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Name: Fenny West
Website: inspiration4generations.com
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Articles written: 1315

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Currently living in England,a motivational speaker, singer and author. Site author at http://www.faithcycleministry.org Inspirational writing is my passion- especially songs, poems and articles. I also sing and play the guitar and harmonica. I am a teacher of Mathematics at the moment. I draw my inspiration primarily from the scriptures and my experiences in life. Visit our website called: www.inspiration4generations.com My main achievements have been to produce five albums of poems and songs, and two books. My aspiration is to write and sing & produce full-time. My e-mail is ffgwest@yahoo.com You can reach me with this email address. I am not currently a subscriber to the Private Mail Messanger. Blog Address: Moderator at christian-talkforumotion.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/01/14 Anything Is Possible 107 For Sale
05/31/14 Humility Paves the Way 88 For Sale
05/31/14 Rejoice, O My Soul, Your Sins are Gone 125 For Sale
05/31/14 Come and Join the Holy Train 175 For Sale
05/31/14 Love Remains the Bridge 74 For Sale
01/31/13 Prince of Preachers 152 For Sale
01/31/13 Pursue your Purpose with Positivity 172 For Sale
01/31/13 Live Before You Die 164 For Sale
10/06/12 They came, they saw, they conquered 206 For Sale
10/06/12 May your Heart Soar Like an Eagle 582 For Sale
10/06/12 Brave Heart, Adieu Malcolm, Adieu 240 For Sale
09/01/12 Mars Mission, a Message 199 For Sale
08/30/12 Oil From the Holy Ghost 190 For Sale
08/30/12 Winner or Loser 178 For Sale
08/30/12 My Time Will Come 223 For Sale
07/19/12 Lord, Help Us 245 For Sale
07/19/12 I Fix my Eyes On You 344 For Sale
07/19/12 Hidden Sin Does Great Harm 234 For Sale
06/01/12 Through our God 196 For Sale
06/01/12 Find the Book 171 For Sale
06/01/12 Freed to Fly Yet soon Trapped 219 For Sale
04/07/12 What is good about Good Friday? 200 For Sale
04/06/12 Diligence Delivers Dividends 189 For Sale
04/06/12 The Passover for Crossing Over 229 For Sale
04/06/12 Powerful Pictorial Lessons of the Passover 263 For Sale
04/04/12 You are Called to Battle 385 For Sale
04/04/12 Call to Community 247 For Sale
04/04/12 Better Together 433 For Sale
03/05/12 Stir Us, O Lord! 640 For Sale
03/05/12 Price and Prize 232 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/04/06 Flow, River Flow
08/09/06 Without It, People Perish
08/02/06 Work Works When We Work With God.
07/11/06 How Great Thou Art! (iv)
01/14/06 Heaven Is My Home
01/05/06 The Great Escape! (iii)
11/05/05 Singing to the King
10/22/05 When He Reigns, It Sure Rains.
08/19/05 The Baggage That Brought Bondage
08/10/05 What You See Shapes What You'll Be
08/02/05 Retreat To Advance
07/29/05 Only Christian Counts

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
01/02/10 From Rejection and Opposition to Promotion
01/02/10 Let Us Go Treasure Hunting ( Word)
01/02/10 Lord, Be it a New Beginning prayer- New year
01/02/10 He Has Power to Preserve
12/27/09 Rejection Brings Promotion
12/27/09 Rejection Brings Promotion
12/16/09 God is Full of Surprises
10/30/09 Saint, Beware of the Accuser
10/30/09 God Speaks in Mysterious Ways
10/30/09 Waiting Time Is No Wasted Time
10/30/09 Without Courage, You Cannot Conquer
10/30/09 Unless You are Focused You will Crash
10/30/09 Prosperity is Godís Will for You and I
10/30/09 Overcome Fears, Be Bold
09/22/09 It's Not Over Until It's Over
09/17/09 Lift Jesus Up!
