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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Chris Huffman
Website: c4lministry.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 85

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I have been a born again believer in Jesus Christ by faith alone for over 7 years now. It has been a wonderful experience walking with Jesus. I repented of my sins and believed in and received Jesus as my personal Saviour in the summer of 2005 after being an Atheist for most of my life. Not only do I write articles for this site, but I also write Christian supernatural novels and short stories, featuring themes of angels, devils, faith and redemption. Currently, I am writing a novel about a believer who can see angels (good & bad) and his battles exposing false forms of Christianity. Inspired by Jesus, my wife, a born again believer herself, and I founded a born again Christian ministry called Christ 4 Life Ministry (C4L) aimed at ministering to other born again believers to refocus and reintroduce them to the REAL Jesus Christ of the KING JAMES BIBLE! Our website address is located underneath my name in the profile section on this page. The ministry website is growing tremendously where you can find links to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/07/14 The Pagan Origins of Easter 306 Free to Share
11/29/12 No Such Thing as Ghosts 476 Free to Share
11/28/12 The Pagan Origins of Christmas 481 Free to Share
03/19/12 Islam is of the Devil 393 Free to Share
03/18/12 Woe unto Psychic Sylvia Browne 2372 Free to Share
12/10/11 Biblical Chronology 522 Free to Share
05/09/11 KJB Topical Scripture List 2011 576 Free to Share
04/06/11 Devotion to Mary is Diabolical 1284 Free to Share
02/13/11 Mormonism is of the Devil 896 Free to Share
02/13/11 The Reformers on Catholicism 715 Free to Share
02/07/11 Martin Luther Info 454 Free to Share
02/04/11 Revealing Truth about Islam Videos 561 Free to Share
02/03/11 Planned Parenthood Must Go 451 Free to Share
02/03/11 The Blasphemy Challenge 461 Free to Share
01/31/11 More Blasphemies from Martin Luther 827 Free to Share
01/20/11 Exposing Errors and Naming Names 443 Free to Share
01/20/11 No Private Messages 391 Free to Share
01/19/11 Christ 4 Life Ministry 468 Free to Share
01/06/11 Sainthood 410 Free to Share
01/05/11 What is a Protestant? 461 Free to Share
01/03/11 What saith the Popes 876 Free to Share
01/01/11 The Septuagint Exposed 2000 Free to Share
12/26/10 The Passion of the Christ is Evil 2931 Free to Share
06/18/09 Spirits in the Mist 425 Free to Share
06/18/09 Peeling back the layers 516 Free to Share
06/18/09 Little Empires 435 Free to Share
06/18/09 Simply Grateful 423 Free to Share
09/23/08 The Divinity and Humanity of Jesus 3234 Free to Share
09/05/08 Free Will? 720 Free to Share
09/05/08 What is Truth? 557 Free to Share
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