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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

So you want to know more about FaithWriters.com? Click on any of the sections below to jump to the answer you want. If you don't see your question listed, drop us a line here.
• I can't login. What could be the problem?
• I forgot my username and password.
• What is FaithWriters.com?
• How can I learn more about FaithWriters.com?
• Do you charge for membership?
• What is the cost of membership?
• Can anyone become a member?
• Do members get paid?
• What benefits do members receive?
• Can I post other writings other than articles?
• Can I just read articles?
• Do I retain all rights to my work if I post on FaithWriters.com?
• Will I forfeit "first rights" on an article if I post on FaithWriters.com?
• Why should I post articles on FaithWriters.com?
• What is The FaithWriters 500?
• How can I copyright my own work?
• Can Poetry and Fiction have their own Writing Challange?
• How do you find the right market?
• What is Message Board Etiquette?

I can't login. What could be the problem?
Make sure that you are using the EXACT username and password that you signed up with. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Also be sure that there are no hidden spaces before or after a username or password.

Apparently some of the new firewalls, ad blockers, can cause login problems. Sometimes an element in Norton Anti-Virus can cause this. Apparently people with XP have been affected in a similar way with a recent Microsoft update. Also, installed toolbars can cause this problem. Please try a different computer or disable your Anti-Virus software, ad blocker, or firewall to see if that is causing the problem.

If you still can't login, contact us.

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I forgot my username and password.
If you have forgotten your username and password, please retrieve them HERE. Be sure to enter either your username or the email address you signed up with.

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What is FaithWriters.com?
For writers, FaithWriters.com is a unique website designed specifically to help Christian writers GAIN EXPOSURE to publishers, editors, and literary agents. It is also an interactive community giving Christian writers a place to learn and grow in a SAFE, CARING environment. Many members have overcome the fear of sharing their work because of the family like atmosphere that is found on FaithWriters.com. Members who actively participate in the site have far greater success than those who do not become a part of the community. This includes securing new writing jobs.

For readers, it is a great way to find good, clean Christian reading material without having to filter through all of the garbage that is found on other sites.

For publishers and website owners, FaithWriters.com is the place to find quality Christian material for all of their content needs.

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How can I learn more about FaithWriters.com?
To learn more about FaithWriters.com and the history of the website, please CLICK HERE.

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Do you charge for membership?
No. Sign-Up is completely FREE! We do have a few upgrade features such as the Private Messenger service but these are not required to be a member.

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What is the cost of membership?
There is no cost for the Silver Membership. As a free silver member you can submit regular articles, comment and get comments on regular articles, post free reprint articles, read the writing challenge and comment on challenge entries, critique articles in the critique circle, and access the forums. You cannot post on the challenge or critique circle unless you are a Gold or a Platinum member. Gold and Platinum Members also have access to exclusive features not available to Silver Members.

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Can anyone become a member?
Anyone can become a member as long as they agree to our statement of faith.

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Do members get paid?
Members do not get paid for articles they submit. However, 100% of the revenue from articles sold for syndication will go to the respective member. The main purpose of FaithWriters is to give writers EXPOSURE and to help them learn and grow as a Christian writer.

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What benefits do members receive?
FaithWriters.com members have many resources available to them. Here is a partial list:
  • Worldwide Writing Exposure.
  • A simple control panel to actively participate in the community.
  • Complete article management system to track, titles, page views, ratings, article status and more...
  • FREE interactive member message boards.
  • FREE writing courses.
  • FREE Writing Challenges.
  • Plus many NEW FEATURES which will BE ADDED FREQUENTLY.

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Can I post other writings other than articles?
Yes, you can post articles, poetry, devotionals, short stories, fiction, e-books, and much more!

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Can I just read articles?
You may not be a writer or have any interest in writing at all but you can still visit FaithWriters.com as often as you wish just to read the tremendous articles submitted by talented Christian writers. There is no cost just to read articles.

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Do I retain all rights to my work if I post on FaithWriters.com?
Yes, you retain all rights to your work if you post on FaithWriters.com. However, if you participate in the weekly writing challenge, you agree to allow us to use your entry in any of our 4 quarterly books. You still retain rights to the entry, but we have the right to use it in our book. This only applies to writing challenge winners.

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Will I forfeit "first rights" on an article if I post on FaithWriters.com?
When posting on FaithWriters, place SAMPLES of your writing so that publishers and editors can see your work and get a feel for how you write. Since each publisher, editor etc...have their own view on the issue of "first rights", we cannot give you one answer that will fit all situations. We suggest using FaithWriters as a way to get your work and your writing talent seen. However, if you have certain writings that you are concerned about and are not sure if posting it here will effect the "first rights" status, then don't post it here.

We would also encourage you to take part in some of our writing challenges as a way of showcasing your writing skills. Then you will not have to worry about the "first rights" of these challenge articles because they are written only in fun.

