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Name: Julie Michaelson
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Articles written: 960

 About Self
I came to faith in Christ Jesus very late in life (fifty'ish). Oy vey z'mir! I grew up Jewish (both parents), and have always been slightly meshugunah; my imagination and sensitivity have never done much for me, except give a me lot a' tsoris. After accepting Jesus as my Messiah and Lord, I soon discovered that I enjoyed thinking about Jesus, and reading about Him....and writing about Him. L'chai'im! May the Lord keep you in His Mighty Hand! Shalom.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/18/14 Why Terrorists Can't Get a Date 14 For Sale
08/13/14 Seeing God Through Rose Colored Glasses 27 For Sale
08/12/14 A beloved American who made us all laugh 25 Free to Share
08/11/14 Jesus Is Calling 33 For Sale
08/06/14 Common sense is like toilet paper, you have to take it out of the wrapper in order to use it 33 For Sale
06/02/14 Praying for Women in Muslim Countries 46 For Sale
05/10/14 The only woman in the history of mankind who spoke Yiddish with a North Carolina accent 61 Not For Sale
05/08/14 My Mother is Beautiful 49 Not For Sale
05/07/14 Mother's Day 81 For Sale
04/30/14 Cleaning litter boxes wearing a 7 karat diamond 63 Free to Share
04/20/14 The Empty Chair 68 For Sale
04/17/14 Flossing and Praying 55 For Sale
04/16/14 Evergreen 52 For Sale
04/13/14 The Lord of the Rings 52 For Sale
04/09/14 Whatever happened to the Palm Sunday donkey? 106 For Sale
04/03/14 Noah and the Curse of the Third Cat 76 For Sale
04/02/14 God is not Dead but soon you will be 64 For Sale
03/24/14 Did Jesus have DNA? 92 For Sale
03/17/14 Bang 50 For Sale
03/17/14 Happy Saint Patty's Day 72 For Sale
03/05/14 Here Comes The Bride 99 For Sale
03/05/14 Raining Manna 62 For Sale
03/01/14 Always Goyem, Never a Jew 77 For Sale
02/24/14 The Year of the Locust 74 For Sale
01/27/14 Can Jesus truly sympathize with us? 132 For Sale
01/21/14 The Rich Man's Diet 86 For Sale
12/23/13 The Nanny 312 For Sale
12/21/13 The Last Room at the Inn 366 For Sale
12/20/13 The Lonely Angel 104 For Sale
12/19/13 Answer to a Prayer 83 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/09/06 Jesus, Upon Watching Our Departure from Eden
09/04/06 L'Chaim in the Rapids
08/29/06 Killing You Softly
08/19/06 The Star of David
08/16/06 Prejudice Licked and Smacked Its Lips
08/06/06 The Flower at Mt. Saint Helen's
08/01/06 Are Your Doorposts Covered?
07/21/06 What a mishemegillah!
07/14/06 Who am I? (i)
07/08/06 Dad's Suicide......and Wrestling with My Heavenly Father
06/18/06 Daddy's Suicide
06/11/06 An Evening in Paris
06/04/06 Waking From a Nightmare
05/29/06 An Unexpected Witness
05/22/06 Being Human
05/14/06 A Price Above Rubies
05/07/06 How Can God Be My Friend?
04/28/06 A Sliver of Glass
04/22/06 Walking Into Church Alone
04/09/06 A Heavenly Feast
03/11/06 Yellow Pages

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