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Name: Jim Fulton
Website: nhisfold@hotmail.com
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Articles written: 56

 About Self
James R. Fulton is 43 years old. He is married to Judy, who is a budding novelist in her own right, together, they have been married for twelve years and are looking for many more. They have one son, Jared and are owned by two cats, Jobie and Judah(even are pets are Christians!). Jim currently works for the Union Pacific Railroad in Bloomington, California. He writes mostly christian thoughts and encouragement, but has started venturing out into different fields of writing. I believe my purpose is to have fellowship with the Most Holy and High God, My Father and give glory to Him and His son Christ Jesus through my heart, words, and deeds. I will cultivate those around me, in faith and out of faith, with kindness and gentleness, grace and mercy, love and wisdom all my earthly days. About my writing, I feel that--"With my articles, I feel I can reach more individuals than one on one.Ergo, I consider myself as a sower." May the Lord bless you all who read. James R. Fulton
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/02/03 The Homecoming 1018 Not For Sale
08/18/03 Bury Your Dead 1011 Not For Sale
07/28/03 All You Need Is Love 791 For Sale
04/18/03 A Sad Day? 867 Not For Sale
01/15/03 Island Of Silence 820 For Sale
01/06/03 Such a Pity 726 For Sale
12/29/02 Year Of Jubilee 919 For Sale
12/16/02 10 Ways To Know Jim Is Working Without His Editor 1699 Free to Share
12/07/02 It's A Father/Son Thing 1002 For Sale
11/27/02 'Who Do Men Say I Am' 1710 For Sale
11/16/02 I Think Positive 1014 For Sale
11/10/02 The Marzipan Pitch 809 For Sale
11/06/02 Life Boat Revisited 1004 For Sale
11/05/02 Southern Style Labels 1112 For Sale
11/05/02 Indescribable Joy 940 Free to Share
11/02/02 'You're A Good Man, Jim....Well, I Try To Be' 1400 Free to Share
10/28/02 Cry Holy 1017 For Sale
10/19/02 I'm Not Henpecked, Just Devoted 1112 For Sale
10/10/02 Me And The Old Man 1119 For Sale
09/22/02 In The Image Of Dad 1000 For Sale
09/10/02 James Bond, Where Are You Now That We Need You? 1194 For Sale
07/10/02 The Ones That Got away 1151 For Sale
07/10/02 911 And The Plumber's Assistant 1620 For Sale
07/07/02 God's Fingers 1341 For Sale
06/29/02 Actions Not Hearts 1924 For Sale
05/16/02 Weeding The Heart 1248 For Sale
05/07/02 How Do You Get To LAX? 1231 For Sale
03/17/02 Joy Of Spring 1107 For Sale
03/05/02 Funny, They Don't Look Like Presbyterians 1261 For Sale
03/04/02 Girl Scout Cookies: Pastry Or Street Drug? 1152 For Sale
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