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Name: Daniel Owino Ogweno
Website: danielogweno.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 135

 About Self
I am one person who believes that things don't have to be magnificent to be significant. I value every bit of what God has given me. I love nature, mostly because it is God's signature. I love to worship because God's signature in nature always capture my attention and it is always around me. This motivates me to venture into a worshipping adventure.
I love mankind as the epitome of God's creation, being made in the image of God. If you wanted to know only one thing about me, it is that I love Jesus Christ with all that defines me as a conscious being.
I am married to Laura; we are blessed with three kids: Two boys—Victor and Jim-Jif, a girl—Baraka. (Jim-Jif has since gone to be with the Lord, 21-7-2012).
I have published 10 books including: Virtue That Counts; A Life of an Enthusiastic Worship; Lessons From the Road; Secret Weapon Against Terrorism and The Pursuit of Commitment, and others.
When you buy our books, part of your money will help pay school fees for (an) orphan(s) in Kenya. The books are also available as e-books readable with most electronic reading devices.
NB: I don't have Private Messenger with Faithwriters. If you want to contact me for whatever reason, please do so through my e-mail. daniel dot ogweno at gmail dot com.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
10/07/06 When is it over? 649 Not For Sale
10/06/06 Forgiveness or Justice 606 Free to Share
02/03/06 Beware of Worry 680 Free to Share
01/09/06 Scoring In A Mobile Goal? 522 Not For Sale
12/20/05 Sowing And Reaping 810 Free to Share
11/15/05 He Repairs Despair 619 Free to Share
10/23/05 Persisting Or Insisting 531 Not For Sale
10/19/05 The Day I Died 1136 Not For Sale
10/17/05 An Irony of Sorts 425 Free to Share
10/14/05 Picking A Bone And Running Away 442 Not For Sale
10/06/05 That Is Exactly What I Said 476 Not For Sale
10/02/05 The Solution Disguised In The Problem 508 Free to Share
10/02/05 No New Topic This Week 1235 Free to Share
09/28/05 Beware Of Movies 701 Not For Sale
09/27/05 The Child You Are Carrying... 465 Free to Share
09/25/05 The Ultimate Test 411 Not For Sale
09/24/05 Desperate to blame someone 479 Free to Share
09/23/05 We May Not Grade Our Own Exam 418 Not For Sale
09/22/05 Lapping Like a Dog or Drinking Like a Cow? 481 Not For Sale
09/22/05 A Terrible Dream This One! 452 Not For Sale
09/10/05 Tribute To Commitment 743 Not For Sale
09/09/05 Seek The Sick 417 Free to Share
09/07/05 Rhetoric Or Historic 875 Free to Share
09/06/05 Lesson From A Laptop 537 Not For Sale
09/05/05 Capture The Scope Of Our Hope 456 Free to Share
09/05/05 No Regret For Taking A Reject 756 Not For Sale
09/02/05 Swam With Crocodiles 784 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
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10/28/05 Pursuing Confidence In The Presence Of God
10/22/05 Thought Like A Child And Behaved Like One
10/16/05 A Little Girl's Fruit
09/08/05 Nature Hates Vacuum

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
01/14/07 THE PURSUIT OF COMMITMENT: Principles of Commitment for a Functional Life in Christ
01/14/07 THE SECRET WEAPON AGAINST TERRORISM: The Only Way of Capturing "The Most Wanted"
11/06/06 LESSONS FROM THE ROAD: Understanding God's Ways Through Traffic Experiences
11/06/06 A LIFE OF AN ENTHUSIASTIC WORSHIP: Secrets of Worshipping God in and out of Season
11/04/06 VIRTUE THAT COUNTS: Pursuing that which Touches the Heart of God

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09/25/2008 Salbyg and Mercy Meet Saul
03/04/2008 Got My Brother Back From The Dead!
05/16/2007 I Spoke to Eggs and They Obeyed
05/15/2007 Punished for Ignorance
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