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Name: Donna Powers 
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Articles written: 204

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Hospice registered nurse. Mom & grandmother. I love to write and to play word games and trivia.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/29/07 Bella's Purple Tutu 883 Free to Share
09/22/07 Marriage 1032 Free to Share
06/17/07 Out of My Comfort Zone 1157 Free to Share
06/17/07 You Can't Put it Back 968 Free to Share
03/20/07 Give Me Land 977 Free to Share
02/03/07 Mercy Instead of Justice 1000 Free to Share
12/14/06 Mr Hopper's Choppers 1075 Free to Share
11/16/06 A Tribute To Larisa 1318 Free to Share
09/16/06 Not my Dream House 1185 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/03/16 The Sweet Life
04/28/16 The Sorrow and the Celebration
04/16/16 When To Hold 'Em
04/12/16 Growing Up Bluebird
03/17/16 Rising Above
03/01/16 My Name Is Pilgrim
02/23/16 Hope Investments
02/17/16 Nocturnal Angels
02/10/16 Baffled at the Banquet
02/01/16 Reluctant Passenger
01/27/16 Identity Crisis
01/19/16 Drawn to God
01/13/16 You Say You Want a Resolution?
12/09/15 Mama and the Magic Waterfall
12/02/15 The King Who Loved Stew
11/24/15 Just Outside the Mission
11/17/15 Mortimer's Plight
11/10/15 Whose Job Is It, Anyway?
11/03/15 Not Winter Yet
10/27/15 A Matter of Taste
10/21/15 The Fifth Freckle
10/13/15 The Sweet Smell of Friendship
10/06/15 Nick of Time
09/12/11 Smell the Jasmine
08/10/11 Seriously, Herman
07/25/11 Yellow Brick Justice
07/20/11 Enough To Do
05/25/11 The Talk of the Pond
05/19/11 The Day I Sprouted Wings
05/11/11 The Next Five Minutes
05/04/11 Why My Dentures Are Broken
04/26/11 I'm Not Connie
04/20/11 Those "Grandma" Eyes
03/09/11 It's Time, For Lisbeth
02/16/11 VBS: I Get It!
02/09/11 John Wayne Doesn't Use a Light Saber
02/02/11 One Day in the Kingdom
01/27/11 Resolution Redux
01/20/11 Garments For the Storm
01/11/11 Not Just Any Night
12/15/10 Becoming Capable
12/07/10 Signs of the Times
12/02/10 Tell Me About It
11/24/10 If A Smile Had A Sound
11/09/10 Yahoo! I've Got Mail!
11/04/10 Nothing Better
10/20/10 What They Said; What They Meant
09/15/10 To Me
09/08/10 Now You're Thinkin'
09/01/10 A Band Aid For Feelings
08/25/10 The Breathing Tree
08/11/10 Seeking That Spark
08/02/10 The Fragrance of Faith
07/19/10 Like Chicken
07/14/10 Anything But Boring
06/16/10 A Little Deliverance
06/09/10 Dewey Like the Library?
06/02/10 Nia Gets The Boot
05/19/10 Material Witness
05/12/10 Number Six
05/05/10 Future Bestseller
04/27/10 The Write Stuff
04/21/10 Finding More Than the Kaleidoscope
04/14/10 Slice of Light
03/17/10 Wall to Wall
03/10/10 When God Doesn't Say "Hmph!"
