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Name: Jasti Victor
Website: www.victorjasti.com
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Articles written: 86

 About Self
Victor Jasti lives in India and is passionate about writing short stories based on the Bible and real incidents. He also writes Christian fiction and poetry. Five of his poems were published in Temporal Currents compiled by an American author, Ms. Christine Tricarico.Hannah is his first Christian fiction. Other works are Rowena, The Last Coffee Mug & Those were the days. He has compiled the following Children's stories & poems.(1)Out of the Cocoon- Volumes I to IV (2)Stories written by Ten Child Authors (3) Stories & Poems written by Fifteen Child Authors (4) Stories & Poems by Youngsters
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/13/10 Oh, to be in Israel 272 Free to Share
08/13/10 No charge or fault 290 Free to Share
08/12/10 Living Water 277 Free to Share
08/12/10 Good News is for Sharing 287 Free to Share
08/12/10 Coals of fire 337 Free to Share
08/05/10 We thank Thee, a song, sung by Jim Reeves 301 Free to Share
07/25/10 Rainbow 377 Free to Share
07/25/10 The Old Dream 281 Free to Share
07/24/10 The Imitation Gold Jewelry 541 Free to Share
07/21/10 The Blue Dotted Umbrella 387 Free to Share
07/18/10 Chinese make, brown brief case 368 Free to Share
07/15/10 What color is God? 358 Free to Share
07/13/10 Your Word is very pure... Psalm 119:140 224 Free to Share
07/13/10 When you have little time for devotion 273 Free to Share
07/13/10 The sea saw it, and fled… Psalm 114:3 210 Free to Share
07/10/10 Curfew 335 Free to Share
07/10/10 Implicit Faith 298 Free to Share
07/10/10 Instant Obedience 792 Free to Share
06/02/10 Intercessory prayers at Linwood Avenue, Christchurch. 575 Free to Share
05/22/10 Sapota also called Chiku 285 Free to Share
04/16/10 The First Star 234 Free to Share
04/09/10 Take Time to Pray 311 Free to Share
04/08/10 The Great Flood 323 Free to Share
04/08/10 Thy Son Liveth 279 Free to Share
04/08/10 The Sixth Sense 339 Free to Share
03/27/10 The Gift 391 Free to Share
03/14/10 For God so loved the World 404 Free to Share
03/14/10 Prayer Closet, Chile 306 Free to Share
03/02/10 Bun Maska 318 Free to Share
02/24/10 Plastic Pot Seller 360 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/24/11 The year, God made the Rainbow
01/10/11 Glory of the Lord
12/10/10 Brick maker
12/07/10 House for Sale
12/01/10 Dumb
11/20/10 On the Telephone
12/09/09 Rainbow
01/29/05 God's anger
01/21/05 What so ever you desire
01/16/05 First star

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
08/31/10 We thank Thee, a song, sung by Jim Reeves
11/14/09 One Day in the Bible – Moses
10/20/09 And they came to Elim.
10/19/09 Tumble down the train track

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/07/2011 I Played Dead at Utøya Island
03/24/2011 Quake, Tsunami and the bicycle
02/27/2011 Egypt, Then and Now
02/23/2011 Six hours after the Quake
01/15/2011 Save my brother first, said Jordan Rice.
01/08/2011 Keep yourself busy
01/06/2011 Oilseeds and Mustard
12/29/2010 House for Sale
12/25/2010 Like Moses
12/25/2010 Right thoughts
12/24/2010 The Innkeeper
12/23/2010 The Old Wooden Staccato House
12/22/2010 Normal Conversation
12/22/2010 Desire
12/22/2010 Walk with God
12/21/2010 Fear Not
12/07/2010 The Telephone
11/25/2010 Urgent Prayer Request
11/05/2010 President Obama, visit to India
10/30/2010 The Small Dash
09/05/2010 Quake in Christchurch
09/04/2010 'We're about to crash'..no we're not'
08/31/2010 Faith as a grain of mustard seed
08/28/2010 United States Marine
08/18/2010 God is in Control
08/18/2010 Till He Became Strong
08/18/2010 Forty in the Bible
08/18/2010 Deported
08/15/2010 As was his custom.
08/15/2010 Thoughtful Words
08/15/2010 You and all this people
08/13/2010 No charge or fault
08/13/2010 Oh, to be in Israel
08/13/2010 Gone With The Wind written by Margaret Mitchell.
08/12/2010 Coals of fire
08/12/2010 Good News is for Sharing
08/12/2010 Living Water
08/05/2010 We thank Thee, a song, sung by Jim Reeves
07/25/2010 The Old Dream
07/25/2010 Rainbow
07/24/2010 The Imitation Gold Jewelry
07/22/2010 The men who gave King Saul a decent burial.
07/21/2010 The Blue Dotted Umbrella
07/18/2010 Chinese make, brown brief case
07/15/2010 What color is God?
07/13/2010 Your Word is very pure... Psalm 119:140
07/13/2010 When you have little time for devotion
07/13/2010 The sea saw it, and fled Psalm 114:3
07/10/2010 Curfew
07/10/2010 Instant Obedience
07/10/2010 Implicit Faith
06/02/2010 Intercessory prayers at Linwood Avenue, Christchurch.
05/22/2010 Sapota also called Chiku
04/16/2010 The First Star
04/08/2010 Take Time to Prayer
04/08/2010 The Kiss
04/08/2010 The Sixth Sense
04/08/2010 Thy Son Liveth
04/08/2010 The Great Flood
03/27/2010 The Gift
03/21/2010 The Tapestry
03/14/2010 Prayer Closet, Chile.
03/14/2010 In the beginning
03/13/2010 For God so loved the World
03/02/2010 Bun Maska
02/24/2010 Plastic Pot Seller
11/14/2009 Prayer Time
10/18/2009 Power of Prayer - Mahbubnagar
10/18/2009 Tumble down the train track
10/10/2009 Power of Prayer - New Jersey
10/10/2009 Power of Prayer Manila
10/10/2009 In time for the wedding
09/28/2009 To feel the Word of God
09/27/2009 Sold to the Devil for a sixer
09/26/2009 SMS