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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Betty Castleberry
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Articles written: 137

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I am a "retired early by choice" RN who enjoys writing. I live in Texas with my husband, and three parrots. My daughter and step daughter have blessed us with five grandchildren. I love to write for the Lord, and hope my writing touches the readers in some way. I am active in my church, and am still on my journey as a Christian.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/13/10 When Did Microwaves Become so Complicated? 1002 For Sale
10/16/08 Birds' Nests and Cookie Dough 1065 Free to Share
08/08/08 Star Struck at the Salad Bar 1264 Not For Sale
07/10/08 Blessed to Be a Blessing 1038 Not For Sale
07/08/08 What's All the Flap About? 923 Not For Sale
06/24/08 Stinkie Mini Challenge on Message Board 940 Not For Sale
06/11/08 Heavenly Harvest 1198 Not For Sale
03/20/08 75 Word Mini Challenge 1291 Free to Share
03/20/08 75 Word Mini Challenge, part 2 1322 Free to Share
01/08/08 A Primary Observation 1164 Free to Share
09/23/07 Stories from a random mind 1309 Not For Sale
07/31/07 The Cruelest Sentence 1447 Free to Share
06/26/07 Reflections of Love 1168 Free to Share
05/26/07 On Assignment 986 Free to Share
02/14/07 The Seaweed Eaters 1410 For Sale
01/14/07 Essays in High Places 1239 Free to Share
12/22/06 Hattie and Merle 1409 For Sale
10/27/06 Silver Haired Rebel 1513 Free to Share
10/11/06 I Love Autumn 2823 Free to Share
10/04/06 Dear Edna 1339 Free to Share
08/27/06 The Secret In the Ju Jube Tree 1681 For Sale
08/25/06 The Natural Remedy Room 1268 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/15/10 Detours
11/18/09 It's Not About the Dress
11/11/09 What Really Happened on a Porch in 1958
11/01/09 Tough Break, Good Barbecue
10/28/09 Kitchen Therapy
10/21/09 A Southern Girl's Guide to Teas and Soirees
10/13/09 Faded Navy Blue
10/07/09 Daily Judgments
09/16/09 Second Thoughts
09/09/09 Stash
08/31/09 When Chuck Chucked His Bachelorhood
07/22/09 What the Moon Knows
06/10/09 Half and Half
05/27/09 Free Isn't Always Better
05/20/09 Guess Who Hid in My Bushes
05/13/09 Big Tree on Goose Island
05/06/09 Flowers, Fish, and Promises
04/29/09 Always Pack Your Toothbrush
04/21/09 Throw Away
04/14/09 Changes
04/07/09 Quink and Fadley in Quizzletown
01/16/09 Yes I'm Serious
01/14/09 Doctor Mooney's Magic Tonic
12/06/08 Party Circuit
12/02/08 A Not So Silent NIght
11/25/08 A Blizzard and Fancy French Mustard
11/19/08 Last Minute Christmas
11/12/08 Firemen Don't Just Rescue Kitties
10/29/08 Cruising Through Christmas
10/22/08 Horse Feathers
10/06/08 Breaking Rules
09/10/08 It Happened in 16B
08/29/08 Buzz
08/26/08 Perfect Ending
08/19/08 Elizabeth's First Reading of a Genteel Lady's Guide
08/12/08 The Next Destination
08/02/08 Picnic at Coyote Creek
07/28/08 Fireflies and Diamonds
07/21/08 The Phone in the Middle of Nowhere
07/13/08 Salesmen, Soaps, and Sitcoms
06/07/08 Missing Pickets
06/03/08 Hilltop Mansion
05/26/08 The Family That Bugged Me
05/17/08 Ask the Avian Expert
05/12/08 Snapshots
05/03/08 Coolsville Sisters Circa 1958, a Pseudo Fairy Tale
04/25/08 What Moms Do
04/18/08 Going Places
04/14/08 A Chick and a Crow
04/04/08 Moonlight Ping Pong
03/08/08 Mrs. Pennypack Paints a Picture
03/04/08 A Letter to Julie
02/25/08 Black Bean Lasagna
02/16/08 Something Big in Blue Tick Alabama
02/08/08 The Ballad of Jim Bob Earl
02/02/08 Waves
01/24/08 One Sundress and Two Aprons
01/22/08 Walking Through the Furry Fire
01/14/08 Predator in Disguise
01/07/08 Move Over, Lucille Ball
12/07/07 The Corner of Mesquite and Eubanks
12/05/07 The Night I Prayed Out Loud
11/23/07 Rebecca Maloney and Mr. Sneed
11/19/07 Southern Popcorn
11/12/07 Wonder Working Power
11/03/07 Sweet Gum Gospel
10/27/07 Silver Heads and Golden Misdeeds
10/19/07 The Baptism of Me
10/16/07 The Every Other Week Cookie Bakers
10/06/07 An Unlikely Gathering
09/15/07 I'm Not the Girl from Ipanema
09/07/07 Rosie Defamed
09/05/07 Two Hungry Mice
08/25/07 Shake, Rattle, and Aim
08/17/07 Fade to Black
08/04/07 Clickety Split
07/31/07 His Sack Runneth Over
07/22/07 When IT Attacks
07/17/07 The Master Gardener
06/12/07 Pet Shop Perceptions
06/03/07 Lou's Red Blue and Green Thing
05/28/07 Snips and Snails
05/19/07 Shattered
05/13/07 Fertile Soil
05/05/07 A Tiny Distraction
04/26/07 New Every Morning
04/25/07 Destination Sunset
04/15/07 Uncle Winston Entertains
04/07/07 Rich Men and Strong Tea
03/09/07 Faith, Like Rain
03/05/07 Winging It
02/25/07 A Pot Bellied Proposal
02/18/07 Firm Thighs and Chocolate Don't Mix
02/10/07 Just One Rule
02/03/07 Ralphie's Angling Adventure
01/19/07 A Peddler's Portrait
01/13/07 A Narrow Focus
01/05/07 I Married the Mystery Meat Queen
12/10/06 Jorge's Trees
12/01/06 Food and Fur for Free
11/25/06 The Hallelujah Kazoo Band
11/17/06 Appeal or No Appeal
11/10/06 Coconut Lotion
11/02/06 Tending the Queen
10/26/06 My Weekend With Emmie
10/19/06 Remembering Mrs. Wheaton
10/12/06 Pint-Size Patrolman
10/05/06 I Got Elected
09/08/06 A Perfect Garden
09/01/06 An Excellent Dawn
08/24/06 Got Earplugs?
08/21/06 Observer at Calvary
08/10/06 Gardening 101
08/05/06 Bifocals, a rite of passage
07/31/06 Working Hands

