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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Virginia Gorg
Website: www.jinianne-gorg.com
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Articles written: 122

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================= God has a plan for me and I believe it is to write. I find a lot of my inspiration at the beach (Lake Erie) or the local arboretum. I write down notes, then start typing. I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and a grandmother to two boys, and known for driving my Mustang (fast) around town.
Article Archives
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03/13/06 Ten Commandments 715 For Sale
02/21/06 One Day in Jake’s Diary 492 For Sale
02/03/06 Dandy Lions 655 For Sale
02/02/06 Awesome 507 For Sale
02/02/06 Where Does the Time Go? 476 For Sale
01/26/06 To My Husband 836 For Sale
12/30/05 The Greatest Thing Since Catnip 459 For Sale
12/27/05 Mary Did You Really Know 582 For Sale
12/22/05 The Joy of Hearing 488 For Sale
12/20/05 Prehistoric? Not in God’s Lifetime. 542 For Sale
12/20/05 Jesus our Wondrous Gift 1573 For Sale
12/16/05 I Am Unworthy 541 For Sale
12/13/05 Christmas Wrapping Paper 1425 For Sale
12/06/05 Unity in the Community 404 For Sale
12/02/05 The Mirror 462 For Sale
11/29/05 I Wonder and I Ponder 466 For Sale
11/25/05 Candles the light of Christ 436 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
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02/14/09 Think Outside the Book
10/04/08 Pizza, Sunsets, and Christmas
07/20/08 DVD Players for $9.95
05/28/08 Favorite Cousin
05/18/08 It's All In A Name
01/30/08 Outcast
01/23/08 Pocket Protectors
09/09/07 You Will Follow
09/04/07 Quiet
08/28/07 Poof All Gone
08/20/07 Snob Hill and Railroad Tracks
08/04/07 M.C.
07/30/07 Free Parking
07/24/07 I'm A Big Girl Now
07/17/07 Happiness Anonymous
07/08/07 Next On The List
06/06/07 Bridge
05/27/07 In A Bird's Eye
05/22/07 Empowered
05/15/07 Factory 2507
05/08/07 Screamin’ Green
04/24/07 Soul-Mates
04/14/07 Plastic Cat
04/08/07 Missing Piece
03/12/07 Sound's Good
03/02/07 Its Intended Purpose
02/27/07 Wedding Dress
02/20/07 Plowman and the Thresher
02/13/07 Lack of Craft
02/05/07 Jackson's Pond
01/29/07 LearJets and Bibles
01/23/07 The Bradenburg Painting
01/09/07 Onions and Sour Milk
12/12/06 Room 510
12/05/06 Snails Are Special
11/28/06 The Room Mother
11/19/06 Depend on the Lord
10/30/06 Not So Tall Tales
10/23/06 Missionary's Threads
10/16/06 Someone Had to Die
10/09/06 Flickering Flames of Evil
09/09/06 Fraught with Frenzy
09/04/06 Soiled Humans
08/28/06 Moonlit Melody
08/21/06 He Is The King Of Glory
08/14/06 Valley of Decision (ii)
08/05/06 Legend of Noisiv
08/01/06 Sin No More
07/24/06 Red Sky at Night, God’s Delight
07/17/06 Sweet as Honey to the Soul
07/12/06 Everything Is Just Great
06/20/06 Valleys and Vanity and Victory
06/13/06 Articles of Abundance
06/04/06 Personal Peace Is Not For Sale
05/30/06 Purposefulness of Forgiveness
05/23/06 Joy's Catastrophe
05/12/06 Need a Good Catchy Title for Prosperity
05/06/06 Eyes in the Fog
05/01/06 Love Like a Footstep
04/21/06 Itinerant Preacher
04/07/06 Papyrus and Ink
03/10/06 Lock Picking 101
03/02/06 So Many Animals
02/23/06 Vegetables, Trains, and Help
02/17/06 An End is Really a Beginning
02/08/06 When Waves Break
02/01/06 Who Is In Control? (ii)
01/26/06 Space for Rent
01/18/06 Start Something for Christ
01/12/06 Heading Home!
01/05/06 Escape From Reality
12/08/05 Of Tall Trees and Short Men
11/30/05 Springtime and a Pony
11/25/05 Vines of Life and Living
11/18/05 Winter's Glistening Effects

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
09/12/07 Everlasting Light in the Darkness
05/11/06 Unnamed as yet
05/09/06 Immigrants to the United States – Be Americans!
12/06/05 Unity in the Community

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