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Name: Jim Hutson
Website: www.chapel-michigan.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 96

 About Self
Jim is a Senior Chaplain with Chaplain Service Corp, a ministry that reaches out into a variety of areas in the community. He is currently taking a sabbatical from serving the saints in the Meadowbrook Chapel. God has placed a call to ministry in his life and this is pursued with passion and excitment. Jim has written a book about the Gospel of Matthew, which is currently seeking a publisher. Jim participates in Men's ministry, recovery ministry, lay counseling ministry, and supports Awakened Hearts Ministry, devoted to awakening the hearts of men to be Godly men..... The joy in Jim's life is his son Casey(11)and daughter Sara (9). In all things, he pursues the will of God. Some other websites where his work can be viewed, www.chapel-michigan.blogspot.com; www.culturedefense.org; and the men's ministry website, www.outofthewild.com. Other sites where Jim has had articles posted; The Christian Politico and The Christian Connection Ezine.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/17/07 Why would you want to go into ministry????? 542 Free to Share
09/14/07 The perfect hope 501 Free to Share
09/05/07 Pursuing the dream 451 Free to Share
08/20/07 America, You have forgotten the face of YOUR FATHER 1701 Free to Share
08/13/07 You've got to be kidding 638 Free to Share
08/03/07 The Star 688 Free to Share
08/01/07 A Modern day Psalm 102 1572 Free to Share
07/30/07 Where is God? 689 Free to Share
07/24/07 Still a sinful man, and proud of it 659 Free to Share
07/24/07 Who are you? 604 Free to Share
06/29/07 A politics of Misdirection 1178 Not For Sale
06/26/07 Silence on the airwaves 741 Not For Sale
06/20/07 To label me a prodigal would be only scratching at the surface of who I used to be 872 Free to Share
06/13/07 The community we are called to be 643 For Sale
06/07/07 A tribute to Rhonda Hart, WMUZ 1035 1940 Free to Share
06/07/07 So what, I am a follower of Christ and have no excuse 728 Free to Share
05/31/07 Love your enemies 624 Free to Share
05/16/07 Rev Jerry Falwell, not my buddy but a great warrior 663 Free to Share
05/03/07 Are you inspection ready??? 959 For Sale
04/26/07 I'm a MAD Christian 734 For Sale
04/23/07 Stormy weather 1302 Free to Share
04/18/07 Where was God that Virginian morning when evil walked the world? 835 Free to Share
04/13/07 Haven't we learned? 746 For Sale
04/10/07 An Resurrection day to beat all others 1204 Free to Share
03/28/07 We have less than a week to live 618 Free to Share
03/21/07 We live in a STATE OF WAR 581 Free to Share
03/16/07 Woe to not doing your purpose 546 Free to Share
03/15/07 Are you afraid of boo boos? 545 Free to Share
03/13/07 Have you realized the power? 558 Free to Share
03/08/07 The truth is distorted 612 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/29/07 Stepping out in fearful expectation
08/07/07 I was death's angry victim
08/01/07 Man's creation
07/18/07 I just wanna be happy
05/01/07 Develop a spiritual callous
02/06/07 Career Day
01/26/07 The dream of the map
01/12/07 Where to begin?
01/09/07 A Father's cake
12/12/06 Unsung on earth, Hailed in Heaven

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
10/29/07 Expect more......
10/22/07 America, you haven't learned anything
08/28/07 The star
08/28/07 America, You have forgotten the face of YOUR FATHER
08/17/07 I was death's angry victim

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/25/2009 Choices
08/12/2008 Stand Firm, Warriors, for the King
06/18/2008 Absolute Truth, arrogance or fact beyond ourselves?
02/06/2008 Self-inflicted wounds
02/01/2008 Demanding and unteachable
01/23/2008 Heart of bitterness and joy
01/18/2008 Weaponry
01/15/2008 Judging yourself and winning
12/20/2007 Getting to the heart of the matter......
12/17/2007 I am my father's son
12/11/2007 Its Alive!!!!!!!!!!
12/06/2007 Romney.....a speaker of the faithful?
11/15/2007 Prepare to dive....
11/13/2007 The Emergent Millennials
11/09/2007 What's your House?
11/08/2007 A bad decision doesn't make it right
10/29/2007 Expectation of more
10/26/2007 You've gotta make a stand somewhere
10/19/2007 America, America: You haven't learned anything!
10/15/2007 Broken, depressed and SAVED
10/03/2007 Following the advice of friends or trusting in God?
09/20/2007 In Search of..HEROES