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Why should I post articles on FaithWriters.com?
There is a great benefit to posting on FaithWriters. The most important being that we reach a very wide audience across the world. We spend alot of time and money to bring new visitors to see the work of our members. We have thousands of visitors coming to the site everyday and this is constantly growing. Most likely, we can reach many, many more people than a small website owner. Plus, by posting samples of your work, you can get invaluable writing critiques which can help you become a better writer!

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What is The FaithWriters 500?
“The FaithWriters 500” is a group of FaithWriters members who have stepped out in faith and chosen to support FaithWriters.com with a donation of $10.00 per month. All FaithWriters 500 members have access to a FaithWriters 500 members only area with many new resources available only to these members. Here is a partial list of features available exclusively for 500 members:

  1. A subscription to the Private Messenger, the EZ Site Portfolio builder, and your very own FaithWriters.net Christian Email account totally FREE! This is a SAVINGS of 49%! Normally, these are separate features but now you can get all of our upgrade services just by becoming a FaithWriters 500 member.
  2. An enormous 25% discount for all editing and manuscript assessment services, with even more special 500 Member discounts provided throughout the year.
  3. A 5% discount on publishing services from a major Christian publisher.
  4. The opportunity to sell your own e-books with free listings in our new eBook Store. You KEEP ALL OF THE PROFITS! No listing fee, no administrative costs--every cent you make belongs to you.
  5. The opportunity of having your articles used in FaithWriters' Magazine--the monthly online magazine that is compiled exclusively from material written by 500 members. This is an excellent way for any writer to increase their portfolio of published work. New, unpublished writers are discovered every month.
  6. The possibility of having one of your articles appear in "The FaithWriters' Showcase," providing week-long exposure on the FaithWriters.com home page.
  7. FREE advertising for your book, product, service, or website in the FaithWriters Writers' Marketplace.
  8. A star next to all your FaithWriters Free Reprint articles. The new Free Reprint section is very popular with editors looking for material for their publications. A star next to your name definitely increases the possibility of your work catching the attention of editors and publishers. This is PREMIUM exposure for your work.
  9. Access to outstanding articles on writing--available only to FaithWriters 500 members. This is a valuable resource for every writer.
  10. Top priority to have your published book reviewed in the FaithWriters' Book Review section. Books by 500 members are given first consideration for review, and your book may even receive the prestigious FaithWriters' Seal of Approval.
  11. A gold FW 500 icon next to your name and articles that will shine brightly in the article listings. Readers' eyes are drawn first to articles that wear the FW 500 symbol.
  12. The chance to enter the exclusive Page Turner contest only available to FaithWriters 500 members. If you have ever wanted to write a novel and get it published, the Page Turner contest could help you to jump start this process.
  13. Generous discounts on services and writing publications such as Writer's Digest and Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide.
If you are a member and wish to become a FaithWriters 500 member, please CLICK HERE.

If you are not a member yet, you can sign up for free by CLICKING HERE.

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How can I copyright my own work?

Once you write something, it's copyrighted. But, to have more protection, you need to file it with the government.

Here is a link to help http://copyright.gov/

Another way to protect your work is to send it to yourself registered mail, that way it has an official date. Do not open the envelope unless there is a problem, and then only in front of a witness, such as a judge or lawyer. It's been called the "Poor Man's Copyright".

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Can Poetry and Fiction have their own Writing Challange?

No, they can't. Even if it may seem unfair to compare one against another, they are actually each judged on their own merit against the judging criteria.

It has been brought up before, and besides the fact they are not judged against another piece, the judges enjoy having the variety.

If the Challenge were separated between poetry and fiction, we'd also have to have a division for non-fiction personal reflection pieces, devotionals, and the list could go on and on.

Some people think that poetry never places, but some weeks, poetry has taken the top spot and others have placed fairly high as well. It goes in cycles. You never know what's going to hit the mark each week.

Everyone is inspired differently each week, and there is a different set of four judges each week. There are also some people who try their hand at a new style each week, stretching their writing "muscles".

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How do you find the right market?

Short answer - Research, research, research Here are some sources you can use:

The most mentioned source is the Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide.

You can find twelve different books at WritersDigest.

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What is Message Board Etiquette?

We all like to have fun, and it's always a healthy sign when message board members are enjoying themselves and the company of the other members. However, with all message boards, there is a need for balance. There is a place for inane nonsense and fun, and there is a place where that sort of thing is, well, out of place.

So basically, the Water Cooler on the member message boards is where you can go and just have fun. Silly threads are semi-expected, as are games and general chat about our lives outside FaithWriters (yes ... we do all have them). In other words, the Water Cooler is for just about everything--including nonsense.

That's not to say that you can't have fun in the other forums as well--PROVIDED the originator of the thread started it as such. The same is true for the Water Cooler. Unfortunately, what often happens on message boards (not just these ones) is that an original message gets quite lost in pages and pages of unrelated, just-for-fun, type responses. This can be very annoying for those who are trying to follow the original thread--particularly if the pages of the thread go on, and on, and on, without any connection.

So please, feel free to start fun threads, particularly in the Water Cooler. But if someone has started a thread with a specific point or purpose, please don't hijack it. This way, we make sure that the message boards are always a blessing to everyone.

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