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Name: Edy T Johnson 
Website: none
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Articles written: 119

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Army Nurse Corps Colonel, retired, I have been writing a column "The Salt & Light Report" for our church's monthly Messenger for the past few years. Background, besides a diploma in nursing, includes a BA in Journalism from U of MN, veteran of Vietnam, and part of an Army reserve unit mobilized for Desert Storm. Relationships, however, are my most treasured possessions: with Jesus, my Savior, and as wife, mom, grandmom, sister, aunt and friend. "What an adventure, being the main character in a story written by the Almighty Himself!" (see "Blueprints" below)
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/15/15 Crossings 38 Not For Sale
12/25/14 Suffering 58 Not For Sale
05/05/14 The Bridge 322 Not For Sale
01/20/14 The Moth and the Flame 167 Not For Sale
04/19/13 One Truth 238 Free to Share
04/19/13 One Lord 201 Free to Share
04/19/13 One Hope 232 Free to Share
02/17/13 One Love 234 Not For Sale
12/19/12 One Way 319 Free to Share
09/08/12 Investments 514 Free to Share
11/03/10 Rescued 538 Free to Share
09/02/10 Mixed Emotions 808 Free to Share
07/05/10 Falling Waters and A Maiden's Prayer 651 Not For Sale
06/28/10 Tales From the Four Poster Bed 604 Not For Sale
06/20/10 When Heaven Came Crashing Down 725 Not For Sale
05/19/10 Confession 913 Not For Sale
05/19/10 Nothing 597 Not For Sale
05/19/10 Something 814 Not For Sale
01/20/10 Diligence 892 Not For Sale
01/20/10 Remembering 736 Not For Sale
01/20/10 Snowbound 678 Not For Sale
11/19/09 Silent Stars 695 Free to Share
11/19/09 Anticipation and Advent Candles Meditations 2356 Free to Share
10/31/09 VOICES 502 Free to Share
10/31/09 Resistance 499 Free to Share
10/31/09 Remembering 727 Not For Sale
09/04/09 The Puppy and The Master 752 Free to Share
04/20/09 Waiting 727 Not For Sale
03/23/09 On My Guest List 1031 Not For Sale
01/14/09 Why 667 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
07/21/11 Listen
11/01/10 Slumber Party
08/25/10 Seventh Sense
08/18/10 Stained Glass
08/07/10 The Hand of Mercy
08/05/10 Better Than Incense
07/27/10 The Eyes Have It
07/21/10 Sonnets On The Vine
07/14/10 Homonyms
01/16/10 Operator's Lament
08/04/08 Complete
02/03/08 The Oasis
09/12/07 After The Execution
09/03/07 Made Perfect In Weakness
08/23/07 This I Know
07/18/07 "Don't Be Sad!"
07/11/07 Which Proposal?
06/11/07 What Happened After The 'Lights Out' Bell
06/06/07 It's Time For The Family Reunion!
05/20/07 Sonnets from the Macabre
05/16/07 Illusion
05/10/07 FIRESTORM
04/23/07 Music For A Sparrow
04/18/07 One Genuine Imitation
04/11/07 The Riddle of the Sphinx
03/05/07 "Remember Lot's Wife"
03/01/07 Prison Clothes
02/21/07 By The Light Of The Candle Flame
02/14/07 Sidetracks
02/07/07 The Accidental Fisherman
01/31/07 "Captions"
01/21/07 The Eye Of The Beholder (ii)
01/13/07 The Original Manuscript
01/11/07 Recipe for JOY
12/14/06 The Boy Who Made A Difference
12/06/06 Real Life
11/29/06 Spontaneous
11/20/06 When Your Grandma Was A Little Girl
11/13/06 "Show me where I drownded!"
11/06/06 Guardian Angels
11/01/06 At The Head Of Her Class
10/25/06 Footnotes
09/04/06 The Sea Wing Tragedy
08/28/06 Strange Music
08/19/06 Signposts
08/13/06 "Suitable For Cornfields Or Battlefields"
07/31/06 For Nothing
07/22/06 A Way In The Storm
07/19/06 The Broken Seal
07/06/06 Barney's Big Mistake
06/21/06 No Need Of Sun Or Candle
06/14/06 Perdition vs. Pardon
06/06/06 The Secret Place (A Soldier's Dream)
05/26/06 Fugue* in Vers Libre
05/21/06 If I Knew How
05/13/06 For Better Or Worse
05/05/06 Bittersweet
04/27/06 One Twilight's Dream
04/20/06 Dayroom Diary
04/06/06 A Man Who Could Sing
03/06/06 Supper At The Hungry Heart
02/28/06 One Grand Entrance
02/21/06 Lesson In Cleaning A Room
02/13/06 The Saloon
02/08/06 A Stranger's China

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