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Name: Angie Lewis
Website: www.spiritual.journeybooks.4t.com
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10/31/05 Love vs Lust 384 Free to Share
10/24/05 Sermon on the Mount For Marriage 411 Free to Share
10/19/05 Biblical Aspects on Faith 405 Free to Share
10/19/05 Forgiveness in Marriage Applying 5 Biblical Principles 509 Free to Share
10/19/05 Assertiveness in Marriage 645 Free to Share
10/14/05 Overcoming Addiction 393 For Sale
10/14/05 How Alcoholism Controls Your Life? 387 Free to Share
10/13/05 Love Who You Married 480 Not For Sale
10/11/05 5 Biblical Facts About Temptation 1227 Not For Sale
10/07/05 How To Be Happy In Your Marriage 614 For Sale
10/06/05 8 Biblical Facts About Marriage 1379 Not For Sale
10/04/05 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Break It Off 1257 For Sale
09/29/05 Will the Glass Slipper Ever Fit? ~ Pre-marriage Preparedness 563 Not For Sale
09/25/05 Me Submit to Him 532 For Sale
09/21/05 Save Your Marriage After Adultery 584 For Sale
09/19/05 Forgive and Love a Cheating Spouse 18281 For Sale
09/18/05 Is Looking At Pornography the Same as Adultery 464 For Sale
09/15/05 Let God Be The Judge 412 For Sale
09/12/05 Does God's Word Need A Disclaimer 398 Free to Share
09/09/05 A Healthy Marriage Relies on God's Indisputable Truths 654 Free to Share
08/30/05 Understanding Our Emotions 507 Free to Share
08/21/05 Love the Person You Are and Hate the Person You Arenít 379 Free to Share
08/15/05 Effective Communication 727 Free to Share
08/12/05 Resentment A Marriage Destroyer 1186 Free to Share
08/12/05 12 Biblical Precepts For Marriage 1311 Free to Share
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09/25/05 Me Submit to Him
09/22/05 Love the Person You Are and Hate the Person You Aren't
09/15/05 Let God Be The Judge
09/12/05 Does Godís Word Need A Disclaimer?

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05/11/2011 Why Are More Married Women Cheating On Their Husbands?
04/11/2011 Is It Love or Is It Lust?
04/05/2011 How To Talk To Your Alcoholic Husband About Sexual Intimacy
03/24/2011 Feminism Attitude and Wifely Submission
03/14/2011 Why Would Your Christian Spouse Cheat?
03/08/2011 How A Christian Wife Should Love Her Christian Husband
02/17/2011 Defining Adultery Is Knowing You Are Committing Adultery
01/24/2011 The Best Way To Preserve Your Marriage Don't Cheat!
01/13/2011 Relationship Principles From Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility
01/10/2011 How to Know If You Have Met the Right Christian Person For Marriage
12/27/2010 3 Ways to Guarantee Your Husband Won't Cheat on You?
12/24/2010 Instead of Saying "I Love You", Show Love In Your Actions
12/14/2010 How Should a Christian Husband Submit to His Wife?
12/09/2010 Why Most Young People Today Are Not Prepared For Marriage
12/02/2010 Have You Cheated on Your Spouse? How to Stay Faithful
11/23/2010 The Role of Husband and Wife in a Christ-Centered Marriage
11/12/2010 How to Deal With Anger After Husband Commits Adultery
11/12/2010 Is She Marriage Material? Essential Qualities of a Christian Wife
11/12/2010 Is He Marriage Material? Essential Qualities of a Christian Husband
11/08/2010 Should a Christian Wife Always Submit?
09/30/2010 How to Not Divorce Your Spouse
09/27/2010 Can Addicts Cure Themselves Without God?
09/21/2010 How a Wife Can Help Her Husband Take His Headship Position
08/10/2010 How to Help Your Spouse Stop Cheating
08/10/2010 How to Save Your Marriage if You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating
07/06/2010 Emotional Adultery: How Husbands and Wives Disrespect Each Other
06/22/2010 Major Reason Why Christian Marriages Cannot Be Saved
06/08/2010 Forgiving and Loving your Christian Spouse after Adultery
04/27/2010 Dating vs. Godly Courtship
04/20/2010 Christian Relationships: Saying No to Your Boyfriend's Sexual Advances
04/19/2010 What is God's Purpose for Sex?
04/14/2010 Preparing our Christian Children for a Lifelong Marriage?
04/12/2010 How to Prepare for a Lifetime Marriage
03/30/2010 Marriage Preparation: Morals Lessons From George Eliots Middlemarch
03/30/2010 How Dating Deceives Christians
03/22/2010 Christian Values: Career Woman or Helpmeet Wife?
03/16/2010 Marital Duties of the Christian Husband and Wife
03/08/2010 Tips for Christians to find Suitable Marriage Spouses
03/04/2010 How to Cope With a Christian Cheating Spouse
03/01/2010 7 Reasons Why You Should Stay a Virgin Until Marriage
02/24/2010 10 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Date
02/18/2010 Develop a New Heart and Mind (Attitude) About Dating
01/22/2010 How Should a Christian Husband Love His Wife?
01/11/2010 Is Your Spouse Cheating?
12/31/2009 How a Christian Wife is to be a Helpmeet to Her Husband
12/22/2009 Holidays With the In-laws
12/21/2009 I Think I Married the Wrong Person
12/11/2009 Helping the Alcoholic You Love to Total Sobriety
12/07/2009 How Can I Love My Unbelieving Spouse?
