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Name: Elizabeth Harrington Smith
Website: www.soundclick.com/180out
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Articles written: 19

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My name is Beth. I was born Elizabeth Harrington Smith, on September, 21, 1963, and I am the lyricist and lead vocalist of 180 <+> OUT. My home is Winchester, Virginia by birth and Washington by heart. I canít list my years of experience and credits as I have none; although Iíve always loved to sing. My musical journey began two years ago when I was given a message from God to relay to the people of this nation. I was told that I was going to learn a new language, but at the time did not realize that the language was music. God is love and music is the language of love. What a beautiful way for God to communicate to His children! Since that time two years ago, Iíve written lyrics to eighty-eight songs and composed music to over twenty of them. I can also play the piano now, but only the songs that I write. God is truly amazing! My songs are very personal and are born from my experiences and heartbreaks that I endured during my life of sin. I was a runaway at the age of fourteen who went through the Hell of drug addiction, prison, divorce, mental illness, and the worst Hell of all, loneliness. I have told lies, stolen, cheated, sold drugs and made drugs. There is no sin that I am not guilty of and I have even committed murder because that is what abortion is. Then, by the grace of God, I was healed and given a new spirit. Along with this healing came the gift of music with which I am to relay Godís messages. I believe that my songs will touch the hearts of many as we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. In falling short we have all felt the heartache and suffering that accompany sin. I was given many messages to relay but the greatest one was LOVE. PS I can't afford the private messenger sevice at this point, so please contact me at: the_ghostwriter@msn.com. www.soundclick.com/180out Thanks and God bless!
Article Archives
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01/02/05 Immortal Soul 456 Not For Sale
04/23/04 Who I Am 771 Free to Share
10/01/03 Return 599 Not For Sale
10/01/03 One World - One Song 1274 Not For Sale
08/01/03 A Sign 1496 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Wisdom Of A Sage 843 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Devine 627 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Eyes Of Wonder 710 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Warrior Dressed In White 844 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Untill The Kingdom Comes 857 Not For Sale
07/22/03 What Do You Do? 828 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Rock And Roll Sinner 774 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Dawn Of Eternity 891 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Gotta Love This Life 1231 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Make A Difference 1568 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Lessons Of Life 656 Not For Sale
07/22/03 Worship Me 1099 Not For Sale
07/22/03 What Are We Fighting For? 699 Not For Sale
07/22/03 And The Battles On 901 Not For Sale
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