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Website: miriamjacob.proboards.com
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Miriam Jacob is a Christian author, poet, social media editor and publisher in cyberspace. She also works as a website administrator specializing in web content development, digital content management and graphic design on her network of websites to promote Christian literature. She has her own internet radio sermon network and she has broadcasted a number of radio shows.

Miriam Jacob is an international book reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishers, Tyndale House Publishers, New Hope Publishers, Kregel Publications and Litfuse Group. She writes reviews for Christian books, in the categories of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Miriam Jacob is the founder of “ANOINTED FOR CHRIST CHURCH MINISTRIES” – a parachurch organization in cyberspace, with visitors from 165 countries. It is listed in Google’s Open Directory Project. This pastoral and literature ministry, comprising of audio, video and radio wings, is dedicated to God. It broadcasts and publishes Christian articles, poems, devotions and e-books to glorify God.

In the course of her travels across the globe as a teenager, visiting Europe, the United States of America and the Gulf States, Miriam had the delightful opportunity to be a part of an ever-changing scenario. Her endeavour to portray the rich and varied pictures left indelible impressions upon her young mind, vividly expressed through her articles and poems.

Living in God’s own country, her garden flourishes with tall trees and exquisite flowers which include anthuriums, orchids, bougainvilleas and different colors of balsam. From her window, Miriam can see acres of lovely woodland in which birds sing at regular intervals and wild squirrels sprint around with lightning speed. Owls, cranes, mongooses, snakes, wild rabbits, bush fowls and honey bees live in equal co-existence here. All around, she can see the beauty of God's creation, and she marvels at it. Here is nature at its simple best.

One of the very first things Miriam’s parents did was to teach her to read, and by doing this, they gave her the most precious gift in life. Once she started reading, she never stopped. Books became a major part of her life and books stores one of her favorite places to be. She wrote her first poem in school, and she aspired to become a poet and writer. Her heartfelt desire to see her poems published became a reality when she published her first book of poems titled "A Light Ignited."

Encouraging parents supported her single-minded quest to work for Christ on the internet wholeheartedly. She got her first taste of Christian publishing when she successfully published her first collection of poems on the world wide web. Burning the midnight oil on several occasions as she pursued her God-given dreams, a desire was born in Miriam to create her own network of websites where she could publish the poems of an international association of poets. As it slowly took shape, she dedicated it to the world and published Christian articles and poems by authors and poets worldwide. This eventually led to the birth of “ANOINTED FOR CHRIST CHURCH MINISTRIES “ supported by God alone.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/09/07 A New Day 637 Not For Sale
09/09/07 Crocuses In Bloom 559 Not For Sale
09/09/07 Beauty of Nature 569 Not For Sale
07/30/07 God's Fuel 649 Not For Sale
10/28/06 A Burst of Dazzling Light 720 Not For Sale
10/05/06 Fiery Faith 700 Not For Sale
09/17/06 God's Drum 739 Not For Sale
09/14/06 A Fresh Anointing 1413 Not For Sale
09/13/06 A Singing Psalm 790 Not For Sale
08/29/06 A Living Pen 585 Not For Sale
06/30/06 A Divine Stream 610 Not For Sale
06/24/06 You are God's Method 474 Not For Sale
06/24/06 A Soldier for Christ 704 Not For Sale
06/23/06 A Crown Of Beauty 574 Not For Sale
06/23/06 A Pure Heart 469 Not For Sale
06/23/06 Into My Heart 419 Not For Sale
03/11/06 O The Deep, Deep Love of Christ 440 Not For Sale
03/11/06 Harps Of Gold 559 Not For Sale
03/11/06 Glistening Teardrops 480 Not For Sale
03/10/06 Give Me Joy 443 Not For Sale
03/10/06 God's Garden 381 Not For Sale
03/10/06 You Are With Me 405 Not For Sale
03/09/06 Use Me 391 Not For Sale
03/09/06 Jesus Loves You 462 Not For Sale
03/09/06 My Child 390 Not For Sale
03/08/06 You Are My Lord 434 Not For Sale
03/08/06 Jesus Loves Me 404 Not For Sale
03/08/06 Your Constant Love 341 Not For Sale
03/07/06 Happy Are You 392 Not For Sale
03/07/06 Light Of My Life 403 Not For Sale
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05/08/06 Sunrise of Hope

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
05/22/06 The Love Of Jesus
03/11/06 O The Deep Deep Love Of Christ
03/11/06 Harps Of Gold
03/11/06 Glistening Teardrops
03/10/06 Give Me Joy
03/10/06 God's Garden
03/10/06 You Are With Me
03/09/06 My Child
03/09/06 Jesus Loves You
03/09/06 Use Me
03/08/06 Your Constant Love
03/08/06 Jesus Loves Me
03/08/06 You Are My Lord
03/07/06 Happy Are You
03/07/06 Light Of My Life
03/07/06 You Are All I Have
03/07/06 Priceless Treasure
03/07/06 True Love
03/07/06 Glorious Praise
03/05/06 Divine Love
03/05/06 Light Of Love
03/05/06 Light Giver
03/01/06 Surrender To Jesus
03/01/06 Jesus My Lord
03/01/06 Jesus My Healer
02/28/06 The Divine Poet
02/28/06 Water of Life
02/28/06 The Anointing
02/28/06 The Divine Artist
02/28/06 Listen To God
02/28/06 The Wilderness
02/26/06 A New Day Dawns
02/26/06 Launch Out In Faith
02/26/06 Adversity
02/25/06 Spontaneous Praise
02/25/06 The Ultimate Test
02/25/06 Sailing
02/24/06 Stand Up Christian
02/24/06 New Heritage
02/24/06 A True Light
02/23/06 A Light Ignited
02/23/06 Chosen By Christ
02/23/06 The Desert Place
02/23/06 A Shining Light
02/23/06 Set My Spirit Free
02/23/06 Pick the Roses

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