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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Rev Michael Bresciani
Website: www.americanprophet.org
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Articles written: 514

 About Self
Rev Bresciani is the author of two popular Christian books, one on the second coming of Christ. He has hundreds of articles published both online and in print. Visit the website at www.americanprophet.com
Article Archives
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10/05/15 The Oregon Shooting – A ‘Tragedy’ or Pure Evil? 13 Free to Share
10/03/15 The Universality of Last Days Prophecy – When Enlightenment Becomes Ignorance 15 Free to Share
09/28/15 Pope addresses lawmakers two days after they approve abortions – is his silence approval? 47 Free to Share
09/23/15 7 Easy Questions for the Donald that Even an “Apprentice” Could Answer 46 Free to Share
09/15/15 You Can Start the Roman Persecution Again - But Our King is not the President 63 Free to Share
09/11/15 Can America be Great Again without Getting Right Again - Can you spell Naïve? 135 Free to Share
09/06/15 Will Congress Awake before Every Christian in America is Arrested? 63 Free to Share
09/04/15 Lots of Marriage Licenses but No Marriage – Kentucky Clerk Arrested 163 Free to Share
08/27/15 “Make America Great Again” – A Promise Donald Trump Cannot Keep 136 Free to Share
08/16/15 Mr. Trump: A Rolex Watch is Not a Moral Compass 82 Free to Share
08/14/15 Six Reasons to Honestly Doubt the Donald – Let’s Not Do 2008 Again 137 Free to Share
08/09/15 GOP Debate: Between the Serious and the Circus 72 Free to Share
08/07/15 Killing children for ‘research’ or to save the life of another? – The Morality of Jackals 91 Free to Share
08/01/15 Satanic Statue Comes to Detroit – Is There No Price to Pay? 136 Free to Share
07/25/15 The History of Evil – Planned Parenthood Writes a New Page 60 Free to Share
07/11/15 Pope Francis Leads the Apostasy – Says the Bible and the Koran are the Same? 203 Free to Share
06/27/15 Supreme Court Greenlights Perverted Marriage – A Dark Day for America 124 Free to Share
06/18/15 Spiritually Dumbed Down – Can’t See Judgement Coming 92 Free to Share
06/01/15 High Court to Push America into Final Reprobation? – Time is Not on Our Side 107 Free to Share
05/22/15 5 Year Old Boy with a Lesson for the Entire World – And a Lingering Question 60 Free to Share
05/18/15 Three Trees – A Serious Warning to America 96 Free to Share
05/05/15 The Bible Says: Not Global Warming, but Universal Cold that brings the Planet to its Knees 67 Free to Share
04/24/15 Why “Love” Does Not Justify “Gay Marriage” 115 Free to Share
04/10/15 Pop Culture Trends are not Morality – What Christians Actually Hate will Surprise You 73 Free to Share
04/01/15 Nat Geo’s “Killing Jesus” a Flawed Excursion into Serious Error 118 Free to Share
03/28/15 Lifeway Christian Stores: No Books about Visions of Heaven 90 Free to Share
03/26/15 When the Political Door Closes and the Prophetic Door Opens 105 Free to Share
03/24/15 Cruz Announcement at LU – Reaganesque Offering to a Crippled Nation 252 Free to Share
03/20/15 Pop Culture or Prophecy? – There is no Contest 74 Not For Sale
03/12/15 We think it’s a Trend – In Reality it is called Reprobation 101 Free to Share
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