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Name: Todd Tribble
Website: perfection-is-overrated.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 56

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I am a youth minister at Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence, KY. I have been writing for the past two years and have had a pieces published in Faithwriters Magazine, Riders n Reapers, Haruah Breath of Heaven, and a variety of other publications. I am currently working on my first book titled: In the Palm of My Hand. It will be a devotional book that hopefully will inspire and encourage others to find where God is in their lives. Please enjoy the various works on this page and feel free to comment!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/07/07 The Opening of Our Eyes 578 For Sale
09/05/07 Just Dance 611 For Sale
06/20/07 Imprints of Choice 738 For Sale
06/13/07 Perfection Has Been Attained 592 Not For Sale
05/30/07 Stand Alone 731 Free to Share
05/01/07 Success? 571 For Sale
04/17/07 There are Those 914 For Sale
04/10/07 The Light Deep Within 590 Free to Share
04/05/07 Maybe in Three Days 711 For Sale
03/27/07 Moments 615 For Sale
03/06/07 Welcome to the Crossroad 665 Free to Share
03/01/07 Upon Your Arms 647 For Sale
02/27/07 Take Off the Blinders 716 Free to Share
02/22/07 THE FINGERS OF HUMANITY 492 Free to Share
02/13/07 The Voice in His Head 736 Free to Share
02/06/07 The Touch of a Father 756 For Sale
02/02/07 Yield to the New 655 Free to Share
01/26/07 Waiting 589 Free to Share
01/23/07 Image vs God 593 For Sale
01/16/07 Nice Clubs 635 Free to Share
01/09/07 They Are Everywhere 507 Free to Share
01/04/07 Through the Open Floor 649 For Sale
01/02/07 Turn Stand Fight 707 Free to Share
12/21/06 Jason and Lisa 830 For Sale
12/19/06 The Monkey Bars of Life 621 For Sale
12/18/06 It Starts Today 616 Free to Share
12/12/06 When Did This Life Become a Job? 569 For Sale
12/07/06 Just Trying to Wake Up 689 Free to Share
12/05/06 Get Out of the Box 891 For Sale
11/30/06 Welcome Home 810 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
12/09/06 The City of Life
11/19/06 In the Palm of my Hand
11/05/06 Breathe
12/02/05 Here I am Again

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
12/20/06 The Monkey Bars of Life
11/07/06 Could You Handle It?
10/25/06 What if God doesn't have a back?
10/19/06 Get out into the wilderness..
10/19/06 Underwear and Socks

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/27/2007 Take Off the Blinders
12/19/2006 I Don't Want to Go Back
12/18/2006 It Starts Today
12/08/2006 Just Trying to Wake Up
11/30/2006 Welcome Home
11/21/2006 2 Questions and 1 Answer
11/16/2006 Advice for the Young and Old
11/13/2006 What if God Doesn't Have a Back?
11/06/2006 Could You Handle It?
11/03/2006 When Love is Lost, God is Found
11/03/2006 I'm God and I Approve This Message
10/30/2006 Get out into the wilderness..
10/26/2006 Perfection is Overrated
10/24/2006 Would you buy back your past?