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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Tracy Finney
Website: www.tracyfinney.com
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Articles written: 35

 About Self
Hi! I am new at writing. I haven't been an aspiring writer for years or anything like that. My writing attempts were jump started about a year ago when I had a bad case of heart burn. I had to do something to take my mind off the pain. I decided I would do something purposeful so I decided to write. Shortly after that night I had my first manuscript completed and a publishing contract signed, not with a vanity press, but with a publisher willing to take a chance on me! For me, I don't consider myself anything but a wife and mother. If I write anything that is creative and profitable, it is not from me, but all from God. As a home school mom, I find I never have enough time to write everything that I'd like to. I'm hoping my time on this site will develope a gift that God has giving to me. BTW I do NOT have PM service so feel free to contact me at tracy@tracyfinney.com .
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07/01/06 Promises That Are True Daily promises from Gods word 484 Free to Share
06/30/06 Promises That Are True Daily promises from Gods word confession 505 Free to Share
06/29/06 Promises That Are True Daily promises from Gods word Shield 762 Free to Share
06/28/06 Promises That Are True, Daily promises from Godís word 480 Free to Share
06/27/06 Promises That Are True 488 Free to Share
05/26/06 Prosperity Where Are You? poem 734 Free to Share
05/25/06 To My Love 500 Free to Share
05/25/06 Jimmy and the Holeligan Ants 752 Free to Share
05/25/06 When They Are Old They Will Not Depart 871 Free to Share
05/23/06 Too Heavenly Minded? 558 Free to Share
05/23/06 Film Review of God Help Me 1153 Free to Share
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