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Name: Clyde Blakely
Website: ecblakely.wix.com/writer-clyde-blakely
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Articles written: 158

 About Self
God is answering my prayers through diversity and I praise Him for it. Married to Emily with three grown children, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Please see FaithWriters’ second testimony book for my submission: A Lesson Learned from my Dead Uncle. You may contact Clyde at ecblakely@cmspan.net.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/18/09 The Pursuit of Death, Part II revised 550 Free to Share
07/23/09 The Coal Miner 899 Free to Share
07/23/09 The Coal Miner 941 Free to Share
09/30/07 A BRIEF ENCOUNTER 1272 Free to Share
09/26/07 When I get to Heaven 951 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
03/08/15 The Vision
11/30/14 The Vision
11/25/14 Thank you James
11/17/14 Special Ops
11/12/14 I Wish I'd Been There
11/04/14 A True Writer's Block
10/27/14 Please God, not again tonight!
10/10/14 Knowing When to Let Go
10/06/14 Diary of a Present Help
09/16/14 Even in Death
09/10/14 God Created
01/15/13 My Worst New Year's Resolution
12/06/12 My Exodus
11/21/12 Time for a Change
11/07/12 Then, Now, and Future
10/10/12 An Alien's Brief Encounter
07/11/12 Discerning the Lines
05/02/12 Matthew 6:33
04/22/12 What is it like to die?
03/14/12 Snake Tongue Trail
03/07/12 Awaiting Death
02/22/12 The Walk
02/01/12 The Gift
12/28/11 Number 138542
10/29/11 Gibborama
10/12/11 End of the Pursuit
08/24/11 Chocolate Eclairs Cure Writer's Block
07/23/11 I Hate My Job
07/20/11 The Stone Sentinel
07/09/11 It's Coming!
05/17/11 Bowed by Doubt
05/11/11 Sparky
04/27/11 Please Go Away!
03/17/11 Time Watch
03/08/11 Jest a Minute
03/02/11 The faster you go, the slower you go
02/22/11 Mandatory Retirement
02/11/11 The "Weekness" of Time
02/09/11 Eras of Space Exploration
02/01/11 Changing Times
01/23/11 Adrift in Space
01/19/11 Escape from the Blue Moon
01/08/11 Spaceman Bob Retires
12/22/10 Listening to the Heart
12/15/10 Pebble's Story
11/11/10 Where's Daddy?
10/18/10 Until...
09/15/10 Panic, Confusion, Strife, and Stupid within
09/08/10 Truisms
08/19/10 Never again!
08/18/10 Why God!?
07/28/10 Seeing the Other Side
07/13/10 Hearing the Unanswered Prayer
05/28/10 They're Changing My Work
05/22/10 Jesus Loves the Red Rose that Stormed the Night Violet
05/19/10 Writing "The Book"
05/12/10 A Double Miracle for the Modern Man
05/02/10 May Thy Will Be All My Days
03/14/10 100 Begonas a Day!
03/08/10 My Romantic Bedside Story
01/27/10 A Leap of Faith
01/12/10 Dumb or Dumber
12/08/09 The New World Order
12/02/09 Clear as Muddy Waters
11/24/09 It Came from Outer Space
11/10/09 Treasures of the Heart
11/03/09 Sad You See or Fair I See
10/21/09 Clothed in Sackcloth
10/13/09 Cerulea Sings the Navy Blues
10/05/09 A Thread of Red
09/02/09 Our Most Memorable Autumn
08/26/09 My Master's Cup
07/29/09 His Last Spring Day
07/18/09 Accepting the Gospel
07/15/09 The King's Tribute
07/08/09 Diary Entry, 2359 hours
05/13/09 "God can go to hell!"
04/29/09 A Gift
04/08/09 The Changing Tide
03/17/09 Carrots
03/01/09 Captured
02/15/09 "Give me your shoe boxes, please!"
02/09/09 Land of Contrasts, Land of Opportunities
02/04/09 Canada versus USA?
01/25/09 Wrapping My Head Around
01/19/09 The Ornithorynchus Anatinus Test
01/10/09 ALL OF US
12/05/08 Death of a Missionary
11/28/08 A Bland Holiday
11/27/08 Forgetting the War - for Awhile
11/16/08 Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes
11/02/08 Angelic Lights
10/25/08 Immanuel
10/20/08 Meeting Grandma for a Christ Mass Feast
10/11/08 The Everlasting Tree of Life
10/04/08 The Shepherds' Song
09/18/08 Dummies' Guide to Life
09/11/08 To Draw A Flower
08/21/08 Clay Baby
08/18/08 Not One Stone
08/12/08 In the Beginning...The Pursuit
08/05/08 Staying After School
07/26/08 Made from Concentrate
07/19/08 The Right Wrong Number
07/12/08 A Broken Heart and the Still Small Voice
06/10/08 Honor Restored
06/01/08 Home Fellowship
05/08/08 Shotgun Accident
04/19/08 Uncle Jesse's Proof
04/15/08 My Bar Mitzvah and the Passover
04/05/08 My Mantle
03/13/08 Spring Ahead?
03/01/08 Thank You, Dear Lord
02/25/08 Moving On
02/18/08 He Loved Me Too
02/09/08 Dreamer
02/07/08 The Associates
01/30/08 Not for a Million Dollars
01/24/08 Dusty Rove & Carl Lynn
01/16/08 Living Life
01/09/08 A New Tune
12/12/07 Miss Beretta Lynn
12/04/07 Knock, knock. Who's there?
11/23/07 PROVERTY
11/21/07 IT'S UP TO YOU
11/14/07 2965 miles
10/20/07 A POW's Baptism
09/16/07 Questions, questions, questions!
09/09/07 The Day Light Laughed
09/05/07 <B>THE SNAKE</B>
08/17/07 Return to Tomorrow?
07/31/07 All of Us
07/22/07 Me and My Dog, Hunters
07/14/07 My Stick
07/09/07 The Purchase
06/10/07 To Do My Father's Bidding
06/01/07 Aboard the Space Ship Imagination
05/24/07 Sam and Me
05/20/07 Cutie Pie, Willie, and the Good Shepherd
05/12/07 Fuzz Ball
05/03/07 The Four Men
04/27/07 God Choses an Army
04/22/07 "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh"
04/18/07 Cutie Pie
04/05/07 CAPTURED!
03/09/07 Just One Note
03/04/07 A Husband's Duty
03/01/07 Beyond Death's Veil
02/16/07 Against the State Champ?
02/13/07 craft (i)
02/08/07 I was God
01/19/07 Art (i)

