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Name: Jeffrey Snell
Website: www.washed1.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 63

 About Self
I have been writing since 2000 and live in the Seattle area of Washington with my wife and three children. I enjoy spending time with my family, woodworking, and being in the wilderness. Feel free to send me a private message above. My email is available on my website.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
10/20/14 Steps Toward Unity 84 For Sale
01/15/14 Not A Drive Thru 117 Free to Share
09/30/13 Invitation to What? 120 Free to Share
06/05/13 Truly Free 185 For Sale
04/19/13 Stream or Slough? 168 For Sale
03/04/13 Refusing Grace 222 Free to Share
02/21/13 Come Home 179 Free to Share
09/20/12 Let Yourself Be Found 207 Free to Share
05/14/12 It's All Or Nothing 256 Free to Share
10/21/11 God's After Us 281 Free to Share
07/07/11 We're Not Ready 321 Free to Share
03/16/11 New Legs 337 Free to Share
11/16/10 Forks 349 Free to Share
09/13/10 Safe Faith is Dead 396 Free to Share
05/24/10 The Heart of God 346 Free to Share
05/07/10 I Don't Want Relief 365 Free to Share
05/03/10 The Optimized Christian Faith 479 Free to Share
02/04/10 Will You Stand? 450 Free to Share
01/15/10 I'm Not Kryptonian 448 Free to Share
11/24/09 Jesus Is the Way 463 Free to Share
09/29/09 Letting It Slip 551 Free to Share
08/11/09 If You're Feeling Exasperated With Your New Life 512 Free to Share
06/05/09 The Purpose of Prayer 604 Free to Share
05/19/09 A Little Jolt to Start the Morning 469 Free to Share
05/19/09 What Will I Do Today? 439 Free to Share
04/24/09 Agreeing With the Devil 521 Free to Share
05/14/08 Love the Tares 654 Free to Share
05/09/07 The Battle 734 Free to Share
03/29/07 Why Believe? 616 Free to Share
03/07/06 Compassion or Concurrence 1031 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
03/18/09 Time to Act
04/29/08 Treasure
03/10/08 Life Before Dreams
08/28/07 A Spirit of a Sound Mind
08/22/07 A Spirit of Love
05/30/07 A Spirit of Power
05/09/07 The Day of Promise
04/11/07 Of Great Price
09/06/06 Tributaries
08/25/06 Living Water
08/23/06 The Tree
05/10/06 Life as a Sculpture
04/26/06 Grasping Faith
04/12/06 An Ancient Choice
03/10/06 Behind the Painting
02/22/06 Malaysian Mantids in Baltimore
02/15/06 Deliverance
02/02/06 All I Need to Do is Follow
01/19/06 Alternatives to a Sore Forehead
01/11/06 U-Turns
01/05/06 The Unlatched Door
12/11/05 This Longest Evening
11/23/05 Distraction's Price
11/10/05 Counterfeit
11/04/05 The True Road
10/28/05 Finding Gram
10/23/05 Waiting for Light
10/15/05 Hope and Darkness
10/08/05 The Park Bench

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/09/2014 Refusing Grace
08/09/2014 Come Home
08/09/2014 It's All Or Nothing
01/05/2012 God's After Us
03/17/2011 New Legs
09/23/2010 Safe Faith is Dead
05/27/2010 The Heart of God
05/07/2010 I Don't Want Relief
05/04/2010 The Optimized Christian Faith
02/09/2010 I'm Not Kryptonian
01/22/2010 Jesus is the Way
12/21/2009 Christmas
11/24/2009 A Little Jolt to Start the Morning
11/24/2009 What Will I Do Today?
11/24/2009 Agreeing With the Devil
11/24/2009 Salvation Is Not Enough
05/11/2007 Jewels by the Sea
05/11/2007 Why Believe?
05/11/2007 Claiming God's Promises
05/11/2007 Letting Christ's Peace Rule