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TITLE: Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 13b)
By Jacob Gibson

Finally! The rest of the last episode I'll probably post, and a very suspenseful one. Your comments and critiques, good or bad, are very much encouraged and appreciated. Thank you a million and God bless! ^____^
Episode 13: Of Angel and Demons (part II)

Angel stood with her family and watched Takashi reunite with his family at the dock and prepare to leave. She pulled her blanket around her tighter and sighed. Why had she not given him more attention? Why had she always gone out with popular boys who were often not very thoughtful or had selfish intentions? Angel had no idea he liked her that way. Did she? Maybe she missed it. He did act shy at times and maybe that was one reason. One thing was sure, she had learned so much over this time of her brother's mutation and wanted to be more than she had been. If only I could help all of these people like my brother, she thought. He's helping people right now but can't fight the plant monster. Wonder how long it will take for him to transport everyone? I wonder when I'll be able to see Takashi again. I wonder...

Her thoughts were thrown off by one of her hyper brothers dancing and singing a cheerful song. "An-gel, An-gel, the radiant prin-cess of the night. An-gel, An-gel she makes guys faint just from the sight."

She quickly faced him and gave him an ugly look, but he continued to sing and dance. "She's like a dreeeeeeeeam, the one you hope will never end... Woah! Stop!"

Angel grabbed him by the shoulders, her eyes filled with irritation, and looked ready to do something unpleasant to him. Her parents stopped her and told their son to quit teasing her. Turbo laughed quietly and then said, "I... I'm really sorry what I did to you, Angel. I just... you know... wanted for you and Takashi to..."

Angel looked at him and smiled. "Forget it, brother. I'm glad you did it. If you hadn't we both would've missed out and I would've felt massive guilt. Fear can hold us back from so many wonderful moment that may only happen once in a lifetime."

Sanya smiled too. "You've really matured a lot, sweetie. I'm proud of you." Hiroshi nodded.

"Thank you," she replied. "I think you're right. By the way, when are we going to leave with the others? Do we have to wait for 'big'
brother to finish his work?"

Her father Hiroshi answered, "No we don't have to, because Yoshi may stay behind to help with the fight, but we do have to wait for out turn to leave. We only have so many boats and some yoshies need to escape before others. The humans will return with more boats so we can evacuate faster." He looked again at all of the scrambling dinos at the docks and then back to the jungle where the sounds of fighting and running could be heard. What a nightmare this was.

"I'm going to be so bored," said the same brother who had teased Angel. "I want to do something instead of sitting here and waiting."

Most of the others agreed but the parents told them they had to stay there or get in trouble. All of a sudden, they heard the sound of some yoshies running behind them and turned around to see who it was this time. They didn't expect to see who it was.

"Hello, Zorus family!" said E. Gadd in a strangely happy voice. He was sitting on Yoseph's back who had given him a ridethere and holding a box in one hand. Libby the white yoshi was with them. "I hope you are all well and safe."

"Professor! Yoseph and Libby!" said Hiroshi. "Yes we are fine, thank you. This is not easy for us but we're going to be alright."

"Yes, I am so sorry that this had to happened to you and-- Angel! You're out and showing your beautiful face! So glad you could overcome that obstacle."

Sanya put an arm around her daughter. "Yes, we are too. Is there something we can do for you two?"

Gadd didn't beat around the bush. "Unfortunately there is. Angel, forgive me for asking this but do you think you could do a huge favor for us? I believe that just like Yoshi's transformation, yours may not be a coincidence. Perhaps the yoshi gods have allowed this to happen to you for a reason." Yoseph was surprised that he was talking like this when he seemed to only believe in hard science, but maybe he just wanted to persuade them. Gadd continued, "My request is dangerous to the 10th power and it is completely up to you and your family if you want to do it."

Angel swallowed as she looked at the box and thought of the possibilities. "And what is that?"

"To defeat the pirana plant monster with... this!"

He opened the box and pulled out a jar of the poisons he had made. All of them gasped, Libby looked amazed, and Yoseph bit his lip.

