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Name: Samuel Stone
Website: mysterypen.homestead.com
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Articles written: 147

 About Self
Although born and raised in San Francisco, California, Samuel E. Stone’s law enforcement career was in the State of Washington. He is a retired police sergeant who served twenty-five years in Law Enforcement. He worked in patrol and detectives, and received numerous commendations throughout his career; including 1982 Police Officer of the Year. As a detective, he worked two deep undercover assignments. In his first deep cover assignment he infiltrated an organized crime group and brought down a topless club empire involved in the distribution of drugs and other criminal activities. The second tour involved him portraying a burned-out Vietnam veteran who owned and operated a surplus store. That operation resulted in 336 drug-related arrests and the seizure of numerous fully automatic weapons. Using his vast law enforcement experience, Stone shares his experience and expertise with his readers in an action pack and entertaining manner in his writings. His “Sarge” trilogy – Shades, Crush and Downfall come from Stone’s own experiences. Shades introduces the reader to the challenges facing a police officer working deep undercover. In the novel, the character becomes caught up in the deceit and betrayal of the drug world, and his own department as he faces the uncertainty of his survival and whether he'll ever be able to come back after crossing over to the dark side. In the second novel, Crush, the reader experiences the trials and tribulations of a group of police officers who setup and run a military surplus store as an undercover sting operation. Finally, in Downfall, the reader explores one man's struggle of survival against all odds from the system which he devoted his life to defend. Stone’s other works include “The Fiction Writer’s Bible,” “Blink” and “Attributes of Tranquility.”
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12/31/11 New Year's Eve Once Again 94 Not For Sale
12/15/11 Christmas Trinity 224 Not For Sale
11/19/11 Reason for Christmas 111 Not For Sale
09/17/11 Drifting Dreams 146 Not For Sale
08/01/11 Enjoy 189 Not For Sale
07/22/11 Caught in the Crossfire 253 Not For Sale
07/10/11 Finding the Way 165 Not For Sale
03/10/11 Realm of Our Dreams 195 Not For Sale
01/13/11 Raging River of Live 181 Not For Sale
11/17/10 Thank You Lord 148 Not For Sale
11/13/10 Dream a Little Dream 161 Not For Sale
08/06/10 Ocean's Intrigue 216 Not For Sale
08/04/10 Growing Old 242 Not For Sale
06/10/10 A Morning Lift 242 Not For Sale
03/19/10 Realm of Our Dreams 204 Not For Sale
03/05/10 Journey of Life 243 Not For Sale
01/07/10 Without Warning 214 Not For Sale
10/28/09 World of It's Own 245 Not For Sale
09/29/09 Your High and Then you Die 234 Not For Sale
09/08/09 Clock Will Chime 257 Not For Sale
08/12/09 In the Dark of Night 251 Not For Sale
05/06/09 Simplicity Eludes 244 Not For Sale
04/22/09 Plateau of Dreams 348 Not For Sale
04/12/09 Yet to Be Done 281 Not For Sale
03/08/09 Twinkling Little Star 331 Not For Sale
02/10/09 The Magical Key 329 Not For Sale
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