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Name: Angela Posey-Arnold
Website: www.angelaposeyarnold.com
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Articles written: 54

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Five foot two, eyes of blue, a nurse, pianist and writer too. Writing since middle school on to journalism in high school. Music and Nursing in college. Married for 27 years. In 2001 a tractor trailer truck turned over, slid into me and changed my life-almost taking my life. Nursing became less and writing became more. I have one book published in 2007, The Nightingale Protocol. Been widely published by Guidepost, Lifeway, Kaplan Publishing, and many others. 2010 and 2011 precious parents went to heaven, lost home and belongings and 40 years of writing to a tornado. Writing for me stopped. 2015 Concierge Nursing with an overwhelming desire to rekindle writing. Beginning on Faithwriters where I have 54 articles stored-the tornado could not take these. Thank you Faithwriters!!!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
12/10/08 Watch for the Answer 354 Free to Share
11/19/08 In The Still 419 For Sale
07/04/08 America Is Still America 709 For Sale
06/23/08 What? No Brakes? 530 For Sale
06/09/08 God Will Take Care of You 1053 For Sale
06/05/08 Sowing, Reaping and the Riches of Christ 1102 For Sale
05/29/08 Watchers in the Storm 759 For Sale
05/23/08 The Thoughts Came To Me 816 Free to Share
04/30/08 Following God's Call 671 Free to Share
04/21/08 The Invisible Book Signing 514 Not For Sale
04/07/08 Storms Come and Storms Go 501 Free to Share
03/23/08 He is Risen 486 Free to Share
03/22/08 That One Sabbath Day 492 Free to Share
03/20/08 Bailey's Jesus 555 Free to Share
02/22/08 Dumpsters Are Deeper Than They Look 541 Free to Share
02/15/08 No Language but a Cry 504 Free to Share
01/31/08 Amazing Grace Scripture Cards Ministry 1943 Free to Share
01/24/08 Revival and The Importance of Singing 1857 Free to Share
12/27/07 My Testimony 655 Free to Share
12/26/07 The Journey to Nightingale and Beyond 589 Not For Sale
11/25/07 Love of God's Word 634 Free to Share
10/25/07 Down To The River 699 Free to Share
09/10/07 Calm in the Storm 762 For Sale
09/08/07 Abiding 798 Free to Share
09/07/07 Seeing Is Believing 572 Free to Share
09/06/07 A Child of the King 930 Free to Share
08/25/07 Whisper His Name 512 For Sale
08/25/07 ANGELS HIDING IN THE TREES 526 For Sale
07/09/07 Jesus Knocks 2126 Free to Share
05/12/07 Awake In Me 629 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/01/08 Jade's Keeper
04/16/08 These Hands
03/03/08 Just a Lump of Ore
10/23/07 Down To The River
10/08/07 Getting To Worship
09/19/07 Bring It To Me and Sit Down
09/11/07 The Deacon and the Casserole
08/31/07 So Send I You
08/24/07 False Evidence Appearing Real (ii)
08/17/07 Bewilderment To Brilliance
08/04/07 Patient Anger
07/29/07 Dream
07/21/07 Slipping Skirt
07/06/07 Be Strong and of Good Courage
06/11/07 Memories
05/31/07 Fluffies
05/26/07 Secret Escapades Revealed After 30 Years Of Silence
05/04/07 Cricumstances of Happiness
04/30/07 And Then Came God

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
06/27/09 The Process of a Pearl
08/31/07 Whose Prayers Were Answered?
08/29/07 Delight in Despair
07/12/07 Jade
06/24/07 Fluffies
04/10/07 Grace and the Angels Sing

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
07/11/2007 Follow The Wanderers
07/11/2007 Love
06/11/2007 The Impact Of Direction
05/12/2007 Grace and the Angels Sing
05/12/2007 Follow The Wanderers