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Name: Robert Ford
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I am from a small town in Florida. It has welcome to and leaving from written on the same sign. So it goes without saying poetry wasn't something I had ever read or thought about. I was 43 yrs old before I had ever written a poem. I sat down one day and just started writing. Everything that I have written is about true life experiences. I lived life on the very wild side. At the time I thought it was the way I alway's wanted to be. As you are now reading I live life with so many regrets. I just hope that what I have written can help someone who can relate to what I am talking about. Maybe a young person who hasn't experienced what I have can read it and make the decision not to waste their life. If my writing this can keep even one child from destroying themselves then it was worth everything I lived through and wrote about. I know it may not be really professional but you can believe it came straight from my heart.
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