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Name: Kathleen Angell 
Website: www.thecranberryhouse.org
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Articles written: 81

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I met the Lord many years ago when he drew me to Him. He healed me and my whole family. He also gave me all the desire to serve him and love Him. And He continues to do the same today. I love Him and know that is because He has first loved me.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/13/14 The Emperor's New Clothes for today 98 Free to Share
12/25/12 A Christmas Memory 199 Free to Share
06/04/12 A stormy day on my sea 275 Free to Share
05/16/12 The Love of Jesus 257 Free to Share
05/05/12 In His presence is fullness of Joy. 282 Free to Share
03/13/12 This is Love 288 Free to Share
02/18/12 Praise 260 Free to Share
02/08/12 Praises 275 Free to Share
12/22/11 Our Peace 261 Free to Share
11/13/11 Read the New Testament 403 Free to Share
09/24/11 A teacup ministry 395 Free to Share
07/28/11 Jesus, what love the Father has shown to us 330 Free to Share
06/21/11 A woman in a dream 401 Free to Share
06/21/11 A Praise and such Care 426 Free to Share
05/04/11 Go Beyond the Box of Caring 382 Free to Share
04/25/11 Thought for today 624 Free to Share
04/19/11 prince charming 441 Free to Share
04/13/11 Our Daily Bread 322 Free to Share
03/28/11 Love between the lines 427 Free to Share
10/25/09 God is so Good 412 Free to Share
10/01/09 Did I win? 475 Free to Share
09/08/09 Joy 591 Free to Share
08/27/09 A Praise 438 Free to Share
08/19/09 Water for the parched and weary land 435 Free to Share
08/14/09 Even the birds eat or put the spoon to my mouth 646 Free to Share
07/21/09 Great Hope 500 Free to Share
06/12/09 The Lord's Depositing 475 Free to Share
06/04/09 My letter to the President today 487 Free to Share
04/06/09 From darkness into His Light 503 Free to Share
03/06/09 Even Robbie Rotten needs Love 585 Free to Share
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Date Title
03/10/2014 The Emperor's New Clothes for Today
12/23/2012 A Christmas Memory
06/04/2012 Jesus' love
06/04/2012 A Storm Day
03/14/2012 This is Love
07/28/2011 Jesus, what love the Father has shown to us
04/28/2011 A Changed Life
04/13/2011 Our Daily Bread
02/23/2010 A Praise
10/07/2009 A world of opportunity to love God in.
09/08/2009 Joy
08/27/2009 A Praise
08/18/2009 Water for the parched and weary land
08/14/2009 Even the birds eat or put the spoon to my mouth
07/21/2009 How Cool is that
07/21/2009 Great Hope
06/12/2009 The Lord's Depositing
04/06/2009 Out of darkness into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son
03/06/2009 Even Robbie Rotten needs Love
03/05/2009 He restores my soul
03/04/2009 About Cranberry House
02/13/2009 A presence of His Joy
02/11/2009 God supplied
01/15/2009 He has done marvelous things
12/08/2008 Compassion into Passion
12/02/2008 Sharing Praises
11/26/2008 Jesus The Good News
11/12/2008 Patience from Jesus, in small sufferings
08/21/2008 Words that are clothed
07/16/2008 The Kindness of the Lord
03/23/2008 How very much we need the Lord Jesus
01/05/2008 The Kindness of the Lord
12/05/2007 He came to seek and save the lost.
10/13/2007 A Testimony of Coming to Jesus
09/13/2007 My Heart's Desire
08/13/2007 The Under-current of His Presence and Love
08/06/2007 Ambassador's of Christ
06/07/2007 The House that Love Built
05/23/2007 HE HAS COME!
05/18/2007 Love, the Unhoarded Resource
05/11/2007 A Beautiful, Professional, Little Dance
05/09/2007 Breaking Bread
05/02/2007 We are the Love Letters from Jesus
05/01/2007 The World Needs Jesus
04/14/2007 The Lord, He is Good
03/30/2007 Jesus Leading the Way Out
03/23/2007 Seed to the Sower
02/04/2007 Jesus
01/31/2007 My Life with the Lord
01/11/2007 A Flower Bursting Forth
01/11/2007 Love's Oil
01/11/2007 Doing the Dishes
01/11/2007 Love Your People
12/05/2006 Thinking on Abortion
11/28/2006 Jesus is Calling All to Him in His Love
11/13/2006 He is My Sunny Day
11/02/2006 The Story Re-written
11/02/2006 Jesus is Calling