10/29/2009 Meeting Each Other's Emotional Needs
10/06/2009 Marriage: I Don't Love You Anymore
09/22/2009 Confusion of Spiritual Headship and Submission
09/14/2009 Restoring Marriage When Only One Spouse Is Willing
09/01/2009 Looking at a Woman Lustfully is Adultery
08/18/2009 Christian Roles of Husband and Wife
08/04/2009 How To Productively Release Anger
07/31/2009 How Do I Love My Alcoholic Spouse?
07/27/2009 Five Wise Ways To Save Your Marriage
07/14/2009 Husbands Instructed To Love Wife and Wife Instructed To Submit
07/10/2009 Stop Being Abusive In Your Marriage And Be Assertive Instead
06/29/2009 Save Your Marriage by Going To The Root of the Problem
06/12/2009 Irreconcilable Differences is the Hardened Heart
06/04/2009 God Desinged Marriage To Be Permanent
05/21/2009 Pornography Addiction: Playing With Fire
05/05/2009 Is Resentment Destroying Your Marriage?
04/22/2009 Love Is Forgiveness, Compassion, Submission and Respect
04/15/2009 Does Your Marriage Belong To God
04/01/2009 Is It Possible To Fall Out of Love?
03/19/2009 How To Treat Your Husband Like A Man
03/04/2009 Married to a Bossy and Controlling Spouse
02/27/2009 How Alcoholism and Hypoglycemia Controls Body, Mind, and Spirit
02/03/2009 Courtship Tips For Women
01/30/2009 Should Good Girls Attract Men or Just Be Themselves?
01/22/2009 How Dating Prepares Couples For No Commitment In Marriage
01/15/2009 Trusting in God For Our Marriage
01/04/2009 How To Have Happiness and Abundance in Marriage
12/30/2008 Why Am I Obligated To Stay Married To An Adulterer?
12/13/2008 You're Not In Love If
11/17/2008 Love Is A Gift From God
10/17/2008 Why It's Hard to Say "I'm Sorry"?
09/23/2008 Why Some People Cheat
09/08/2008 Is Flirting and Looking The Same As Cheating?
07/27/2008 Why Jealousy Hurts So Bad
06/26/2008 Being Assertive Is Good For Marriage
06/03/2008 Exposing The Adultery Pandemic
05/06/2008 Are You Prepared For Marriage?
03/29/2008 Stop Divorce and Recommit Yourselves
02/12/2008 Why Are Unhappy People Unhappy?
01/08/2008 Unhappy In Marriage But Don't Believe In Divorce?
12/20/2007 Thinking Big For Your Marriage Is Not Magic
12/20/2007 Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage
11/29/2007 Choosing To Work On A Bad Marriage
11/16/2007 How Do I Trust My Spouse Again After Adultery
11/12/2007 How Do I Forgive My Spouse After Adultery?
11/02/2007 Common Obstacles of Marriage: Expectations, Demands, and Control Issues
10/08/2007 6 Popular Myths About Love, Life, And Forgiveness
09/25/2007 Marriage: Rev Up Your Sex Life
09/14/2007 Treat Your Wife With Respect As The Weaker Partner
09/06/2007 Is A Passionate Kiss Outside of Marriage Considered Adultery?
09/03/2007 Proof Is In The Results
08/31/2007 You Don't Need Dating Sites You Need Godly Answers
08/31/2007 Growing Up and Getting Married in Today's Society
08/14/2007 How Can I Forgive When It Hurts So Bad?
08/03/2007 The Healing Power of Laughter
07/30/2007 Being Emotionally There For Your Spouse
07/18/2007 Jumping the Hurdle of Addiction
07/10/2007 The Dry Drunk
06/27/2007 3 Factors That Will Improve Marriage
06/05/2007 What Do Couples Need From Each Other In Marriage
05/31/2007 Make Marriage Your Responsibility and Be Accountable
05/10/2007 Stop Divorce In Its Tracks
05/02/2007 Why Do Marriages Fail?
04/26/2007 4 Ways Couples Verbally Abuse Each Other
04/25/2007 Loving The Way God Intended
04/17/2007 Why A Woman Wouldn't Cheat On Her Man
04/06/2007 The Intimately Satisfied Marriage
03/29/2007 6 Ways For Rebuilding Trust
03/18/2007 The Alcoholic Christian
03/07/2007 Marriage: What Is Important?
01/22/2007 Marriage: Change of Attitude = Change of Heart
01/15/2007 Do You Love an Alcoholic? Setting Boundaries For You (Part 2)
01/15/2007 Do You Love an Alcoholic? Stop Rescuing and Enabling (Part 1)
12/26/2006 God Created Women In Special Ways
12/15/2006 The True Meaning of Christmas Is In The Hearts and Minds of Believers
12/14/2006 The Unbelieving Spouse Who Wants A Divorce
12/12/2006 Wake Up and Take Responsibility For Your Marriage
12/06/2006 The Man Who Thought He Had Everything
11/28/2006 5 Reasons Why Affairs Donít Work
11/27/2006 5 Ways To Be Patient and Kind During Holiday Shopping
11/15/2006 7 Ways To Love Difficult In-laws (Part 2)
11/15/2006 Difficult In-Laws: Severing the Umbilical Cord (Part 1)
10/25/2006 Would Jesus Celebrate Halloween?
10/19/2006 How To Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Marriage
10/19/2006 7 Ways To A Successful Marriage
10/19/2006 Marriage Takes a Giving and Forgiving Attitude
10/13/2006 The Skinny On Teenage Body Image and Spiritual Health
10/10/2006 The Unfaithful Wife Seeking Forgiveness
10/10/2006 The Unfaithful Husband Seeking Forgiveness