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Name: Melineze Hite
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Melineze Logan Hite is a college professor of speech and theater with a M.A. in Speech Communications/ and Theater from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee and a B.S. in English/Secondary Education from Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. She was the former Miss Black Savannnah and Miss Black Georgia in 1972. She is a graduate at New Life Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina who majored in Urban Christian Ministry with a concentration in Divinity. Professor Hite is a Christian writer of short stories, poetry, and plays.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/05/11 Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray in Matthew 6 in the New Testament in The Holy Bible 364 Free to Share
02/04/11 Naaman, a Syrian, Becomes a Believer in Jehovah 581 For Sale
02/04/11 Nehemiah , Leader of the People of Israel 419 For Sale
01/04/11 Understanding the Simple, the Compound, the Complex, and the CompoundComplex sentences Using Scriptural Examples from The Holy Bible 1339 For Sale
01/03/11 The 8 Parts of Speech, Defined with Scriptural Examples from The Holy Bible 1289 For Sale
01/03/11 Understanding the 4 Kinds of Sentences Using Scriptural Examples from The Holy Bible 1591 For Sale
12/21/10 Joshua Speaks to Israel in the Promised Land, As for Me and My House 354 For Sale
11/30/10 From Haggai, What Does God Require of You? 294 For Sale
11/13/10 In Jude, What God Requires of You 406 For Sale
11/13/10 Ecclesiastes 3 339 Free to Share
10/19/10 Children Of Divorce In Schools Today In 2010 591 For Sale
10/18/10 Islam And Its Negative Effects Here In America 706 For Sale
10/12/10 What Does God Require of You? 314 For Sale
10/12/10 What Does God Require of You? 295 Free to Share
10/02/10 What Does God Require of You? As Written in Zephaniah of the Old Testament in the Holy Bible 278 For Sale
09/18/10 What God Wants from You As Found in the Last Book of The Holy Bible in the Old Testament 320 For Sale
07/13/10 The Triple Threat 289 For Sale
07/13/10 ATrip of a Lifetime 270 Free to Share
07/13/10 What You're Made Of 315 For Sale
07/13/10 Whom Would You Love to Meet, Living or Dead, and Why 263 Not For Sale
04/22/10 Did You Know That Father Abraham had a Black Son? 1613 Free to Share
04/20/10 Abraham Married a Married a Black Woman 6114 Free to Share
04/19/10 Blacks in the Bible from Song of Songs 972 For Sale
04/15/10 Blacks in the Bible, Did You Know That Moses Married a Black Woman? 1047 Free to Share
04/15/10 Blacks in the Bible, Philip and the Ethiopian, The Reader 417 For Sale
04/10/10 Blacks in the Bible, Simon, the Cyrene 454 For Sale
04/10/10 A Teacher Prays 306 For Sale
04/10/10 Blacks in the Bible, Ebed Melech and Jeremiah 1606 For Sale
01/03/05 Jonah 569 For Sale
12/04/04 The Geneology of Jesus Christ 626 For Sale
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04/13/05 My First Anniversary as a Teacher
01/10/05 Happy Birthday, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

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