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member profile
Name: Susan Johnstone
Website: httwww.granitenet.com.au/people/susanjohnstone
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Articles written: 74

 About Self
I have had articles published in Signs magazine, devotional stories published in the Record Magazine, qb magazine, and the book, "Ordinary People, Generous God" by Signs Publishing, as well as the Aussie Stories series by Strand Publishing.

With my non-fiction articles, there are devotionals - lessons I've gotten from everyday events, ramblings about life in the country, and even a bit of poetry.

I am unashamedly Australian! I believe we should write about our local life and culture, not some generic 'one-size-fits-all' background which makes all writing sound the same.

I started writing a blog with the birth of my third child. With the tiredness and lack of spare time, this allowed me to write without the discipline of word-counts and more formal structures. It offers an often light-hearted look at what goes on in my head on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy reading what I have written!

(I don't have the Private Messenger service currently, but if you feel strongly about contacting me, you can email me on susanjohnstone888@gmail.com)

Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/01/08 Water 514 Not For Sale
03/26/08 Not So Good Friday 457 Not For Sale
01/28/08 I Had a Screw Loose 481 Not For Sale
01/11/08 grieving 479 Not For Sale
01/06/08 Life Resonates 450 Not For Sale
01/06/08 Overcoming 538 Not For Sale
01/06/08 Don't You Hate That 430 Not For Sale
12/20/07 Someone's Breathing Down My Neck 522 Not For Sale
12/20/07 Let's Celebrate 447 Not For Sale
11/25/07 Raising Christian Children the Snow Pea Way 681 Not For Sale
11/06/07 Slow and Steady 453 Not For Sale
11/06/07 It's a Beautiful Day 477 Not For Sale
11/06/07 On Life and Death 498 Not For Sale
09/03/07 Help The Chocolate is Calling Me 455 Not For Sale
08/03/07 Abraham and Me 429 Not For Sale
06/23/07 God Woz Ere 508 Not For Sale
06/08/07 It's Raining 467 Not For Sale
06/08/07 Balanced with God 453 Not For Sale
06/03/07 The Learner 386 Not For Sale
05/22/07 Give Me Compassion 447 Not For Sale
05/13/07 Time for Friends 440 Not For Sale
04/26/07 Strutting Your Stuff 433 Not For Sale
04/26/07 Soggy Milk Cartons 460 Not For Sale
04/26/07 What Would Jesus Do With Hitchhikers? 510 Not For Sale
04/25/07 More? 432 Not For Sale
02/16/07 Helping a Hairless One 617 Not For Sale
02/10/07 The Zucchinis Are Coming 446 Not For Sale
02/08/07 I Can Do Anything 399 Not For Sale
12/02/06 Father and Son 543 Not For Sale
12/02/06 Knowing Your Family 525 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/12/07 Surprised by His Love
10/31/06 Teach me, Lord
10/16/06 Pull Over! ... No - it's a Cardigan.
10/09/06 Fire in the City

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