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Name: Tyrone Short
Website: www.PrinceTrog.org
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Articles written: 110

 About Self
Christian Reggae Rapper/Author Tyrone Short/Prince Trog. Books Written: Did You Know (Personal Testimony) / The Bible vs The X-Station (Evangelistic Tool to reach those who are addicted to video games) / A Christian's Look at Daytime Soap Operas (Evangelistic book to reach those who are addicted to soap operas) / Embrace Her Christian Soul (A passionate charge to husbands to love their wives) / The Jesus From Hell and His Legion of Dead Christians ("Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven") Lord Please Show me the Door Because it is Time to Abandon my Local Church ( A book of warnings to the saints that may inhabit churches that are not living in God's will). The Episcopal Church: A Safehaven for Homosexuals (An Outreach to the Homosexual Christian and a call of repentance to the authorities of the Episcopal Church). Lord Please Hang em High! Protect our Children from the Sexual Pedophile! Purge the Evil from the Land! Give them Three Days to Live! Or Have the Ruling Authorities Booted out of Office (An outreach to the Criminal Justice System to impose the death penalty on sexual pedophiles). Is the Pope Kidding Me? A Breakdown of Catholic Apologetics: (A rebuke of the Pope's endorsement that the Catholic Church is the one true church, and a rebuttal of Catholic teachings by the apologetic group Catholic Answers)
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/14/07 This is for you my Sister in the Faith 527 Free to Share
02/07/07 Lord Please Show me the Door Because it is Time to Abandon my Local Church 799 Free to Share
12/22/06 Thank You Cannity and Holmes for Presenting Dr David Jeremiah 743 Free to Share
12/21/06 Left Behind Games Publisher Troy Lyndon 527 Free to Share
12/17/06 Drowning In Sin As The Band Played On 391 Free to Share
12/15/06 Would Jesus Shop at Walmart 495 Free to Share
12/14/06 Frankly Speaking as a Single Christian 443 Free to Share
12/12/06 All My Children Introduces a Transgender 403 Free to Share
12/08/06 Reporting Another AWOL Soldier 507 Free to Share
12/07/06 Are you still in God's Army 690 Free to Share
12/05/06 Finding God in Superman Returns 722 Free to Share
11/28/06 PlayStation 3 Frenzy 481 Free to Share
11/15/06 Jesus Why Won't He Hold Me 414 Free to Share
11/08/06 The Disco Era is Gone 563 Free to Share
11/06/06 Ted Haggard and Pornography 463 Free to Share
11/05/06 There is No Promise That She Will Out Live You 494 Free to Share
11/01/06 Where Were You Why Didn't You Do Anything 542 Free to Share
10/26/06 John Mark Karr our Stumbling Block 624 Free to Share
10/08/06 Supporting Rape, Sex Trafficking and Tickets to Hell 705 Free to Share
10/05/06 Amish Killings and Protesting Christianity 547 Free to Share
08/25/06 The Devil's Kids 504 Free to Share
08/07/06 The Jesus from Hell and His Legion of Dead Christians 719 Free to Share
07/13/06 She Has Been Coming To Me To Share 435 Free to Share
07/12/06 Is He Holding the Door 400 Free to Share
07/07/06 They Came in Unloved and Walked Away Unloved 478 Free to Share
06/29/06 My Father's House Is Not a Travel Agency 392 Free to Share
06/09/06 He Is Coming Back 446 Free to Share
05/28/06 Addicted to XBox 608 Free to Share
05/18/06 Prince Trog Meets Third Day 867 Free to Share
05/09/06 Mormon Temple and Tabernacle Church 454 For Sale
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05/23/06 The Joy Has Come
01/19/05 A Church Named Desire
01/14/05 As Original as the Epistles

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