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Name: Greg Pike
Website: pathofthepsalms.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 83

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I was a biology major at Centre College and was picked in the first draft lottery with a low number. I ended up going to Vietnam and became intersted in writing in an attempt to lay that experience to rest. I married a girl from a good Catholic family and now we have three grandchildren. I formally entered the Church only last year and it seems like a relief to have finally come home.
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04/20/10 Psalm Seventy is the Hour of Our Creation 271 Not For Sale
04/20/10 Psalm Seventy One is a Look at the Future 278 Not For Sale
04/20/10 Psalm Seventy Two is a Story of the End 264 Not For Sale
01/03/10 Psalm Sixty Nine is Learning to Wage Peace 314 Not For Sale
01/02/10 Psalm Sixty Eight is the Last Piece of Armor 293 Not For Sale
12/26/09 Psalm Sixty Seven is Praise for the Ruler 331 Not For Sale
12/22/09 Psalm Sixty Six is the Song of Salvation 312 Not For Sale
12/20/09 Psalm Sixty Five is a Walk in the Park 265 Not For Sale
11/26/09 Psalm Sixty Four is Trusting the Armor 299 Not For Sale
11/14/09 Psalm Sixty Three is Food and Water 315 Not For Sale
11/11/09 Psalm Sixty Two is Our Salvation 326 Not For Sale
11/06/09 Psalm Sixty One is A Good Habit 300 Not For Sale
10/28/09 Psalm Sixty is Our Source of Strength 328 Not For Sale
10/22/09 Psalm Fifty Nine is Protection From Thoughts 317 Not For Sale
10/16/09 Psalm Fifty Eight is Protection From Lies 310 Not For Sale
10/11/09 Psalm Fifty Seven is The Belt of Strength 262 Not For Sale
09/19/09 Psalm Fifty Six is Trusting Our Praises 302 Not For Sale
09/16/09 Psalm Fifty Five is A Letter From the Front 320 Not For Sale
09/10/09 Psalm Fifty Four is Our Stated Intention 281 Not For Sale
09/03/09 Psalm Fifty Three is On the Doorstep 279 Not For Sale
08/28/09 Psalm Fifty Two is the Choice of Joy 302 Not For Sale
08/20/09 Psalm Fifty One is Our Humble Answer 421 Not For Sale
08/14/09 Psalm Fifty is the Voice of God 315 Not For Sale
08/09/09 Psalm Forty Nine Shows Us Wisdom 334 Not For Sale
08/04/09 Psalm Forty Eight is a Song of Celebration 288 Not For Sale
07/29/09 Psalm Forty Seven is a Song of Victory 324 Not For Sale
07/23/09 Psalm Forty Six Is a View of the City 353 Not For Sale
07/17/09 Psalm Forty Five is the King I Would Become 344 Not For Sale
07/13/09 Psalm Forty Four Brings Real Help 317 Not For Sale
07/09/09 Psalm Forty Three Is A Choice 311 Not For Sale
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09/30/05 Psalm Eight: A Very Short Play

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