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Name: Michael Chu
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Articles written: 81

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Almighty God, through His Word and by His Spirit, has sustained me and led me through children ministry, worship leading and homecell leading. For the present, I'm getting started in a new church together with my wife and our two boys, and feel the call to sow His word more earnestly through my writings. By God's grace I'll be what He wants me to be as I abide in Him and His words abide in me.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/19/11 Word Paradise 325 Free to Share
10/25/11 Have You Heard That Faith Comes By Hearing? 298 Free to Share
06/05/11 Free Love 245 Free to Share
05/14/11 Be Kind To One Another 349 Free to Share
05/12/11 Keep Writing! 312 Free to Share
04/30/11 Do We Know How To Find Wisdom? 388 Free to Share
04/23/11 The Pain Is All Gone! 382 Free to Share
10/03/10 The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against the Church 770 Free to Share
10/03/10 Experiencing a Double Portion 499 Free to Share
10/02/10 The Believers (not The Feelers) 424 Free to Share
08/14/10 Encountering God in His Word 917 Free to Share
07/31/10 Does God Still Speak To Us, Even Today? 534 Free to Share
03/13/10 Chosen By God 394 Free to Share
02/16/10 The Word of God Myth or Reality? 600 Free to Share
02/14/10 Restoration 416 Free to Share
02/01/10 GIVE THANKS IN EVERYTHING? 411 Free to Share
09/20/09 Serve With A Grateful Heart 1047 Free to Share
08/11/07 First Love 620 Free to Share
03/03/07 Relationship Matters 737 Free to Share
02/19/07 Who Comes First? 639 Free to Share
01/21/07 Stones of Remembrance by Dr. Fuchsia Pickett 1180 Free to Share
01/13/07 Salt & Light 783 Free to Share
11/29/06 Within My Heart and Up In The Sky (29 Nov 2006) 809 Free to Share
11/26/06 Will True Love Ever Come? 710 Free to Share
10/15/06 JESUS Took My Burdens 2631 Free to Share
09/10/06 I Love You More Than I Can Pray 684 Free to Share
08/18/06 JESUS, Our Best Friend 2371 Free to Share
07/29/06 When the Going Gets Tough ... 757 Free to Share
07/02/06 Listen & Write 817 Free to Share
07/01/06 Settle For True Riches 641 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
04/23/11 Normal and Outstanding Christianity
02/21/10 A Time To Keep Quiet
01/19/05 Desire

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Date Title

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Date Title
01/30/2010 Give Thanks In Everything?
02/19/2007 What Can I Do Through Christ Jesus?
01/26/2007 Stones of Remembrance by Dr. Fuchsia Pickett
11/07/2006 The Sweet Fragrance of Christ's Obedience
11/05/2006 JESUS, Our Best Friend
10/23/2006 Desire
10/23/2006 Our Heavenly Account
10/07/2006 A Heart of Thanksgiving
10/07/2006 How long should a Christian Pray?
10/01/2006 Are You M.A.D.?
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