03/02/10 Shriek of the Week
02/24/10 Unspoken
02/17/10 Anatomy Of A Proposal
02/09/10 Sapphire Surprise
02/02/10 Grizzly Adam
01/19/10 Annie Goes Bananas
01/11/10 The Great Marvini Gets The Point(s)
12/09/09 Think Into The Box
12/01/09 Wonderfully Bright
11/22/09 Mama Marmalade
11/18/09 Not Lemon Enough
10/20/09 Stella Bella
10/14/09 My Monster
10/06/09 Oh, Lydia
09/15/09 Just Not Fair
09/09/09 The Rules Of The Schoolyard
08/25/09 This Rug Rat
08/19/09 Trouble Is A Bruin
07/31/09 Better Than Sweeping Kitty Litter
07/29/09 Spring In My Soul
07/22/09 Growing Pains
07/13/09 Just Another Season
07/06/09 Pull Down The Darkness
06/09/09 The "Jireh" Jars
06/03/09 Do Me A Flavor
05/27/09 Better Light Than Never
05/20/09 Snow Job
05/13/09 Let's Make A Choice
05/06/09 My Mom, the Dorkasaurus
04/29/09 Bear With Me
04/22/09 Beyond the Obvious
04/14/09 Just Call Me "The Flash"
04/07/09 Falling Up
03/17/09 It's All About the King
03/11/09 A Prevalent Peace
03/03/09 The Light That Chases Evil Spirits
02/17/09 When Khurram met Arjumand
02/10/09 One of the " Whosever"
02/03/09 It Sure Is Another Country
01/28/09 England Has A Face
01/19/09 The Sow That Became An Apostle
01/12/09 The United States of Celia
12/09/08 The Millionth Birth
12/02/08 Maybe
11/26/08 Missing Home
11/18/08 The Revelation to Scrooge
11/09/08 It's In the Cards
11/02/08 Tutu Bubble
10/27/08 The "Advent-ure" of a Lifetime
10/12/08 The Pilgrim Tree
10/08/08 My <i>"Hellige Jul"</i>
09/15/08 Life Isn't A Video Game
09/08/08 A Tale of Two Turtles
08/30/08 The Muppet and the Puppet
08/16/08 The Feathered Samaritan
08/12/08 Res Miss
08/02/08 Fortune Fish
07/28/08 Mind Control
07/20/08 Be the Instrument
07/12/08 The Most Important Things
06/08/08 A Rip-Snortin' Roundup
05/31/08 Little Brass Bell
05/26/08 The Return of the Hokey Pokey Twins
05/19/08 The "Genesis" of Pets
05/10/08 No Naomi
05/03/08 Double Trouble for Dorinda
04/29/08 About My Son
04/13/08 Welcome to the Father Store
04/06/08 Tammy's Treasure Box
03/09/08 Not Yet ...
03/03/08 Accidentally Friends
02/18/08 High Noon in the Lunch Room
02/09/08 No More Fast Food For Me
02/03/08 What The Tax Collector Owed
01/28/08 Conterfeit Casanova
01/22/08 The Caterpillar Chronicles
01/12/08 From The Bigg Chicken to The Big Apple
01/08/08 More Than French Toast
12/09/07 Sanctuary Snapshots
12/05/07 A Servant Such As I
11/17/07 Prayer of a Pastor
11/10/07 Miss Lily's Life Savers
10/28/07 Sunday's "Superheroes"
10/22/07 Why We <i>Shouldn't </i> Baptize Betsy
10/15/07 The Submarine Sisters
10/08/07 One Sunday At Morningstar
09/15/07 The Lion's Share
09/10/07 Don't Be Surprised
09/01/07 From A Fool To A King
08/19/07 The Perfect Job That Wasn't
08/04/07 Let Not The Sun Go Down
07/28/07 The Sadness Solution
07/23/07 Slipping Into Something More Comfortable
07/16/07 How Happy Gets Happy
07/08/07 The Beauty of Becky
06/09/07 Being the Now
06/02/07 Super Wish
05/27/07 If Not Eliab
05/19/07 Feathering My Empty Nest
05/07/07 Karokina's Wish
04/28/07 Celebrate This Moment
04/22/07 Love Sick
04/13/07 Late Expectations
04/10/07 The Truth About Magnolia
03/10/07 Celestial Idyll
03/03/07 Don't Forget Your Spiritual Coupons!
02/24/07 Heavens to Betsy!
02/18/07 Inspiring Greatness Every Day
02/10/07 Life Is Sew Good!
01/27/07 Letter of Testimony
01/20/07 Looney 'Toons and the Great Commission
01/14/07 Indictment in the Dust
01/06/07 The Snickerdoodle Adventure
12/09/06 Prayers from the Pine-Sol Princess
12/02/06 An Unlikely Friend for a Pastor?
11/27/06 According to Anna: 81 Years in the Temple
11/17/06 I Wish I Had A Sitcom Dad
11/11/06 Sultan of the Sun
11/07/06 Tell Two Jokes And Call Me In The Morning
10/29/06 Prize Pupil
10/22/06 Which Way to the Uttermost?
10/17/06 Once Upon A Road Trip
10/08/06 The Adventures of CooperMan!
09/09/06 He Saw Me As a Rose
09/02/06 The Day We Didn't Go Swimming
08/25/06 Sing Low, Sweet Harriet
08/18/06 Cross Purposes
08/11/06 Valleys are Preludes to Mountains
08/09/06 Seeing the world through His Eyes

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09/22/2007 Marriage
01/05/2007 Let's Get 'Reel!