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Name: alfred adams
Website: www.nearingmidnight.com
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Articles written: 25

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Biography Dr. Alfred Adams Teaching from his book Nearing Midnight, Dr. Adams' dynamic approach and in-depth study truly brings the Word of God to his audience. His bold and attractive visual teaching style stems from years of experience in the music industry, reaching back to 1992, when Dr Adams toured with some of the biggest rock bands in the world - bands such as Guns-n-Roses, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chill Peppers, Sound Garden, Peter Frampton, and Ice Cube, to name just a few. Dr. Adams also worked at Paisley Park Studios (Prince's studio) as an intern sound engineer. Making use of the wealth of skills he learned in music industry, Dr. Adams fine-tunes his teachings with sixty-inch screens to display the book of Revelation - chapter by chapter -in order to take his audience on a complete journey. Dr. Adams' experiences also took him to the realm of banking from 1997 until 2004, linking projects that sought capital with the best interest rates from investors around the world. Dr. Adams was nominated for the Ernst & Young award two years in a row. His sponsorship came from Financial Consultant Mr. Evan Gomes of Merrill Lynch. Later, his business volume earned recognition that found him featured on CNN Money and US NEWS. The company did on average $2.5 billion dollars annually in business deals. In 2002 the company broke into a new level of financial freedom when it hit $3.7 billion dollars of business that year. Dr. Adams also launched an Internet magazine that would help architects and engineers understand how financial projects are put together. The first issue alone generated $200 million in new business. An avid philanthropist, Dr. Adams frequently visited the New Orleans Children's Hospital, bringing gifts and care to the patients. With the death of his fiancé to suicide after she lost both of her parents and a brother in a quick series of events, Dr. Adams began a study of biblical prophecy that has reshaped his life in an irreversible way. He knew that faith, hope, peace, and most of all love were essential to the Bible and its account of all things; he knew them as ideas, but it was not until this great tragedy struck that these aspects of Christianity leaped off the page into reality to be known by experience. In the wake of his father's death in 2004, Dr. Adams wrote Nearing Midnight, sold off the banking business, and is now steadfastly committed to do the works that the Lord has led him to do. The book Nearing Midnight is in fifteen countries and in ten different languages. The web site www.nearingmidnight.com is the only Christian web site translated instantly into ten different languages. The site is the hub for Nearing Midnight Radio hosted by Dr. Adams, and the Nearing Midnight online magazine. Dr. Adams also co-hosts the Nearing Midnight TV show, which illuminates world events with the light of biblical prophecy and airs in the Lafayette area to 500,000 households and in Orleans and the surrounding areas to another 450,000 households. Recipient of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Ministry from Cornerstone Christian College based in Lafayette, Louisiana, for the speaking and sales of the book Nearing Midnight, Dr. Adams was also made an Honorary Louisiana State Representative by Robert Faucheux, Jr. in September 2006. In November 2006, Dr. Adams was also made an Honorary Louisiana State Senator by Louisiana State Senator Nick Gautreaux. This rare award of honorariums from both houses is testament of Dr. Adam's works. The sequel book Nearing Midnight II is anticipated in early 2007, and a two-part feature film is also in the writing phase.
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