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
02/04/11 Spaceman Bob Retires
12/12/09 He laughed with me
12/12/09 He is my Shepherd
10/19/09 The Changing Tide
07/20/09 The Pursuit of Death, Part II
10/29/08 Broken Things
07/22/08 Will You Give it to Me Now?
05/09/08 In an Instant
03/29/08 The Missionary's Joy
10/19/07 A Brief Encounter
10/19/07 Bird Brain
10/19/07 Bird Brain
10/18/07 Bird Brain
08/21/07 First Contact?
08/21/07 First Contact?
08/14/07 My Stick
08/14/07 My Stick
06/09/07 Fuzz Ball
06/09/07 Sam and Me
06/09/07 I Can't Remember
06/09/07 Run the Race
04/06/07 From a Seed to a Tree (or He Said I'd be a Tree)
03/30/07 In the Palms of His Hands
03/30/07 In the Palms of His Hands
03/28/07 Cutie Pie
03/28/07 Cutie Pie
03/24/07 Does God have a sense of Humor?
03/24/07 A Night Walk with the Dogs
03/24/07 A Night Walk with the Dogs
03/23/07 Animals in Heaven?
03/23/07 Country Animals
03/23/07 A Poem
03/16/07 The Pearl and the Missionary
03/15/07 Alms for the Runner
03/15/07 Angels Behold
03/15/07 The Carpenter's Cross

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