Still America 679 For Sale
06/23/08 What? No Brakes? 510 For Sale
06/09/08 God Will Take Care of You 1023 For Sale
06/05/08 Sowing, Reaping and the Riches of Christ 1060 For Sale
05/29/08 Watchers in the Storm 733 For Sale
05/23/08 The Thoughts Came To Me 788 Free to Share
04/30/08 Following God's Call 632 Free to Share
04/21/08 The Invisible Book Signing 491 Not For Sale
04/07/08 Storms Come and Storms Go 480 Free to Share
03/23/08 He is Risen 469 Free to Share
03/22/08 That One Sabbath Day 470 Free to Share
03/20/08 Bailey's Jesus 531 Free to Share
02/22/08 Dumpsters Are Deeper Than They Look 515 Free to Share
02/15/08 No Language but a Cry 480 Free to Share
01/31/08 Amazing Grace Scripture Cards Ministry 1868 Free to Share
01/24/08 Revival and The Importance of Singing 1810 Free to Share
12/27/07 My Testimony 621 Free to Share
12/26/07 The Journey to Nightingale and Beyond 566 Not For Sale
11/25/07 Love of God's Word 609 Free to Share
10/25/07 Down To The River 670 Free to Share
09/10/07 Calm in the Storm 741 For Sale
09/08/07 Abiding 768 Free to Share
09/07/07 Seeing Is Believing 550 Free to Share
09/06/07 A Child of the King 885 Free to Share
08/25/07 Whisper His Name 480 For Sale
08/25/07 ANGELS HIDING IN THE TREES 505 For Sale
07/09/07 Jesus Knocks 2016 Free to Share
05/12/07 Awake In Me 608 For Sale
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06/11/07 Memories
05/31/07 Fluffies
05/26/07 Secret Escapades Revealed After 30 Years Of Silence
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04/30/07 And Then Came God

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