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Name: Suzanne R
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Articles written: 163

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I'm an Australian who works in Asia a lot of the time.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/19/14 Breathe on me 83 Free to Share
07/05/14 Mark 6 Disciples 95 Free to Share
05/27/13 A Reckless Young Man 223 Free to Share
05/27/13 Connected by a dog 258 Free to Share
09/09/12 What if Someone were watching? 312 Free to Share
10/02/07 Beatrice 868 Free to Share
08/30/07 By the Riverside 840 Free to Share
05/14/07 Seaside 854 Free to Share
03/29/07 When life pushes us under Psalms 42 43 1017 Free to Share
12/02/06 Who is like the LORD our God? 758 Free to Share
09/18/06 Grandma Ma 1325 Free to Share
09/02/06 The Challenges of Singleness in Cross Cultural Work 1136 Free to Share
07/02/06 Baby Moses 1128 For Sale
06/01/06 The Feast of the Tabernacles 1199 Free to Share
01/21/06 A stroll in Chiang Mai 1755 Free to Share
12/26/05 Prayer for our governments 1304 Free to Share
12/22/05 Waiting 934 Free to Share
11/26/05 A Pigeon Prayer 1765 Free to Share
10/05/05 Storm clouds 940 Free to Share
10/03/05 Meribah 960 Free to Share
09/30/05 Delight yourself in the Lord 1228 Free to Share
07/19/05 Have you heard we're at war 994 For Sale
07/02/05 The Rhythm of Life Thoughts from Psalm 104 1013 Free to Share
06/28/05 God and the car are both GREAT 1124 Free to Share
06/27/05 Home 994 Free to Share
06/26/05 Important 912 Free to Share
06/24/05 CrossCultural Camaraderie and Culinary Chaos 1087 Free to Share
04/20/05 Is forgiveness possible 1196 Free to Share
04/17/05 Chinese Spring Festival and Easter 1428 Free to Share
03/27/05 Mature prayers 1473 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/29/13 Lights
08/20/13 To a precious daughter
08/15/13 Come, be exotic! (A true story)
12/06/12 A Holy Mountain
11/29/12 Bloom where you are planted and where you are transplanted
11/01/12 The Christian life - A walk in the park or a sojourn in the desert?
09/06/12 The Chocolate Battle
08/16/12 Shoton Festival - the Yoghurt Banquet
08/08/12 Life in a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy - a true story
02/09/11 Everlasting to Everlasting
02/03/11 Beware the Darkness
05/19/10 Called to write
03/17/10 Light
03/11/10 A prayer for frustrated, overtired, under-resourced servants of God
03/04/10 Drowned Rats and Answered Prayers (A true story)
02/25/10 Snuggling under His wings
02/10/10 The sleep of the beloved
02/03/10 The Soul Mate
01/28/10 The Ewenki man ... a true story
01/20/10 Letter to Lee
03/11/09 No Ordinary Child
01/22/09 Dreams and Realities (based on a true story)
01/24/08 Advice for language learners
01/17/08 The view from the sanctuary
01/10/08 Anti-entropy?
12/13/07 Lessons from the humble cicada
12/06/07 Home groups - a Biblical concept?
10/25/07 Ma <i>(based on a true story)</i>
10/17/07 Final Words
09/20/07 The twin truths that keep us going
09/13/07 His good, perfect and pleasing will
09/06/07 Guns and prayers
08/09/07 Confusion
07/25/07 The Wedding Dress
06/06/07 Friends
05/31/07 An Unlikely Hero
05/23/07 Circles
05/17/07 A Train Trip
05/09/07 The New Australian
04/29/07 Waiting
04/25/07 A Suitable Man
04/19/07 Foreigners came to our school today (based on a true story)
04/12/07 An Angel Did It (a true story)
03/08/07 Efficiency is important, but....
02/27/07 Burning the midnight oil
02/20/07 The True Tale of a Wacky Workout with the Consummate Coach
02/13/07 Far more than just a pattern
01/31/07 Understanding
01/24/07 Pictures as words
01/11/07 English in the kitchen
12/14/06 A True Princess
12/06/06 An advertisement
11/30/06 Bruce's Journey
11/20/06 The Inner Parent
11/15/06 A Poolside Quiet Time
11/05/06 The Cleaning Lady
10/16/06 The Boxer Rebellion – a policeman’s account
10/09/06 To fan or to fight - that is the question
09/03/06 Killing Mother
08/28/06 The Horse and the Language Student
08/21/06 Tension
08/08/06 The World Doesn’t Depend On Me
08/02/06 Timothy’s Ride
07/25/06 An Evening Stroll in the ‘Old City’
07/17/06 Those who have never heard … a true story
07/12/06 A prayer for the over-committed
06/20/06 Choose life ... but how?
06/12/06 Friends
06/06/06 The Alphabet Prayer
05/29/06 She called me Satan!
05/23/06 The Camp Out and the Song
05/08/06 Lilies and roses
04/30/06 The Pig Pen
04/24/06 The iron pen, the water and the trees (Jeremiah 17:1-10)
04/10/06 ‘God Most High, the God who fulfills His purpose for me’ (Psalm 57)
03/09/06 The True Story of a Girl’s Freedom
03/03/06 The Lukewarm Laodiceans
02/24/06 ‘The Lord helps those who help themselves’ – Hezekiah 3:16
02/09/06 Elijah - a broken man no longer
02/02/06 A Lament
01/26/06 Space for a little girl
01/21/06 Confucius could never have imagined this!
01/14/06 A hundred times more than the home left behind? (Reflections)
01/09/06 Escape - ours for the asking
12/11/05 The Climb
12/01/05 A season in the shoes of an overseas student
11/24/05 The Litte Worm That Ate Too Much
11/21/05 I Want To Go Home
11/09/05 Limited Perfection
11/05/05 Singing that did NOT befit a queen
10/23/05 The temple festival (East Asia, 1897)
10/14/05 Healthy lifestyles - a question of balance
10/06/05 May the seed become the rose. (A true story.)
09/18/05 Home, sweet home
09/11/05 Words for the traveller
09/03/05 Orientation for new cross-c ultural workers
08/21/05 Bag o' Bones
08/12/05 An adventure of a lifetime – The Silk Road
08/05/05 Under the red apron
07/22/05 The true tale of an ardent love
07/12/05 A life sentence - condemned to camp
07/10/05 Life's a beach
06/12/05 "Meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless” … or is it?
06/06/05 An Eastern Easter – Resurrection Festival!
05/28/05 When is God's birthday?
05/14/05 The New Era
05/07/05 My Perfect Son
05/01/05 Christmas in the East
04/21/05 The Life Verse
04/12/05 Groundhog Day?
04/09/05 The Tapestry
03/20/05 The Mighty Ocean
03/12/05 Mutual Manipulation
03/05/05 God has His favourites! (Thoughts on Romans 9:1-12:1)
02/26/05 Deepest darkest Africa … but what about the woman next door?
02/19/05 Daughter of the Unsandaled One (Deuteronomy 25:7-10)
02/05/05 ‘Little Snacks, Bigger Slacks’
01/25/05 Our refuge in stressful times - God or dead leaves?
01/19/05 Delight yourself in the Lord....
01/12/05 The first ... but waiting eagerly for the end

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