Gadd continued, "My idea is that if you were able to fly up to the giant pirana plant and dump these jars of poison into its mouth, we just might be able to kill it and save the island!"

Sanya didn't miss a beat. "No way! I'm sorry, professor, you have a great idea but I won't allow any more of my children to recklessly risk their lives . It's bad enough for Yoshi but this is... different."

"Excuse me?" asked Angel sounding a little offended. "Are you saying you don't think I could do it?"

"No, I know you could do it, Angel," her mother replied. "But it's just too dangerous! I love you too much to let you do something that stupid."

"But I want to do something for everyone just like my brother has! I promise to be careful. E. Gadd is probably right and this could be part of the gods' plan for us!"

Hiroshi said, "No, Angel, please listen to us. The militia will find a way to defeat it, we can count on them."

"It's not fair! You have no faith in me at all! How can you be like this?" Angel pouted and turned her back to them.

Her younger and hyper brother piped up. "I want to help too! I want to help too! Let me help her kill it! Please! Please! Pleeeeeeeease!"

Yoseph, Gadd, and Libby watched the scene with embarrassment until Libby finally said, "Just forget it, I'm sorry we brought it up. Good luck with your trip, everyone." She turned to leave and E. Gadd hesitantly agreed and asked Yoseph to follow her back to the humans still on the island.

Just then someone near the docks shouted, "Zorus family! We are ready for you you now!"

-Y - O - S - H - I -

Through all of this time, Yoshi was still running himself ragged across the island picking up people who needed faster transportation. He still felt glad to help but now was beginning to grow exhausted. How many more did he have to help? How much longer could he go on like this? Things got even more interesting when Victoshia and her mother and brother joined him, which made him feel nervous and have trouble concentrating. Vicky is on my back. Vicky is on my back. What do I say to her? Should I say anything in front of the others? We haven't talked for so long. This is so awkward. I hope she can get off soon. No, I shouldn't think that! I may not see her for a long time. I HAVE to talk with her one more time. Gah, this is not fun. Little did he know that Victoshia was thinking many of the same things and feeling the same way.

Hours passed by, with the vines still growing thicker and the monsters appearing faster, until finally almost everyone was safely taken to the harbor. Strangely, Victoshia and her mother and brother had stayed on him the whole time and didn't want to leave yet. Yoshi wondered why they were doing this but tried not to think about it. Secretly, Vicky wanted to talk to Yoshi with less people to hear her and so she was waiting for just the right moment to do that. It looked like that moment would soon arrive when the last family came to their destination and got off. But the window of opportunity closed almost as fast as it had opened when Yoshi spotted someone in the distance running around by themself.

"Boshi! Boshi! Please come out! We're going to leave soon and you can't miss the boat! Please! Please stop hiding and come back. Ple-he-he-hease!" The female stopped and then fell to her knees and cried. Yoshi knew that this girl was supposed to be with her family and decided he better go get her and bring her back. He walked up to her cautiously.

"Uh... I'm really sorry, miss, but you have to go back with your family. It's not safe here. They're probably worried to death and searching everywhere for you."

"Shut up!" she screamed in anger and hopelessness. "You don't think I know that? That's the same reason I can't leave without my brother Boshi! I KNOW he's still here somewhere! I will neve leave this place until he's safe."

Yoshi closed his eyes and felt helpless and frustrated. Frustrated, yes, but also very sad and empathetic. He remember how worried and depressed he felt when Boshi vanished after the hurricane, and he still felt some of that up to this point when he was no where to be found. But he had no choice but to return her as soon as possible.

"You have to believe me that I know you miss him deeply and want to find him. I miss him a lot too and I wish there was a way we could find him right away. Please, return to your family and I promise that the soldiers who stay here will look for him and not give up."

"Yes, that's right!" added Crystal, who Yoshi had forgotten for a moment. "We'll find him, beautiful one. If your family loses you too they won't be able to bear it!"

Vicky said, "I admit that I can't fully understand how bad you feel but you must trust us and come along. You can trust Yoshi. He's a good caring friend and wants to protect everyone the best he can."

