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Name: Donald Mehl 
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Articles written: 117

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During my retirement years, my hope and prayer is that I might serve the Lord in part by sharing the Good News of the Gospel through my written work. As the Lord leads and uses my writing style, scripture knowledge and insight, my work will be informative, challenging, assuring and interesting for the reader. In addition, I enjoy Biblical theme woodcarving, Bible studies, Christian music, golf and last but certainly not least, my supportive and caring family. Watch, pray and keep looking up! I have a story to tell...the saving gospel to share...and the fire of the Holy Spirit deep within my soul.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/15/13 RANDOM THOUGHTS OF MY BRIDE 504 Free to Share
11/18/12 THE SAVING GOSPEL FROM A TO Z 453 Free to Share
11/02/12 IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN HERE 439 Free to Share
04/14/12 HERE AM I, LORD 570 Free to Share
04/14/12 JESUS PAID IT ALL 725 Free to Share
04/13/12 DUST BUNNIES FOREVER 660 Free to Share
04/13/12 LORD, I AM TIRED AND SO WEARY 1625 Free to Share
04/13/12 SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS 475 Free to Share
12/12/11 LET THE FEAST BEGIN 636 Free to Share
11/27/11 I HAD A DREAM 662 Free to Share
11/17/11 BIRTHDAY LAMENT 545 Free to Share
11/01/11 HELL'S HOLIDAY 827 Free to Share
10/23/11 DO YOU HEAR HIS FOOTSTEPS? 841 Free to Share
10/08/11 LAST DANCE 705 Free to Share
09/26/11 WHAT WILL YOU DO? 637 Free to Share
09/20/11 FRENZY OVER JERUSALEM 498 Free to Share
09/14/11 MANSIONS IN GLORY 652 Free to Share
09/14/11 ALL TO HIM I OWE 527 Free to Share
09/03/11 BELIEVE ONLY ON HIS WORD 670 Free to Share
08/29/11 APPROACHING SOUND OF HOOF BEATS 738 Free to Share
08/12/11 WHAT DOES TOMORROW HOLD FOR THE USA? 471 Free to Share
08/11/11 RESERVATION FOR HEAVEN 504 Free to Share
08/11/11 EVERY DAY WITH JESUS 513 Free to Share
08/10/11 DUST TO DUST 589 Free to Share
08/09/11 TEN THOUSAND YEARS 744 Free to Share
07/07/11 TAKE MY HAND, PRECIOUS LORD 943 Free to Share
06/27/11 ISRAEL MY BELOVED 601 Free to Share
06/26/11 NO GREATER LOVE 480 Free to Share
06/05/11 TROUBLE IN BIRD LAND 655 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/06/08 Good Neighbors
07/15/06 "YEAH BUT, . . . ."

Critique Circle Postings
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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/25/2013 Random Thoughts Of My Bride
11/18/2012 The Saving Gospel From A To Z
11/02/2012 It Could Never Happen Here
04/14/2012 Here Am I, Lord
04/14/2012 Jesus Paid It All
04/13/2012 Dust Bunnies Forever
04/13/2012 Lord, I Am Tired And So Weary
04/13/2012 Shout From The Rooftops
12/12/2011 Let The Feast Begin
11/27/2011 I Had A Dream
11/17/2011 Birthday Lament
11/01/2011 Hell's Holiday
10/24/2011 Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood
10/23/2011 Do You Hear His Footsteps?
10/08/2011 Last Dance
09/26/2011 What Will You Do?
09/20/2011 Frenzy Over Jerusalem
09/15/2011 Mansions In Glory
09/15/2011 All To Him I Owe
09/03/2011 Believe Only On His Word
08/29/2011 Approaching Sound Of Hoof Beats
08/12/2011 What Does Tomorrow Hold For The USA?
08/12/2011 Every Day With Jesus
08/11/2011 Reservation For Heaven
08/11/2011 Dust To Dust
08/09/2011 Ten Thousand Years
07/07/2011 Take My Hand, Precious Lord
06/27/2011 Israel ~ My Beloved!
