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Name: David&Dee Jobes
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Articles written: 329

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Greetings to all our Brothers and Sisters here in Christ.We are Looking forward to getting to know you and be Blessed by your Writings.My Dear Husband&I are both Born-Again Christians who desire for the LORD to use the gifts and talents that He has Blessed us with for His Glory.I'm Very Blessed to be a Housewife to my Loving Christian Husband David Jobes.We both enjoy writing and at times we write poetry together.My husband is working on his first book!I'm also a Type 1 diabetic who has lived with it for over 26 yrs by God's Grace and have been managing it with the Loving caring help of my Husband for the last 20yrs .I also by God's Grace enjoy photography.We so enjoy writing about our Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to grow as a writers and use the talents and gifts that the Lord has Blessed us with For His Glory.This Website is perfect for us to grow in our Talents as writers and we feel that it is Anointed by our Lord!May God Richly Bless All at this Website."Numbers6:24,26 God Bless!""SORRY NO PRIVATE MESSENGER AT THIS TIME'"
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/25/13 The Christian Walk 191 Not For Sale
12/21/11 Christmas Greetings 379 Not For Sale
12/23/10 Christmas Song 409 Not For Sale
10/12/10 A Birthday Poem 773 Not For Sale
12/18/09 What's Chrstmas All About? 425 Not For Sale
04/12/09 LOVE'S Gift 601 Not For Sale
04/12/09 LOVE'S Sacrifice 579 Not For Sale
03/21/08 Crucified Love Resurrected 684 Not For Sale
03/16/08 At the foot of the Cross 872 Not For Sale
02/24/08 In this moment of time 843 Not For Sale
12/24/07 Christmas at Grandma's 832 Not For Sale
12/11/07 HE Is The Son Of The Highest 782 Not For Sale
12/09/07 The Light of Christmas 753 Not For Sale
11/25/07 Yes,Lord You Are 923 Not For Sale
11/04/07 In The Presence Of My King 808 Not For Sale
10/12/07 HE calls me to be HIS very own 1044 Not For Sale
09/15/07 In His Garden of Praise 836 For Sale
08/14/07 Set my heart ablaze on fire 2455 For Sale
07/17/07 God Is in this place 919 Not For Sale
07/13/07 LOVE never fails 1137 Not For Sale
06/15/07 A reflection of Your Love 2504 Not For Sale
06/03/07 Father of Lights 1197 For Sale
05/15/07 Found in The Arms of Love 896 Not For Sale
05/04/07 Take me to that Higher Place 2389 Not For Sale
05/03/07 Praise You Jesus Praise You my Lord 1913 Not For Sale
05/01/07 Hold on to your dream 1228 Not For Sale
04/07/07 At the foot of the Cross 1112 Not For Sale
03/28/07 If Easter had not come 972 Not For Sale
03/25/07 Talitha cumi 1112 Not For Sale
03/11/07 At The Cross 2292 For Sale
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09/03/07 The Courage of Love
10/09/05 The Bouquet

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