Yoshi took a deep breath and tried not to cry. He hadn't heard her say anything like that about him for such a long time. It was like breathing new life into his soul and empowering him. A single tear fell from his eye.

"Thank you... Vicky. You've been... a much better friend... than I have. Sniff."

The yoshi girl didn't know why they were acting like this but she didn't change at all. "I'm sorry, but I can't leave him. I can't... I can't... I can't... I can't." Her face fell again and fresh tears flowed from her eyes. What a bad situation.

Vicky's brother perked up and said, "What if Boshi is at the dock right now and waiting for you there? Maybe he came back just in time!"

She didn't stop crying. "Of course he's not there! Leave me ALONE ALREADY!" With that she dashed away from them still calling Boshi's name. Yoshi groaned. It seemed like the only way to solve this was to catch her and drag her back. That wouldn't be fun at all. Now he wished he hadn't asked the soldiers that he didn't need their help any more.

He started to run towards her but after a few steps he suddenly couldn't move. Several thick vines had quickly wrapped around his leg and more were still grabbing him. How were they growing so fast?! Yoshi began to panic. He was able to easily break through the vines but new ones were coming fast. I'm running out of time!

- Y - O - S - H - I -

The Zorus family had finally settled down in the old wooden boat and gathered all of their supplies together. Someone had told them they were the second-to-last family, with only Yoshi, Victori'as family, and Boshi's family still on the island (for reasons unknown). The plan was that Yoshi would either come later and would simply swim to the mushroom kingdom with the help of a few boats helping to keep him up, or stay behind as long as it took for them to win.

The ropes were untied from the dock, the anchor was lifted, and the sail was opened. The captain steered the vessel away and the family looked back at the beautiful island where they had lived for so long. Generations of yoshies had lived here and now the invasion was driving them away for who knew how long. If it wasn't for the humans, who knows where they would go instead of the mushroom kingdom. King Koopa would pay dearly for this.

Angel tried to keep her eyes forwards to the horizon and not look back. She thought it would just be too hard to think about her home, and all of the wonderful, unforgettable memories with friends as close as family and family as close as skin. She didn't want to cry about this any more. It was time to move forwards and make a new home in the mushroom kingdom to make new friends and new memories. Surely all of the yoshies would live close together and still keep in touch. Don't look back.

But suddenly she couldn't take it. She couldn't stop thinking about her brother and how much he had done to try and protect the island. Was it all for nothing? Had he fought in vain? Would he and the soldiers be able to save the island? E. Gadd. The poison. Her wings. Maybe... No! Don't think about it. It was too dangerous. They could take of it, they didn't need her help. Or did they? Would they all be okay and survive the attacks? What if Yoshi and the others got eaten?! That would be terrible! No, don't think about it. Don't think about it.

Suddenly her self-control broke and she felt like she could no longer bear to wonder and fear what was happening and what would happen. Angel looked back.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

Yoshi had finally managed to catch Boshi's young sister and bring her along, thanks to the help of a few soldiers who had come to check on him and look for her. Now she was riding on his back with Victoshia and her family back to her own family. That was the good news. The bad news was that the vines were only getting worse, and attacking Yoshi's legs more vigorously. The yoshi soldiers could slice through them with their swords fairly easily, but it was still a problem.

"Man, how did King Koopa make this thing so big?" asked one of the soldiers. "Do you think he saved it for this long when he used to send other huge monsters to our island?"

"It seems possible," said another. "That giant yoshi in the past defeated a lot of those oversized enemies, but Koopa could have saved the seeds from another giant pirana plant."

"I'll just be glad to get out of the jungle and return these guys to her family so we can concentrate on winning," said Yoshi. "No offense."

"I want my brother! I want my brother!" the young girl cried. Vicky's mom, Crystal, and Vicky had to hold onto her so she wouldn't try to jump off.

"We'll find him," one of the soldiers reassured her. "We won't give up. But right now we have to get you back safely to your mom and dad."

The girl began to whine again but was interrupted by Victoshia's younger brother. "Woah! Did you guys see that?!"

"What?" they all asked.

"I saw something big fly through the air behind us! It almost looked like a yellow yoshi with wings!"