09/17/09 I Have Called You To Call
09/17/09 God's Common Call
09/10/09 Pass on the Baton of Comfort
09/10/09 Maximise the Moment
09/10/09 Lagos
09/05/09 Health is Wealth
09/04/09 They Sowed their Pennies
09/04/09 Beauty from Brokenness
09/04/09 Paul Pursued Purpose
09/04/09 How Lovely to Achieve
01/22/09 Who Will Go for Me? I Need Somebody.

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/24/2011 If You Give an Inch He Will Take a Mile
12/23/2010 Enigmatic Jesus
06/07/2010 When We Suffer for Doing Good
06/04/2010 Beautiful Bathsheba
06/04/2010 Beautiful Babe- Bathsheba
01/02/2010 Lord, Be It A New Beginning
12/27/2009 Rejection Brings Promotion
12/24/2009 O What a Night!
12/24/2009 The Babe Remembered at Christmas
12/24/2009 When Christmas Has Turned to Xmas
12/24/2009 Lord, May You find Room
11/21/2009 Go after God
11/02/2009 Prosperity from Austerity
10/29/2009 Saint, Beware of the Accuser
10/29/2009 The Found Should Seek the Lost
10/29/2009 The Fatherhood of God (2)
10/16/2009 The King is Coming!
09/17/2009 I Have Called You To Call
09/17/2009 God's Common Call
09/17/2009 WORDS
09/04/2009 How Lovely to Achieve
09/04/2009 Paul Pursued Purpose
09/02/2009 Beauty From Brokenness
09/01/2009 Behold I Give You Power
09/01/2009 You Must Be Born Again
08/14/2009 Medication for Meditation- Sin
08/14/2009 Seek the Master's Face
07/28/2009 What is God Saying to You? (2)
07/28/2009 What is God Saying to You?
06/24/2009 Amazing Grace ( Musical)
06/22/2009 When Satan Comes with Strange Fires
06/19/2009 Come, Holy Spirit
06/18/2009 Heart after Your Heart, like David's
06/03/2009 Prevention is Better than Cure
05/27/2009 O Lord, Open My Eyes
05/27/2009 Justified, Pardoned, Accepted
05/26/2009 Build Your House on the Rock
05/26/2009 Forsake Me Not, O Lord
05/26/2009 Repentance Opens the Door
05/26/2009 I Have Given You
05/25/2009 The Tithe is a TEST
05/25/2009 Watch Your Adversary
05/25/2009 Let's Talk about Jesus
05/25/2009 Through the Cross
05/14/2009 Saint, Son Sraighten Things Out
05/14/2009 It is God Who Justifies
05/14/2009 Trust in God
05/14/2009 Reach for the Stars
05/14/2009 Triumphing over Temptation (Part1)
05/14/2009 Temptation Will Come
05/04/2009 The will of God cast in the Word
05/01/2009 The Sovereignty of God
05/01/2009 The Beauty of God's Word
04/27/2009 The Fatherhood of God (1)
02/24/2009 We All Have a Story
02/24/2009 Choosing Hard things Bring Great Exploits
02/24/2009 Process Preceding the Promise
02/07/2009 Life's Difficulties Turn into Opportunities
02/05/2009 Peace from the Prince of Peace
02/04/2009 Keep Trusting the Lord
02/04/2009 God is For Us!
02/03/2009 How to Have a Happy New Year! Part1
02/03/2009 How to Have a Happy New Year! 2
02/03/2009 Miracle Makes No Belief
01/26/2009 I am Special and have a Unique Gift
01/22/2009 I Need Somebody! Can I Count On You?
01/09/2009 New Beginning or New Resolution? Your Choice
01/01/2009 The God of the Winter and Summer
12/18/2008 Give Yourself a Present
12/13/2008 Babe Born to Die
10/15/2008 Christ, Incomparable
06/11/2008 First Things First
06/08/2008 Come Now to Jesus
05/11/2008 The Holy Spirit and Witnessing
04/18/2008 Bless the Lord, O My Soul
03/23/2008 I Am Alive!
03/21/2008 My God, My God Ps 22
02/24/2008 Change Me O Lord, and I shall be Changed
02/23/2008 The BOOK of Books
01/27/2008 I Thank God For The Shield Of Faith
01/12/2008 Lord, Not My Will but Yours Be Done.
