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Name: Toni Smothers 
Website: www.writingforthemaster.com
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Articles written: 16

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Hi, I'm glad you stopped by to meet meÖ I've been a writer all my life because I love to inform or emotionally influence my readers. Experience has been my main source of education. Through many years of trial and error, (with plenty of the latter), Iíve found my voice and enjoy expressing myself through the written word. I studied the subject of homeopathy pretty extensively when my young son spiraled into chronic hospitalizations and illness, while allopathic medicine failed him miserably. Through study and experimentation, I became proficient enough to use homeopathic remedies to help my son regain his health. I've written articles about homeopathy for ďTotal HealthĒ and ďLetís LiveĒ magazines, back in the day of hard copy. I enjoy research and learning new things to write about. Another article of mine was published (hardcopy) in a travel magazine, ďPeople In Action,Ē where I described my experience befriending a refugee family from Laos and took the seventeen year old boy into our home for several years. Itís a heartwarming story that Iíve posted on my blog: www.toniwriting4jesus@blogspot.com. (Copy the address and come visit.) Poetry is fun for me too. Iíve had some of my poetry published in different venues. ďThe North American MentorĒ magazine published a poem of mine entitled, ďThe Universal Bond,Ē which I especially like, that talks about the inevitable process of growing old, (another life experience Iím becoming all too familiar with). Iím glad to be a member of the www.Faithwriters.com writing community. I was the previous editor for the teen section of their on-line magazine. Iíve posted a few articles and skits on this site. As a foster parent, I provided a safe haven for emotionally disturbed, abused kids, while their folks got the counseling they needed. My family and I learned so much from that experience. Additionally, I had the chance to work with young people while I was the youth pastor for my church in Paisley, Florida. I wrote many programs, sermons, and skits during that time. Those kids were so much fun, but I started having a little trouble keeping up with them. I have edited several websites. Additionally, Iíve answered hundreds of questions for www.GotQuestions.org, a site that hopes to teach and guide Christians with biblical and personal questions. Iíve posted a little content on www.ConstantContent.com and Iíve been accepted as a staff writer on a few other sites,(www.DemandStudios.com and www.Textbroker.com), but havenít had a chance to post much with them yet. I hope to continue finding new avenues for my writing. I've been trained as a lay speaker and am certified to speak publicly. Iíve done public speaking outside of local churches on the subjects of homeopathy, child abuse and writing. My personal testimony is startling to those who know me. I once had a massive black hole in my life that was all about overcoming a distorted childhood. I was raised by an abusive stepfather who was an alcoholic, as was my mother. I was devoured by feelings of worthlessness and anger that such an upbringing decrees. But, the power of our merciful God broke the vicious cycle of dysfunction with me and my family. My children were loved and encouraged and are currently devoted to raising their own children with supportive affection and productive discipline. Although I was consistent in my dodging of God's call on my life for many years, his loving mercy was relentless and my life has been richly blessed because of his remarkable grace. I try to find ways to exalt God in all aspects of my life. We can only tell our stories - God uses them, as He will for His glory! When Iím not writing, I can usually be found cuddling with my 5 pound, furry, Chihuahua muse, ďPrincess Sweet Pea.Ē We are best friends, you see.
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