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Name: R Cecilia Askew
Website: centeringprayer.weebly.com
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Articles written: 47

 About Self
I began teaching at a small Christian private school while also serving as the School Chaplain in 2008. Currently I serve in the capacity of Principal and Guidance Counsellor while continuing to be the Chaplain. I also continue to serve the Anglican Diocese of The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands as the Pastoral Care Ministries Coordinator. I have published two devotional books and I hope to publish a third devotional in the near future. I am also a psalmist and have composed several worship songs which I also hope to publish in the future. The following Ebooks can be sent to you upon request: 1 - Prayer & Worship 2 - Fasting & Prayer 3 - Sacred Readings for Lenten Devotions 4 - Sacred Readings for Personal Edification 5 - An Interpretation of Worship and Guidlines. Good devotional and bible study material for all.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/28/07 Affirmation Creed 491 Free to Share
03/14/07 The ACTS Method of Prayer and Study 867 Free to Share
12/29/06 Worship Leader to Psalmist 628 Free to Share
11/27/06 The subtlety of the enemy 568 Free to Share
08/10/06 Quiet Reflection 550 Free to Share
07/24/06 Sacred Moments in Worshp 736 Free to Share
07/14/06 Healing Through Prayer 654 Free to Share
05/21/06 Are You A Levite 2758 Free to Share
02/25/06 Reflection on Ash Wednesday 607 Free to Share
02/19/06 A Sacred Moment 1054 Free to Share
12/04/05 Self Examination 492 Free to Share
11/27/05 Arrival of a New Thing 492 Free to Share
11/12/05 The I AM Prescription 603 Free to Share
11/06/05 Called to Sainthood 817 Free to Share
08/11/05 Grieving or Bereaved: Let Music Help You Through 712 Free to Share
08/10/05 Listening 633 Free to Share
08/01/05 Waiting For Daybreak 489 Free to Share
07/30/05 What's It's All About 498 Free to Share
07/15/05 When I'm Discouraged 670 Free to Share
06/29/05 Simple Devotional Prayer Format 5204 Free to Share
06/15/05 Names for God and our Glorious Lord Ending 724 Free to Share
06/08/05 Names for God and our Glorious Lord Part 3 548 Free to Share
05/28/05 Names for God and our Glorious Lord Part 2 685 Free to Share
05/22/05 Names for God and our Glorious Lord 789 Free to Share
05/20/05 Sacred Time 582 Free to Share
05/18/05 Prayer of Empowerment 836 Free to Share
05/10/05 Meditation on a Sacred Reading 702 Free to Share
05/10/05 My Prayer Walk 660 Free to Share
05/07/05 Cleansing Prayer 4046 Not For Sale
05/07/05 Restore Me 666 For Sale
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04/15/05 What's in an Anniversary?

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Date Title
06/14/06 Sacred Readings for Personal Edification
06/10/06 Prayer & Worship
05/30/06 Fasting and Prayer
05/30/06 Sacred Readings for Lenten Devotions
05/30/06 An Interpretation of Worship and Guidelines

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