06/26/2011 No Greater Love
06/05/2011 Trouble In Bird Land
06/03/2011 Snakes Alive!
06/03/2011 Memories From Country Roads
06/02/2011 How About Those Walleyes?
03/27/2011 Upside Down And Inside Out
03/19/2011 Islam ~ An Enemy In Our Midst
02/15/2011 I Can See The Lights Of Glory
01/05/2011 Zzzzzzzz...zzz...zzzzz
01/02/2011 Red Sea Blessings
12/14/2010 His Gift For You And Me
12/11/2010 The Devil Made Me Do It
12/09/2010 Scrub-A-Dub
12/08/2010 Put On The Whole Armour Of God
11/26/2010 Black Friday Insanity
11/03/2010 The Heavens Declare His Glory
10/29/2010 Oh God, Where Are You?
10/06/2010 Days Of My Winter Season
09/30/2010 A Hot Time In The Old Town
09/03/2010 An Overview Of Revelation
08/24/2010 How Do Their Shoes Fit?
08/23/2010 I'm Coming For You And I Won't Be Late!
08/23/2010 He Cares For You And Me
08/23/2010 Renewed Life
07/23/2010 Biblical Faith In Our Lives
07/03/2010 Betsy Is Still A Keeper
05/13/2010 What In The World Is Going On?
05/03/2010 Sweeter As The Years Go By
04/25/2010 Jerusalem The Burdensome Stone
04/24/2010 When Forks Run Away From Home
03/10/2010 Blessed Assurance
02/24/2010 The Roses Will Never Fade
02/22/2010 Survival In A Freezer
01/07/2010 Room At The Cross
12/26/2009 The Christ Of Christmas
11/10/2009 Get Along Little Doggy
11/09/2009 Earthly Legacy Lunacy
11/09/2009 Sing Praises To His Holy Name
11/09/2009 Glorious Things Are Spoken Of You, O City Of God
10/07/2009 Wasted Years
10/06/2009 Just Say These Words And You'll Go To Heaven
10/06/2009 The Passion Goes On...
10/06/2009 I'll Be Praying For You...
04/20/2009 If I Make It To Heaven...
04/20/2009 Wings Of Passion
10/28/2008 Signs Of The Time
10/28/2008 Does Your Anchor Hold?
10/22/2008 You Are Mine Forever!
10/22/2008 The King Is Coming!
10/22/2008 Press On Toward The Goal
10/18/2008 My Prayer...For Such A Time As This
06/21/2008 Pansy Grandma
06/05/2008 Destiny
05/15/2008 Good Neighbors
05/10/2008 My Woodcarving Story
03/26/2008 If It Ain't Broke...Don't Fix It
12/28/2007 Footprints On The Water
12/07/2007 Snowflake Lament
12/02/2007 From Wretched To Worthy
08/09/2007 Scary Stuff?
06/18/2007 Do You Know Him?
06/18/2007 Will He Find Faith?
02/07/2007 Can You Hear Me Now?
01/29/2007 Draw Near To Him
01/07/2007 What's In Your Future?
12/13/2006 A New Year .... A New Beginning
11/29/2006 Inspiration For Times Of Trials
11/20/2006 They Didn't Know Who He Was
10/28/2006 Thoughts To Ponder
09/29/2006 Life More Abundantly
09/27/2006 When Life Storms Come
09/27/2006 Ticket To Fly
09/25/2006 Is Your Life On 'Play' or 'Fast Forward'?
09/25/2006 Where Is Jesus?
09/25/2006 "Yeah but, . . . ."
09/24/2006 Covert Christianity
09/24/2006 Countdown
09/24/2006 Thou Art The Potter, I Am The Clay
09/22/2006 My Journey To Jesus
09/22/2006 Our Awesome God
09/22/2006 Our Best Is Yet To Be