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Name: Susan Bunts Wachtel
Website: http://thesusanblog.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 167

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This year I turned 51 and I've been walking with the Lord 19 years now. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 32. I spent many years angry at God, running from Him and tried to deny His existence. Through the loving witness of my neighbors the Bocks, I saw a clear picture of God who loves me. Thank you! On the eve of my 49th birthday, God brought Chris Wachtel into my life via a 2 hour phone call. We had our first date on February 29th and 3 months later we were engaged to be married. 7 months after our first date, we walked down the aisle of the church where we met and were married. He is my Prince Charming. A little late, but well worth the wait. I am conservative in my politics, but a former liberal. I even campaigned for Jimmy Carter and I rue that day. I find liberal, leftist thinking while well intentioned, ultimately flawed. I am blessed abundantly by God. Iím a member of Kindred Community Church. Iím most grateful for Pastor Philip De Courcy and my former Pastor, Chuck Obremski who have faithfully taught the Word of God. I've also grown through Bible Study Fellowship. I look forward to seeing God at work in my life.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/04/11 Words of a Gossip 242 Free to Share
11/25/10 Lavish Thanksgiving 216 Free to Share
11/06/10 Slave 232 Free to Share
06/02/10 The Judgment Seat of Christ 275 Free to Share
03/02/10 God's Will 248 Free to Share
01/18/10 The Gift of Discouragement 252 Free to Share
01/15/10 Another 235 Free to Share
12/30/09 The Bridegroom 252 Free to Share
11/26/09 Thanksgiving Much Better Than I Deserve 279 Free to Share
11/26/09 God Colored Glasses 231 Free to Share
11/26/09 Burdened 239 Free to Share
07/21/09 A Love Story Never Told 290 Free to Share
06/27/09 Divine Appointment 626 Free to Share
04/25/09 In the Silence 442 Free to Share
04/25/09 The Lamb of God 348 Free to Share
04/25/09 Lying in Wait 316 Free to Share
04/14/09 Hymns of Old 420 Free to Share
04/11/09 Once, But Now 410 Free to Share
03/13/09 Yet For a Season 264 Free to Share
03/05/09 Discouragement's Victory 270 Free to Share
03/05/09 A Today Thing 348 Free to Share
03/05/09 Beautiful 274 Free to Share
02/20/09 Missing 434 Free to Share
02/20/09 Broken, Hurting Soul 440 Free to Share
02/07/09 Sinís Perfect Sacrifice 318 Free to Share
02/07/09 Letting Go 386 Free to Share
11/27/08 Double Blessed 345 Free to Share
09/09/08 Victory 314 Free to Share
07/29/08 Level Ground 360 Free to Share
07/29/08 Trust God 321 Free to Share
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