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How much do I charge for my work?

If your writing is in demand you may command a higher fee, but if you are new to freelance writing you may use your first few paid articles as a means of learning more about the craft of freelance.

Develop a fee schedule based on word count and ability. Many freelancers base their fees on word count parameters. For instance, there would be separate fees for the following categories…

200 words or less
200-400 words
400-600 words
600-800 words
800-1000 words
1000-1200 words

Some freelancers charge a set fee for the first 200 words and an extra fee for each 100 words they provide. No matter how you structure your fee schedule, make sure to let your client know exactly what you charge up front.

Please take into account the fees charged in light of the rights being given. In other words a full (exclusive) rights article should command more than an article available as a non-exclusive one-time right.

As far as actual pricing, this is a very subjective issue because it is predicated on personal experience and ability. It also is based on supply and demand. If there are numerous writers interested in the work the price you may be asked to settle for may be less than your standard price. Bulk writing typically involves a price reduction as well.

If you are looking into freelance work you should develop a price list for the work you are willing to provide. This may be best developed prior to your first customer query.

What if the client doesn't like the price quote?

You should know there are writers willing to provide content for $1.00 per article. Often these articles are filled with mistakes, but the truth is these writers are being hired daily to write material for clients around the world.

If you have researched what other similar freelancers command for an article and you feel comfortable with the price you are charging then you shouldn't need to negotiate a new lower fee. The only exception to this would be either for a bulk article purchase or a small order in which the client is testing your abilities for a larger order if the articles meet their needs.