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Name: Julie Michaelson
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Articles written: 970

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I'm incredibly shy: except, when I'm writing. Because I grew up Jewish, I think I have a different view of God (no kidding, right). God was Mean, Nasty, Vengeful, and always had this intense love/hate issue with the Jews. So I've always had sort of an attitude with Him, and it usually wasn't very good. Then I met Jesus, and I liked Him. But the Christians say that Jesus sits on the Right Seat of God....? So I always picture the Two of Them kibbitzing about me, and getting in a lot of arguments. Jews don't call God "Father", and don't have a clue about Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I enjoy arguing with God, a lot. It's fun, though it can be quite exhausting. I have a lot of issues with Him, and I know it is reflected in my writing. Jesus, and the Horrible Old Testament God, just can't be the Same Person. And where does the Holy Spirit fit in? What does He do, anyway? I picture the Three of Them having a Staff Meeting, every afternoon about four o'clock. And, the Holy Spirit is always late because He has to come up through Earth's atmosphere to the Throne Room, and the traffic is awful. The Holy Spirit is disorganized, air-headed, and rather absent-minded. I don't understand the Holy Spirit, at all. Who does?
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