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TITLE: The Belly Buddha - Idol of Gluttony Exposed!
By Bella Rossiter

Christians who struggle with over-eating and can't get off the merry-go-round. There is an answer!
I dedicate this Expose’to all of God’s children
who have suffered damage physically, mentally,
and spiritually by unwittingly paying homage to
deceptive idol worship.

May we all have the will to do battle in the power of the Holy Spirit and claim healing by the Blood of the Lamb Who has set us free.

Gluttony and obesity are ugly words that we shun, deflect, and deny when the inference strikes too close to home. It is much easier to focus on anything else besides our responsibility in this arena as born-again Christians.

The First Commandment that the Creator gave to His creation: God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods (idols) before me.”

What is an Idol? An idol is any object of ardent or excessive devotion.

What is Idol Worship?
Idol worship is excessive reverence, love or admiration to or worship of a person or thing.

Does Idol Worship Exist Today?
Americans do not bow down before a literal idol; but our society has put materialism, wealth, fame, success, power, and unbridled appetites before God.

Who Worships Idols?
Those who pursue the world’s priorities; not heeding the words of the Lord, “Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.”

What Does an Idol Look Like?
I used to think of an idol as a statue which people have endowed with supernatural powers to change things for which the supplicant prays. But an idol can appear as very appealing and desirable, and highly to be sought after, in whatever form to which the individual is personally attracted.

Dictionary Definitions:
Glutton ...pig, gorger, stuffer,crammer...greedy, ravenous, voracious, overfed

Obesity ...very fat, stout, overweight, paunchy, and rotund

Appetite ...strong desire or craving for food or any pleasures of the flesh

I am so very troubled and saddened when my eyes rove over the gathering of fellow believers, many who are obese, to see no shame in or sense of guilt when heaping plates from the abundantly spread tables before us.

It is for my own deliverance from this shocking Idol worship, and to open the eyes of genuinely loving, compassionate brothers and sisters in Christ, which spurs me to put awareness of my personal conviction into words. I truly believe our heavenly Father desires us to lay this burden aside like the heavy shackle it is which hinders us from more fruitfully serving Him.

I am in my sixth decade and have battled this temptation all my life. I simply had never taken heed of the power source behind the attraction of all that tantalizing, aromatic, tasty, piquant, spicy and tangy food.

* I have accepted the lie that I have no control over my eating habits. Oh, there are pictures to prove how successful I can be; and pictures to prove otherwise.

No one, not even God, has ever been able to heal me of this compulsive whirl on an endless roller coaster ride. Why? Because my Creator granted me the privilege of choice.

* As a born-again Christian, I knew that what I was doing was not pleasing to God and a bad witness to the world around me; including other Christians. I was in good (?) company. Churches, as well as other social groups, hold potlucks, studies, and meetings with treats at every turn.

* My conscience bothered me not a little, at how eager I was to be one of the first in line and fill my plate with “just a tidbit” of everything offered. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? I helped myself to desserts, thinking, “I just want to try something I never get at home.”

Following our grand consumption, I, and fellow diners, utter comments like, “Oh, my belly’s full. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that third dessert, but it just looked so good!” “I never seem to know when to stop!” “I suffer afterward, but oh, it was all so delicious, and everyone is such a good cook; I couldn’t resist!”

* I avoid looking in my full length mirror; but when I see my reflection somewhere; I am startled at my appearance. There is more behind me than I thought! Even the long tunic seems to emphasize my roundness rather than camouflage it, like I had hoped.

* While kindred compulsive overeaters cannot watch television without a snack at hand, my habit is to nibble, munch and crunch my oblivious way through hundreds of calories while reading a compelling novel when no one else is around.

* Like an ostrich thinking no one can see him when he buries his head in the sand, I must really fool myself into thinking that my shape doesn’t give me away!

* In my Christian walk I tell myself that I’m not too bad. I do nearly everything else with genuine love for the Lord; it’s just that I love food. Right? Doesn’t everybody? We all have to eat; so it’s not like I could just quit cold turkey.

* My spirit is troubled when I see images of starving children. How do I reconcile my gluttony in the light of the gospel? I try not to look too closely into their large hungry eyes. Maybe if I support the cause to feed them that will ease my conscience.

* I really heard my recent conversation. My fellow commiserator and I concurred that this was an area of our lives that was out of control, and maybe out of God’s will for our lives. ‘Ya think?’

* As Americans we have such abundance and easy access to excessive, self-indulgent, food abuse. I told myself I wasn’t going to participate in the feeding frenzy while on a recent tour. Because the entire journey had been “pre-paid”, I justified that I should at least get my money’s worth, and take advantage of everything available. I would take some home to my husband. That was thoughtful of me, wasn’t it?

* What the question that reverberates through my mind wants to know is, “Why should I accept that it’s okay to have any area of my life not surrendered to the Lord?” How do I justify that?

* To be honest, the food really isn’t that good, it is only temporarily on my taste buds, and my digestive tract has to deal with all the non-nutritious waste. The rest goes to my waist. Ugh. I don’t feel good. How can I dismiss my hangover from over-indulgence as though it were any different from the hangover of any other substance abuse?

* What a lie and a deception this Idol proffers; that we can’t resist temptation; and just this one little piece won’t hurt.

* I am being so deeply convicted of my sin that when I read the Bible study question this week, “What idols have you built for yourself?” My first thought was that I don’t think I have any idols before God. Then I saw a startling image of what my personal Idol looks like: Ugly!

...a jolly fat Buddha grinned at me... The Belly Buddha – Idol of Gluttony

And God said to me, “Choose this day whom you will serve.”
I humbly answered, “I choose to serve You, Lord!”

Do Not Give Heed to the Doctrines of Devils

There are more evidences of the deceitful Belly Buddha – the idol of gluttony. You may have thought that his hold on you had only consisted of the over-consumption of food. But, he has tricks to lure you back into his insidious trap. You must recognize them for what they are; the trappings set to ensnare you once you have refuted him. Some I have discovered when I almost stepped on them; landmines disguised as normal steps to follow in avoiding the food Buddha.
* go on a diet – this doesn’t work as you already know!
* step on the scale – this is his tool, if relied upon!
* see certain foods as “bad” – temptation increases!
You depend on your own “will power” again!
* become discouraged – an incentive to give up. Give up what?!
* fall prey to weight loss pills to hurry the process along!

Again, this is fighting the idol “in the flesh!” These are the former defeated ways of remaining subject to the idol of gluttony. You must resist, reject, refute, and refuse to be a party to his rhetoric, as he thrusts out his tentacles like a devouring octopus.

Instead, faithfully sit at the feet of Jesus, discern His voice, listen to His wisdom; mature in His grace; be still and know that He is God and you are His child, safe in His hands forevermore. Whom the Lord has set free is free indeed!
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