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Name: Sherry Castelluccio 
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Articles written: 157

 About Self
I'm a pentecostal associate pastor's wife and mother of 3. I've been writing since I was very young and count it one of my very favorite things about my life. I feel so honored that God would give me a gift that I can use to bless people. My hope is that through my writing, others will come to have a deeper and more meaningful walk with the Lord. If you wish to contact me regarding any article please email me at writingsherry@.net
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/26/10 Worthy of His Work 521 For Sale
12/15/09 The Road Home 443 For Sale
11/17/09 My Hero, My Avenger 516 Free to Share
10/26/09 My Living Hope 464 For Sale
08/20/09 The Mundane Becomes a Miracle 483 Free to Share
08/13/09 An Example of Love 691 Free to Share
07/21/09 Entitlement is Wreaking Havoc 520 Free to Share
07/07/09 Security in the Storm 417 Free to Share
06/23/09 Still Standing 664 For Sale
06/23/09 Are You One of Them? 451 For Sale
06/19/09 Beauty Revealed 535 For Sale
04/29/09 His Glory Revealed 418 For Sale
04/17/09 Goin' Fishin'! 425 For Sale
03/12/09 Reckless Abandon 414 For Sale
01/08/09 Does Your Fruit Basket Have Onions? 456 Free to Share
12/22/08 Out of The Darkness 454 For Sale
11/19/08 The Layer of Shame 444 For Sale
11/18/08 The Layer of Self Loathing 476 For Sale
11/14/08 Stripping Away the Layers 377 For Sale
11/13/08 Back to Basics 465 For Sale
11/01/08 The Rescue 444 For Sale
08/11/08 You Do 464 For Sale
02/28/08 A Common Goal 920 Free to Share
02/13/08 What Love Looks Like 539 Free to Share
02/13/08 Step One 547 Free to Share
01/25/08 Glorious Mistakes 596 Free to Share
01/22/08 Unrelenting Grace 786 Free to Share
01/18/08 The Steep Hill to Freedom 559 Free to Share
01/17/08 Comfort Song 771 Free to Share
01/10/08 Digging Deep 879 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/06/15 One Spoken Word
05/27/12 Snapshots of Life
05/16/12 Star Crossed
05/09/12 An Enemy Reviled
04/11/12 Cracks in The Coating
03/14/12 Unlikely Heroes
03/03/12 Hunger For Truth
02/29/12 The Birthplace of Encouragement
04/13/08 The Doll Mender
03/08/08 The First Commandment
03/02/08 Preacher Bob
02/22/08 Three Little Words
02/16/08 Misty Needs a New Home
02/08/08 A Beautiful Disaster
02/01/08 Hell Hath No Fury
01/24/08 Satan Is a Reptile Named Kadar
01/19/08 Atrocities and Antacids
11/30/05 A Time To Rejoice
11/08/05 "Yes, I Forgive You"
11/05/05 Rejoicing In Heaven
10/25/05 The Aroma of Christ (ii)
10/23/05 God Isn't Here Anymore
07/07/05 The Perfect Day
06/11/05 Dear Dad
05/02/05 The Origin of Strength
04/26/05 Thank You For This Child
04/22/05 The Meeting

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
02/08/08 Brother Will Betray Brother
01/06/06 A Time to Rejoice- REVISED
10/12/05 Paul's Joy
10/12/05 Come To The Father

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
01/18/2008 The Cave