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
08/26/06 Exploding Mississippi Mud Cake
08/10/06 For the Love of Jack
07/31/06 Life With Parrots

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/30/2009 Guess Who Hid in My Bushes
03/08/2009 Fireflies and Diamonds
03/05/2009 Doctor Mooney's Magic Tonic
01/31/2009 Buzz
01/31/2009 A Not So Silent Night
10/10/2008 Ask the Avian Expert
07/08/2008 What's All the Flap About?
05/12/2008 Something Big in Blue Tick Alabama
05/12/2008 What Moms Do
11/19/2007 An Unlikely Gathering
08/10/2007 The Cruelest Sentence
08/10/2007 The Master Gardener
08/08/2007 Winging It
08/08/2007 Fertile Soil
06/09/2007 Snips and Snails
05/29/2007 On Assignment
05/28/2007 I Married the Mystery Meat Queen
05/13/2007 New Every Morning
04/19/2007 Essays in High Places
04/11/2007 Magnificent Marvin
04/08/2007 Silver Haired Rebel
02/26/2007 Life with Parrots
02/26/2007 Just One Rule
01/27/2007 Miracle Mom
01/05/2007 Jorge's Trees
12/15/2006 The Hallelujah Kazoo Band
12/12/2006 Alice Laverne Still Can't Cook
10/25/2006 Exploding Mississippi Mud Cake
10/12/2006 Dear Edna
10/12/2006 I Love Autumn
10/12/2006 Smashed Potatoes