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TITLE: There are worthwhile human issues that disregard the tiny issue of abortion
By gene hudgens

There are worthwhile human issues that disregard the tiny issue of abortion.

It’s estimated that there are 854 million hungry people in the world. Every 3.6 seconds some one dies from hunger. Millions of people die every year as we allow poverty, mal nutrition and starvation. This is the gravest sin against God and His creation. In comparison, abortion isn’t a worthwhile logical issue for any Christian before this real sin of starvation is solved.

Destruction of the world’s rain forests is one of the greatest human spiritual sins of mankind ever against God our Creator. Christians world wide are deeply involved in this sin. Christians in American are especially guilty because they control so much of the world’s over-all influence and wealth. Since 76% of Americans profess to be Christians, then our Christian elected government is also totally committed and responsible for this sin. *www.rainforest.com reports that world giants like Mitsubishi Corporation, Georgia Pacific, Texaco and Unocal are very active in rainforest destruction. Many Americans Christians and others are more interest in personal wealth than in the survival of God’s Creation. With out the rain forests life on earth can disappear. In comparison, abortion isn’t a worthwhile logical issue for any Christian before this real serious (earth threatening) problem is solved.

Aids.about.com reports that in the year 2006 there were 39.5 million people living with HIV/AIDS. The number of AIDS deaths in 2006 was 2.9 million. An estimated 2.7 millions people become HIV infected each year. More than 6,000 become infected with HIV every day. Five people are infected each year for every two people that are treated. By the end of 2003, 12 million children had been orphaned by AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. Young people (15-24 years old) account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide. (This should scare Americans out of their wits and into the needed sense of responsibility. American has over 1 million unwanted teen pregnancies each year. This did not happen from kissing or from abstinence. These pregnancies resulted from UNPROTECTED SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. HIV/AIDS and other STDs are the result from UNPROTECTED SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Any person that isn’t ‘brain dead’ can see that America could have an over-night AIDS epidemic outbreak. American Christians must accept responsibility for this grave sin because of the phony Christian belief that “condom use” and “masturbation” are wrong. Wake up American Christians…before it’s too late!

If so many Christians and so much Christian teachings were not so phony and illogical, few females would ever be confronted with thoughts and decisions pertaining to abortion.

Inconvenient pregnancy is the result of silly, unreasonably, illogical, phony Christian teachings. Aborting an inconvenient pregnancy is the “after action” man-made choice based on a decision to avoid unwanted extra effort.

Christian teaching that denounces masturbation, condom use and other birth control is illogically and contrary to God’s plan. It’s this man-made ignorance that creates needless issues such as abortion. It’s true that God’s plan encourages sexual satisfaction, but He expects humans to use the superior brain

We humans are Homo Sapiens. Nearly all physical anthropologists agree that Homo sapiens evolved out of Homo erectus, whom developed more than 1.8 million years ago. Sapiens means full of wisdom; wise or learned. God’s plan was/is that humans have a very special brain. God gave all males and females Sapiens this very special brain (to be full of wisdom; wise or learned) and to always make logically decisions; including all possible aspects of attaining sexual satisfaction.

Every human of every age desires sexual satisfaction and every human of every age will attempt to achieve sexual satisfaction. God certainly does not demand that every human
of every age have sexual intercourse to achieve sexual satisfaction. He certainly does not demand humans practice unprotected sexual intercourse when acquiring sexual satisfaction. All Christians need to reevaluate in tiny details the illogical Christian teaching regarding sexual relations. Christians must use their special brain and not blindly follow illogical and false teaching.

God knows everything and He is well aware that situations regarding sex today are different than when He created humans. Today He expects us to set priorities and make logical man-made decisions that logically apply to important worthwhile present human issues and needs; such as poverty, mal nutrition and hunger. We must establish priorities and use our time and resources on the most serious issues first.

Does any intelligent Christian feel that any issue pertaining to abortion, homosexuality, condom use, masturbation, or birth control is or can be more important or has a higher priority than eliminating poverty, mal-nutrition and starvation (all of which are preventable). I feel that only a ‘brain dead’ person can answer ‘yes’.

Certainly God must be saddened by humans who refuse to set priorities in society. Thousands of helpless humans are dying daily from avoidable mal-nutrition, poverty and hunger and this equates to murder or killing by all of those that have the resources to solve these problems…and this includes millions of Christians, especially American Christians, who control a large portion of the world’s wealth.

My God does not want us to arrogantly and contemptuously show disregard for others and continually over-populate His earth. To do so is a sign of acting brain-dead as we show contempt for our Creator and a lack of appreciation for the superior brain He gave us.

Any reader of the Bible can find a scripture to support his or her desired answer on any issue. Any one of us can find scriptures in our bibles, all of which are man-made, which we can interrupt to support any modern issue or problem. It is important to keep some points in mind. Many students and experts of theology today theorize, speculate and discourse many religious topics and can not agree with many scriptures.

God had a plan. We are all taught that God had/has a plan. Christians are all taught that God is perfect. I hope this isn’t a plastic Christian teaching.

