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Name: Jesus Puppy 
Website: www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=JPUPPY
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Articles written: 112

 About Self
Born in Kansas, with only basic education and learning, Ed Pennewell sought a Godly life in the world, and from the sorrow there, has placed his thoughts to written words. Taking the name JesusPuppy while in the mission field, his greatest goal in life has been to show God's love and light to all he meets. He places his heart in the things he writes, in hopes they touch another's life and bring them hope. JesusPuppy is a simple man, working as a carpenter while writing praise to the Lord, living on the Northwest coast of United States of America.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/26/11 A Signing Love 803 Free to Share
01/02/11 In The Beginning 632 Free to Share
12/10/10 Dance of the Heart 732 Free to Share
05/13/10 Lytkarino’s Blessing 622 For Sale
03/26/10 NO TOPIC THIS WEEK 651 Free to Share
07/27/08 Keeping the Family Together 1097 Free to Share
02/06/08 The Brooklyn Dodger, Ch 3, That's Life 920 For Sale
08/21/07 An Epistle of God's Glory to the World 1204 Free to Share
04/19/07 Petals of His Love 1382 For Sale
01/01/07 The Beginning 1307 For Sale
12/14/06 That Time of the Year 1272 For Sale
12/12/06 Welcome to Your World 1101 For Sale
11/02/06 Beyond the Mirror, Part 1, The Wall of Fire 1557 For Sale
10/15/06 Beyond the Mirror, Part 2, Paradise Awaits 1231 For Sale
10/15/06 Beyond the Mirror, Part 3, The Mirror of God 1356 For Sale
10/14/06 Icing on the Cake 1243 For Sale
08/17/06 The Last Mile... 'Cross' entry for Weekly Challenge 1221 For Sale
07/27/06 Heart of Mine 1095 For Sale
07/23/06 An Evening Stroll with Lions 1287 For Sale
07/11/06 Weekly Challenge for Great 1185 Not For Sale
04/30/06 The Death of Love 1228 For Sale
01/27/06 D14 1312 For Sale
12/24/05 I Have No Tinsel 1443 For Sale
12/15/05 A Vow To Love 1596 For Sale
12/11/05 Prayer and Fasting 1144 Free to Share
11/26/05 The Teacher 1081 Free to Share
07/30/05 Beatitudes 2460 Free to Share
07/24/05 The Last Word 1540 For Sale
07/22/05 The Trumpet Sounds 2812 For Sale
07/18/05 Jesus Wept 1567 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/25/12 The Flames Never Die
01/17/11 Rendering Twilight
11/25/10 Hope and Sorrows
11/21/10 Childish Desires
11/12/10 Media Plot
11/05/10 Missionary Laughs
10/28/10 Secrets Untold
10/27/10 A Whisper of Hope
10/07/10 Driven to Silence
09/09/10 The Beholder's Eye
08/30/10 The Time to Care
05/05/10 Lytkarino's Blessing
04/22/10 The Greatest Muse
04/17/10 A Job Well Done
03/11/10 A Sunset View
03/01/10 Childhood's End
02/21/10 Finger Dancing
05/30/09 Bitter Sweet Words of Life
10/23/07 The Lake's Cool Waters
10/12/07 The Feast is Laid
10/07/07 And the Heavens Opened
08/25/07 Who am I..?
07/12/07 The soldier holds the day..
06/05/07 Timmy's a dork..
05/19/07 The Fallen..
04/29/07 An Uncommon Man
04/20/07 The Unsent Letter
04/08/07 The Year’s End
01/18/07 The Ultimate Work of Art...
12/09/06 Benny...
12/03/06 It's Not My Calling
11/23/06 Grandma's Little Helper
11/04/06 Praying to God while playing Doctor on a Bloody Knight in Cambodia
10/20/06 Joshua Dane
10/16/06 The Line of Fire
10/07/06 Escaping The Wall of Fire
09/10/06 The Bench
09/02/06 The Father's Tears
08/18/06 Behold thy Son
08/14/06 Light in the Valley
08/06/06 A Sign of Peace
07/22/06 Last Walk to Paradise...
07/14/06 Heart of Mine
07/08/06 Silence Reigned But A Moment
06/15/06 Life (i)
06/08/06 The Table's Laid
06/02/06 Tiny White Slippers
05/26/06 No Turning Back
05/18/06 The Mourning Hour
05/11/06 Motivated
05/04/06 The Broken Man
04/28/06 Love at First Wipe
04/22/06 Beyond the Mirror
04/08/06 The Road Less Traveled
03/07/06 Moses
02/27/06 And it was so
02/23/06 Where there is life..
02/14/06 The Replanting
02/08/06 The Invisible Child
01/31/06 The Poo Factor..
01/25/06 Flooding Inner-space
01/17/06 First Steps
01/09/06 Years in Glory
01/04/06 A Light in the Darkness
12/07/05 A Distant Hill
11/28/05 Soon Have You Wept
11/22/05 The Vine Dresser
11/15/05 The Winter Year
11/07/05 Magic in The Moment
10/31/05 A Meeting of Old Friends
10/25/05 The Scent of a Tears
10/18/05 Be Still..
10/11/05 First Fruit
10/03/05 A rose by any name..
09/12/05 A Throne of Straw
09/06/05 Good Journey Dear Friend
09/01/05 The Letter from HOME
08/16/05 Baggage (i)
08/10/05 Sane...
08/03/05 Whispers
07/28/05 The Stamped Passbook
07/16/05 Homeward Bound

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
11/12/05 Ch. 11..The Valley of Hope.

Date Title
01/29/08 Crumbs from the Master's Table
01/26/08 A Message of God
01/22/08 Beyond the Imagination

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/21/2007 The Dead Star
08/21/2007 An Epistle of God's Glory to the World
03/30/2007 A Day of Grace
02/25/2007 Provisions
02/08/2007 Beyond the Mirror - Part 3 - The Mirror of God
02/08/2007 Lessons in Mercy
02/08/2007 Genesis - sins of the fathers.
02/07/2007 Where there is life...
02/07/2007 Beyond the Mirror - Part 2 - Paradise Awaits
02/07/2007 Beyond the Mirror - Part 1 - The Wall of Fire
09/27/2006 The Beginning