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TITLE: Idea for a wild new christian band!
By Jacob Gibson

Okay, I have a feeling what I'm doing here could easily be an abuse of the rules. This is a crazy idea for a new kind of christian band. Why? Because I want to share as many of my ideas as I can with others so they don't build up in my brain and make it explode. (And maybe for copyright issues?) I have many ideas of various subjects and I have a need to share them and hear comments and suggestions. So, I'm sorry if this is a waste of space, or a dissapointment to you and not what you expected. You can turn back now if you want. You've been warned. :)
What? You're still here? Oh great! Let me tell you about the band.

*A*L*C*H*E*M*Y* *B*A*N*D*
(or Super Alchemy or something)

Like other ideas I would bet that someone has already had a dream like this, but just in case they haven't I'll take a chance. The name of the band could have the word alchemy in it as an example of how Christ changes our lives from worth little to priceless. I'm thinking of something like Super Alchemy/-ist, Alchemy Band, or Alchemy Experiment if those names haven't been taken (they probably have). The genres of music could be light rock, dance, etc with some hymns too. It could be a little similar to Blue Man Group in style and creativity but not too much like them. One musician could play electric guitar, maybe a second could play bass, a third piano, a fourth sing, and a fifth could play percussion and also do something absolutely crazy. He/she could have hair dyed a funky color like purple, dress in flashy clothes, and use a voice changer (synthesizer?) to sound mechanical, playing the part of an android or cyborg. Strange? Yep, but that's my style.

The percussion instruments are where the majority of my ideas revolve. The percussionist could hit copper/steel pipes of different lengths (splattered with paint) with wooden sticks, or even large glass tubes filled with water. (Maybe there could be one tube that they hit rhythmically while the water drains and fills) There could be a station of random objects they sit at and hit them (kind of like Stomp), and maybe have some buttons that allow them to control lights and other special fx onstage. There could be a large sideways spinning wheel with random objects to hit with mallets. There could be drums with lights that will flash when corresponding ones are struck. There could be power tools and computer keyboards for different sounds (clackity clackity!) There could be drums/pipes closely suspended over other ones so the drummer could hit them both quickly up and down. If you haven't already guessed, I would like to be the percussionist.

EXTRA IDEAS: in the background there could be very large tubes of water and occassionally something large would drop down inside and make large splashes. Objects could be lowered into a liquid that would appear to turn them gold. There could be dancers to do my flashlight dance (see my article "Let It Shine! flashlight dance") with mirrors above the stage and on it. Glow-stick spinning would be awesome and so would blacklight dancing. There could be a short Dance Dance Revolution contest for 4 randomly picked audience members, who would dance to one of the band's songs and the winners could get free merchandise. We could play a medley of great video game music of Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Tetris, etc. (Can you tell I've thought about this too much? ^_^)

Ideas for album titles *rolls eyes*: Here Goes Nothing (Safe), Old-fashioned Worship, Blow'd to Smithereens; and Blood, Water, and Oil.

Imoprtant note: Although all of these flashy, noisy gimmicks would be cool there should be time dedicated to worship music and sharing the gospel in a relative way. I'd probably talk about 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 and how all of our music is just noise if we don't make a difference. The lights and music are the bait, the gospel is the hook.


Fact: When I dreamed up the idea for Alchemy Band I also tried to think about some songs the musicians could play. I ended up with around 20 concepts, and 7 of those I have actually written on faithwritres: The Inter-trap, Live and Love, Radiant Reflectionz, Bet Your Life on It, God's Toolbox, One Man's Lament, and What a Creative God.
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