12/05/2007 I Rise On Eagle's Wings !
11/28/2007 God Will Send a Saviour (1)
11/26/2007 Prosperity Is My Portion
11/25/2007 No Plan, No Peace
11/08/2007 His Grace is Sufficient for You
10/20/2007 Walking by the Spirit
10/12/2007 Now you are light!
10/01/2007 He lives! Right now as our very Hope
09/28/2007 Are YOU READY to Meet Your Maker?
09/26/2007 Wonderful Things He Has Prepared for Us!
09/26/2007 Now is the Day of Salvation
09/21/2007 Father, I Come
09/18/2007 The Woman With An Issue
09/16/2007 God Gives Us Wisdom
09/14/2007 Philip Preaches the Prince of Peace
09/14/2007 Being A Burden Bearer
09/13/2007 There is a Place by Me
09/13/2007 The Stoning of Saint Stephen
09/10/2007 He Shall Judge With Righteousness
09/08/2007 Let There Be Light in the Night
09/07/2007 I Thank And Praise God For You
09/07/2007 Working with Him Is Duty's Delight
09/07/2007 Can a Mother Forget Her Sucking Babe?
09/07/2007 Funny Adage of the Aging
09/06/2007 Adieu, Luciano Pavarotti
09/06/2007 'We Don't Do God'
09/05/2007 Settle any Sin before Sunset
09/05/2007 Prevailing Prayers (2)- Worship
09/05/2007 Prevailing Prayers (1)-Rededication
09/05/2007 Prevailing Prayers (3)- Wisdom
09/03/2007 Thinking of You (1)
09/01/2007 Diligence Delivers Excellence
09/01/2007 Call Upon Me in the Day of Trouble
08/31/2007 Joy More Joy Much More Joy (2)
08/30/2007 Happy is the One Whom God Chastens
08/30/2007 Tests and Trials Precede Triumphs
08/30/2007 Truth Spoken in Jest (2) The Drowning Man
08/30/2007 Pray... Pray... Pray!
08/29/2007 Truth Spoken In Jest (1)-Doubt Vs Trust
08/28/2007 As the Son was Born to Birth the Light...
08/28/2007 When Duty Becomes a Delight
08/28/2007 The Recipe for Good Success
08/27/2007 Rub Your mind with the mind of God
08/26/2007 Walk in the Light!
08/26/2007 Let Love Arise!
08/25/2007 Victory Over the Evil One
08/25/2007 I Will See Your Glory
08/25/2007 Growing n the Grace of God (Part3)-Prayer
08/24/2007 From Reformation to Regeneration
08/24/2007 Battered, Bruised and broken?
08/24/2007 Happy 50th Anniversary
08/24/2007 May Grace and Peace Be Yours
08/22/2007 Of Faults and Falls
08/19/2007 Growing in the Grace of God (part2)
08/19/2007 Silence the Accuser
08/18/2007 Who is a God like You?
08/11/2007 Growing in the Grace of God
08/11/2007 Sing A New Song
08/11/2007 The Peace That Comes From The Prince Of Peace
08/08/2007 Turn Your Pain into a Gain
08/08/2007 Come On! Let's Go Higher
08/08/2007 Eat My Words
08/08/2007 BE BOLD, GO FOR GOLD.
08/08/2007 KEEP YOUR DREAM ALIVE! (11)
08/08/2007 You have come too far to quit.
08/08/2007 You are Royalty. Do You Know?
08/08/2007 I am blessed and highly favoured.
08/08/2007 The Church rooted by God
08/08/2007 Oaks of Righteousness Shall Stand
08/08/2007 Be Not Afraid Nor Dismayed
08/07/2007 The Sermon from a £20:00 Note
08/01/2007 Prayers from Poems( 3)Suffering falls on All
08/01/2007 Prayers from Poems (2) You hold my hands
07/31/2007 Who is Like unto You?
