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My name is Tyrone A. Jackson. I currently reside in Miami, Florida. The various aspect of my ministry has been t.v. broadcast editing, intercessory prayer leading and teaching, Christian plays, jail, prison and street ministry. The uniqueness of these poems for one is the fact that I never wrote any prophetic poetry in the past. The other interesting fact is I would usually only average two poems a year. But these prophetic poems came like a mighty wind and sat on my mind and shoulder like a great rock. My peace from this work is getting these poems out to as many as I can. I don’t want anybodies blood on my hands. That’s why I’m looking for every avenue for these writing to be seen. With some of these poems I was inspired by God, during the month of October 2005, shortly after the Israelites lost the Gaza Strip and the Katrina storm disaster occurred. I wrote these poems to help stimulate the Body of Christ to rise up to their heavenly calling and seek God's face like never before. I pray and hope these literatures will do that very thing. .May, God richly bless you. > Simple expressions I receive from the writings: > >1. "I'm Not Your Superstar" the Holy Spirit warning about being high > minded, people worshiping leaders & neglecting to aid their leaders. > > 2. "I'm Not Worried" The testimony of a soul no longer worried > about his life but is concerned about others. > > 3. "A Word To My Leaders" The Holy Spirit admonishing leaders to > stay focus in these last days. > > 4. "How many Prophets does it take...?" A global church observance > by the Holy Spirit, similar to the churches mentioned in Revelation. 5. "The Great Apathy" A wake up call to the sleeping Giant. 6. "The Invitation" God inviting you to make Him first in your life. 7. "Your Life Is A Seed" A seed gives life to a harvest. 8. "Because of Your Love" The power of God's love expressed by a believer. 9. “From Within The Womb” A baby’s plead for life from within the womb of a woman pressured to commit an abortion. www.victoryofthepeople.org www.divineimagesinc.com
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04/15/14 A Hero's Call 28 Free to Share
02/27/11 I See A River 275 Free to Share
02/26/11 GRACE FOR THE RACE 232 Free to Share
02/26/11 In His Whisper 231 Free to Share
02/25/07 WAIT ON THE LORD 514 Free to Share
02/25/07 What I See, What I Hear And What I Know 494 Free to Share
02/25/07 HOW GOOD 460 Free to Share
03/11/06 The Essence Of An Uncommon Man 505 Free to Share
03/08/06 I'm Not Your Superstar 541 Free to Share
03/08/06 THE CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS 458 Free to Share
03/08/06 The Invitation & Conversation 442 Free to Share
03/05/06 Your Life Is A Seed 699 Free to Share
03/05/06 A WORD TO MY LEADERS 1116 Free to Share
03/05/06 I AM A SISTER 524 Free to Share
03/03/06 When I Think Of The Goodness Of God 515 Free to Share
03/03/06 CONCERNED 542 Free to Share
03/03/06 A PRAYER OF FORGIVENESS 1196 Free to Share
03/02/06 From Within The Womb 569 Free to Share
03/02/06 The Road Home 465 Free to Share
03/02/06 I AM A BROTHER 431 Free to Share
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