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What 'rights' do I have?

If you have never sold the article or story to anyone else you hold all rights to the piece. However, since you have the article posted online you have actually forfeited exclusive rights because the full piece has been 'published' online. By selling an exclusive right you have simply divested all interest in the piece and sell all rights to the purchaser. You are no longer able to publish the piece anywhere else. The ownership of the article belongs to the purchaser.

Other significant publishing rights include…

First Rights - this right assures the purchaser they will be the first to publish the article or story. This right commands a higher fee.

Second Rights - this right assures the publisher they are the second party to publish the piece. This commands a fee that is about half what a first right would be worth.

Non-Exclusive - this right allows you to sell or even give your rights to anyone you wish. In turn, they would have no say over how often you sell or give the article away. The fee for this right is generally the smallest, but can offer the flexibility of using the article in any way you wish. Many authors can sell a non-exclusive right to a story as many as ten or more times. By doing so, they often claim a higher income from the article then if they had sold first or even exclusive rights.