07/30/2007 The Just Shall Live By faith
07/30/2007 He Came to Set You and I Free to Serve
07/29/2007 Rise Up! From Your Valley.
07/29/2007 Alpha and Omega
07/29/2007 I Cast All My Cares On You
07/28/2007 Mightier Than the Thunder
07/22/2007 Come Holy Wind
07/18/2007 Lord, be In My Heart as I Wake Up
06/03/2007 Prayers from Poems (1) HE WILL HEAR MY CRY
06/02/2007 Apples of Gold- Knowledge
05/27/2007 The Righteous and Riotous Will Suffer
05/25/2007 The Fruit of the Flesh
05/24/2007 Now That You're Fifty
05/22/2007 Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done!
05/18/2007 Now that you have clocked 50
05/18/2007 Global Warming Is A Global Warning
05/15/2007 Give me Joy, More Joy
05/15/2007 His food was to do His Father's will
05/15/2007 You Can Be a Planter or Harvester
05/12/2007 As You Celebrate
04/28/2007 Go With the Flow
04/28/2007 You Can Rise Above Them
04/23/2007 Go for the top!
04/23/2007 You are unique
04/23/2007 Rise on Eagle's Wings
04/12/2007 The Old Covenant Vs the New Covenant
04/08/2007 Because He Lives! Happy Easter!!
04/05/2007 Happy Easter!
04/05/2007 The Meaning of the Cross
03/31/2007 I Am Unique(2)
03/28/2007 The God of All Comfort
03/27/2007 I Am Unique(1)
03/26/2007 Fight the Good Fight
03/22/2007 Pursue Them!
03/22/2007 All Thing Are Possible (3)
03/17/2007 Seeing Through God's Eyes
03/16/2007 You Must Step On Water
03/16/2007 He Will Surely Bring You Through
03/16/2007 You Must Step on Water To Walk On Water
03/10/2007 You Hold My Hands
03/02/2007 Joseph(1) Overcoming Life's Challenges
02/26/2007 Wisdom Comes from the Only- wise God.
02/24/2007 He is Faithful!
02/19/2007 Empty Tomb
02/14/2007 Eating the Bread of Life
02/12/2007 The Time Is Now!
02/11/2007 We Must Walk in His Light
02/10/2007 Believing In Him Brings Eternal Life
02/10/2007 The Process and Price Preceding the Prize
02/06/2007 Your Redeemer lives!
02/04/2007 Without You... With You...
02/04/2007 A Vision Without An Action
01/28/2007 When Evil Reigns
01/28/2007 Wilberforce, the Force
01/18/2007 All Things Are Possible To Those Who Believe (1)
01/14/2007 Grace And Grace Alone Did The Work
01/03/2007 When Opportunity Knocks
01/03/2007 Quantify -Acrostic Word Game
01/03/2007 Quantify -Acrostic Word Game
01/02/2007 The Mystery Of The Gospel
01/01/2007 2007 the year of Completion
01/01/2007 Notes Of Praise And Thanks
12/31/2006 A New Year, a New You?
12/27/2006 He Is Infinite In Wisdom
12/26/2006 Preach The Gospel To The Nations
12/23/2006 The Babe In A Manger Now An Intercessor
12/23/2006 The Way To Peace
12/23/2006 This is Grace
12/21/2006 Without The Prince of Peace, There Is No Peace
12/19/2006 He Is the Resurrection and the Life
12/17/2006 Great is the Lord
12/17/2006 Awake, Awake, O Church
12/15/2006 Son of Man,Shall These Bones Live?
12/15/2006 As The Son Was Born To Birth The Light
12/15/2006 Thinking of You At this Time
12/15/2006 May YOU See His Face
12/15/2006 Sing a New Song to the King
12/15/2006 WE NEED EACH OTHER (3)
12/15/2006 Keep Your Dream Alive!
11/30/2006 Created For A Divine Purpose
11/17/2006 You Deserve The Glory, Honor And Praise
10/24/2006 To the High and Holy
09/24/2006 Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday!
09/21/2006 Jesus Was the Light Who Made Our Burden Light
09/20/2006 From Tribulation To Jubilation