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Name: Gary Sims
Website: www.fumconline.org/devotionals.php
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Articles written: 454

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As a Lay Worship Leader for our church's contemporary worship service and facilitator for a small group Bible study, I am always trying to look deeper into Bible verses than a cursory read or ten minute devotional will provide. I found a couple of years ago that it is through writing where Bible verses open up and come alive to me. Writing daily devotionals for others came only after I had discovered how valuable the process had become for me. Opening myself to the Holy Spirit and giving Him control of my fingers and the keyboard has reaped amazing benefits. Verses that had been totally blank to me have opened up under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I pray that as you read these writings that you will feel His presence and that He will use this opportunity to grow you closer and deeper in your relationship with God.

1-29-05: In a new attempt at furthering the kingdom of heaven, I have entered the realm of Blogs. (please see: http://www.reflecttheheart.blogspot.com/) Whereas the title of this Blog infers divisiveness and liberal attitudes, I hope the reader will find that these writings are Biblically based and are steeped in the purpose of uniting Christianity under one banner - the banner of the Cross.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/12/06 Pruning for the Future 634 For Sale
06/28/05 Psalm 72 Attainable Perfection 712 Not For Sale
06/27/05 Losing the War 781 Not For Sale
06/26/05 Being Led by God 1012 Not For Sale
06/23/05 God's Provisions 776 Not For Sale
06/22/05 Limiting God's Rewards 1071 Not For Sale
06/21/05 How Long 799 Not For Sale
06/20/05 Moving from the Dark Side 699 Not For Sale
06/19/05 Seeing Beyond the Now 971 Not For Sale
06/16/05 The Final Straw 766 Not For Sale
06/15/05 Discipleship 101 820 Not For Sale
06/14/05 'Show Me a Sign' 1962 Not For Sale
06/13/05 Sin No More 813 Not For Sale
06/12/05 Too Human 830 Not For Sale
05/26/05 A Walk with God 1090 Not For Sale
05/25/05 Walking with God 858 Not For Sale
05/24/05 Rivers of Love 769 Not For Sale
05/23/05 Proud and Holy 682 Not For Sale
05/22/05 A Little Sin Goes A Long Way 1322 Not For Sale
05/18/05 Going Making and Teaching 770 Not For Sale
05/16/05 Living in Peace 937 Not For Sale
05/15/05 Created to Serve 888 Not For Sale
05/13/05 Osmosis of the Spirit 908 Free to Share
05/11/05 John 7 37 39 Life Flowing from Within 838 Not For Sale
05/05/05 John 17 1 11 The Answer to Prayer 949 Not For Sale
05/05/05 The Enemy Roars 931 Free to Share
05/03/05 Happiness The Realm of God 1410 Not For Sale
05/02/05 A Life Filled with Choices 1208 Not For Sale
05/01/05 Acts 1 6 14 Prayer Prayer and More Prayer 830 Not For Sale
04/27/05 John 14 15 21 By Our Love 1064 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/20/06 Simon of Cyrene
08/16/06 Home Sweet Home
08/09/06 A Storm's View
07/15/06 Mildewed Forever
01/22/05 Want for Nothing
08/25/04 Change for Change Sake
08/19/04 Impediments Removed
08/15/04 The Winds of Change
07/05/04 Just Between Friends and God
06/05/04 A Tear of Doubt
05/27/04 Forgotten Beams
05/20/04 Headlong into Hunger
01/14/04 Acceptance

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