I truly believe that our God is indeed the Creator of the universe and all life on it, I feel we must believe that any Creator that can accomplish what God accomplished in His Creation, was/is capable of making any changes He feels He wanted to make or wants to make.

Perfect is perfect. There is no room what so ever to doubt or change something that is perfect. We preach God is Perfect. That is the end of the issue. Humans are imperfect. There is a lot of room to change imperfection. Humans possess faults and defects. That does not apply to God.

How did God create humans? Humans want to question that too. If Christians truly believe that God is perfect, it doesn’t matter when or where or how he did his Creation. His work is Perfect.

Earth’s philosophers are rational thinking persons who have beliefs, love knowledge, and seek to understand and explain the principles of existence and reality.

For four thousand years philosophers have written and taught that we can not argue with human nature.

To day the most intelligent researchers of the human body and human creation write that the plan of human behavior is outlined and programmed in our genes; our DNA. This is the blue print for human nature.

Did humans have a single thing to do with DNA? The answer is no.

Who or what formed or programmed our DNA.

The answer is that our Creator (which Christians preach is perfect) created all living things, including us humans. If we truly believe that our God is Perfect, then we must believe that He had a perfect reason for instilling DNA in His Plan, His program, His outline, His blue-print (DNA) in all living things, including humans. This is “human nature” or the “nature of humans”. This is the Perfect element of His Perfect Creation that our Perfect God wanted. That is the end of the issue. There is no room for a single word of discussion. Perfect is Perfect. God is Perfect.

God created humans with a very special brain that is far above the brain that any other living thing has. God gave humans this special brain so humans are elevated above all other living things…and have the ability to care for His entire creation, including all living things; like vegetation, insects and insect-like, fish, reptiles birds, all mammals and the total universe (like the total environment).

As we look at the sins humans have committed against His creation (against each other, all other living things and the environment of His universe) we easily see that ability isn’t enough. Humans have the ability, but refuse to use their special brain with true love and respect of their God. Humans enjoy showing contempt as they refuse to respect His basic desires.

DNA is the ‘blue print’ that outlines His program for how He wants humans on earth to think and act.

For untold years after His creation there were few humans running around on earth. To insure they survived on earth He instilled ‘human desires’ in His big DNA ‘blue print’. The strongest desire He instilled was the desire to satisfy hunger. If humans did not eat they would die, so His plan was for humans to eat.

There were few humans, so He insured that humans would multiply and not die-out. He did this by insuring that His ’blue print’ guided humans towards reproduction. There fore the second strongest desire all humans have is the desire for sexual satisfaction. That is right, God wanted humans to eat and have sex (not to die-out or fail to reproduce in numbers).

God laid the corner stone and carefully built the foundation for the growth of humanity. He envisioned humans would use their superior brain to build all of the future rooms in the house He began.

We can see that humans loved to eat and have sex. They still love to eat and sex. Humans are supposed to love to eat and have sex. That is God’s Plan as He perfectly outlined it in the ’blue print’ of our bodies.

Unfortunately humans do not enjoy logically thinking and logically controlling their minds and body as much as they do eating and having sex.

Therefore today humans are confronted with self-made and man-made earthly problems and issues (such as abortion) that could have been averted if humans had effectively used their superior brain. With almost instant communication with any spot on earth, almost every person on earth can see that the world is overpopulated; millions of children go bed hungry every night, millions of people die each year because of starvation, millions are infected with AIDS and this epidemic is on the rise instead of declining.

My God does not want His most precious possession (us humans) to either catch AIDS or other STDs by practicing unprotected sex or abstain from sexual satisfaction

It’s sad, but the problems are here, so it’s too late to avert what has already happened.

It’s a million times sadder to see humans, including what seems to be most Christians, running around today like chickens with their heads cut-off, doing almost nothing worthwhile to solve man-made human suffering and misery, which exists because similar humans ran around like chickens with their heads cut-off for hundreds of years and refused to avert the present problems humans now need to deal with.

Christianity is the most wonderful religion on earth and American Christians have the ability and opportunity to guide all humans on earth towards solving our present man-made problems on earth, so that our God; our Creator is happy and not sad with our actions. However, this requires immediate action on the part of all Christians and it definitely requires a million-times more effort than has been exercised in the past and in the recent years. Greed for and the love of money by too many Christians is much stronger than their love of God our Creator. Suffering on earth is unnecessary and sinful. Destroying God’s Rain Forests is sinful beyond expression. How can “true” “fearful” Christians allow one more tree to be cut? Professing Christians are purposely encouraging the total destruction of God’s creation.

We are indeed fortunate to have our Old and New Testaments, which are remarkably accurate considering the history of turmoil on earth. The bibles were written hundreds of years ago and in the style and words of the people hundreds of years ago. Corrections, translations, and revisions were needed and made over the years to insure that new generations clearly understand and love the scriptures. The Bibles were written by humans, who attempted to pass on to us the words of God that were handed down for unknown number of years. Overall they did an extraordinary job and succeeded.

My emphases again are that American Christians must wakeup, act logical and responsible, and solve the man made problems that allow hunger and suffering on earth. A true Christian’s God can not include the greed and love of money. Please wake up Christians!
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