A WHAT?! Yoshi couldn't believe his ears. He just laughed and pretended not to believe him, but now felt sick. Was he joking? He had to be! There's no way that Angel would dare try to... please no!!!

- Y - O - S - H - I -

Angel soared through the air over the waters and prepared to land back on shore. She had left the boat suddenly and flew back before anyone could grab her, and didn't hesistate when she heard her family shouting for her to come back. They would definitely turn the boat around and try to get her back, but she wasn't going to stop no matter what. She had to do this, or at least she thought.

Her eyes looked down to the golden sand below and tried to find E. Gadd or Yoseph or Libby. Where did they go? Did they leave already? Where was the box with the jars? Ah, there they were! Sitting in another boat and waiting to leave, probably for Boshi and Victoshia's families. She flew down and landed in the boat beside the three of them, along with a few others, and when she didn't see the box anywhere among them, quickly asked Gadd where it was. The professor and others was completely shocked that she had disobeyed her parents and come back, but told her that he had given it to some soldiers to try and use it for themselves. Ignoring the pleas of Libby the white Yoshi to go back, Angel took off again and soared over the island to try and spot the soldiers, but not before getting some eggs from enemies she swallowed. Then somehow it didn't take too long to find the box, with three yoshi soldiers around it discussing how they should poison it. In just a few seconds, Angel swooped down and snatched the box away from them before they could do anything. They almost tried to hit her with their swords but stopped themselves when they realized it was a yoshi like them. What?! Another mutant?! What is she doing?! They decided to follow her below and try to keep up.

The majestic dino flew up in the air towards the giant pirana plant determined to kill it at all costs. She landed on a soft could a safe distance away from it, set the box down, and thought of a strategy to defeat it. The plant had six smaller heads around it, so maybe she should destroy those first. That seemed like a good idea, because soon the thing turned it's head around and smelled her in the distance. It drooled, and the six heads snapped their jaws in her direction. She picked up an egg and aimed it at one of the heads, but was too slow at the draw. All six of the heads began to spit spikey seeds and fireballs in her direction. Yikes! She swallowed the seeds and dodged the fireballs, being careful not to let the box get destroyed. After dancing around for a few seconds, she finally had a good chance and hurled eggs at the heads. She managed to destroy two of the heads and the rest swiftly dodged the onslaught. "You can fight me all you want but I promise you that before sundown, I will KILL YOU!"

Speaking of sundown, she realized that she had better hurry because the sun was dipping under and there wasn't much daylight remaining. What a stupid and impulsive idea this was! Too late to turn back.

-Y - O - S - H - I -

"Woah, the sun is going down!" said Vicky nervously. "How can you guys fight these things in the dark?"

One of the soldiers next to her said, "We have torches that should be a great aid to us. Don't worry about us, we just need to get you all to the shore safely. We should be there soon at this rate."

Everyone acted relieved, but Vicky didn't look that way. When will I get the nerve to talk to Yoshi? There's not much time left but I just can't seem to say anything. I've got to get the couraged!

All of a sudden everyone spotted something ahead in the distance that shocked them all, and to Yoshi looked like a mirage. It... couldn't be. There was no way this was what it appeared. No... impossible! It was someone who looked exactly like Boshi!! Could it be him? It had to be him!! Where had he been? How had he survived? Why had he just showed up now? Why hadn't he left yet? What was he still doing here?

"BOSHI!" screamed his sister. "Big brother you're alive!" She began to cry with joy.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

Angel finally managed to take out the six heads after much effort (she swallowed the seeds to make more eggs), but had a feeling they would grow back quickly. Surely someone had already tried this and they kept growing back like the others. Time to act quickly. She grabbed one of the jars of poison, held it close to herself, and flew up in the air high enough until she felt like she was a safe distance above the king or queen plant mouth. She looked down and saw a humongous mouth with sharp teeth biting at her and trying to grab her legs. Gah! Don't look down too long! She opened the jar and poured it down into its gaping mouth.

Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then the plant licked it's white lips and appeared to like the drink. Good! E. Gadd was smart enough to make it taste good so it wouldn't know it was poisonous. At least, she hoped that was the case. She flew back to the cloud to get some more.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

At hearing the familiar voice, Boshi dino whirled around and looked overjoyed but afraid. He jumped up and down and yelled, "Hey! Help me, dudes! I'm trapped here and can't escape! Be careful!"

What was he talking about? Yoshi couldn't see anything around him except a single pipe a good distance away from him. But he trusted his instincts and training from Jikondo (who was now running around the island to check for any other people in hard to find places), and proceeded with caution.

When they got closer to him, he suddenly fell on his stomach and started to move backwards like something was pulling him. Then Yoshi saw the culprit: a vine had wrapped around his ankles and was dragging him towards the pipe! He picked up his pace and everyone panicked. Would they reach him in time? They couldn't lose him again!!

"Yoshi! Quick!" yelled one of the soldiers. "Spit me out at him!" This sounded strange to him but he didn't question him. When the soldier ran and jumped off his nose, Yoshi carefully caught him with his tongue and then fired him towards the pipe like a torpedo... and landed there too late. Boshi vanished from sight and his cries could be heard echoing through the pipe, and his sister burst into tears again. The soldier wasted no time and dove in after him with a sword in hand.

Before Yoshi could decide what to do next, he was taken off guard by another horrible surprise. The ground underneath him suddenly gave way and they found themselves in a pit up to the giant dino's waist! His feet were also stuck in something very sticky and couldn't move them no matter how hard he tried. Just when things didn't seem like they could get worse... humongous vines began to wrap around his entire body. Everyone screamed again.

-Y - O - S - H - I -

"Kid, what do you think you're doing?!" said a desperate voice below Angel. She looked down under her cloud and saw the same soldiers she saw earlier jumping up clouds towards her. "This isn't safe! Go back to your family! That's an order!"

"No!" she stubbornly refused. "I have to do this! The gods gave me these wings so I could save the island! I have to do this!"

They had almost reached her now, so she snatched the box and flew over to another cloud. They said, "Please listen to us! We don't want you to perish. Let us do this and go back. This is an ORDER and NOT A SUGGESTION!!"

"You'll see it differently once I've defeated the--"

"LOOK OUT!" they both yelled and pointed at something behind her. Angel didn't turn to see what it was but picked up the box, flew away, and then turned around. Lakitus... everywhere around her! Turtles that traveled in small floating clouds and hurled things at their enemies with deadly accuracy. Though they could be defeated with just one hit, their aim and swift movements made them very annoying. Some of them were throwing spiny eggs, some were throwing small bombs, and some were shooting rocks with sling shots. As she dodged the attacks, the soldiers tried to take them out with their own eggs. She felt something hit her in the head and lost her footing on the cloud. She fell for a few seconds and then flew back up again. Maybe this wouldn't be as easy as it seemed!

- Y - O - S - H - I -

"Oh no!" cried Crystal. "We have to get Yoshi out of here now!"

"Be careful!" Yoshi pleaded. "Don't jump down here or you'll get stuck in this goo like me!" They listened and didn't try it. Some of them jumped out of the pit, while others stayed on his back and tried to set him loose by cutting the thick vines with swords or their teeth, if they didn't have one. No good. They couldn't cut through fast enough and Yoshi was even more entangled than before, so much that he could barely move now. To their horror, the vines began to lift him out of the pit and up into the air. Everyone still on him began to jump off to safety. Vicky hesistated to leave, so a soldier grabbed her and prepared to get her back safely. They were too late. They also were entangled with Yoshi and lifted with him. All of them screamed, and Yoshi roared for help. For the first time ever, he felt powerless against an enemy and wondered if he would escape this time.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

With most of the lakitus knocked off their clouds, Angel grabbed another jar and headed back to the giant pirana plant. (She only took one at a time just to be careful) Again she was lucky enough to make it drink all of it. How much would it take? Would all of this be enough, if it even worked at all. What would she do then? Maybe she should go back to her family if she could find their boat.

Then she heard it; a loud desperate roar. She recognized it immediately as her brothers and panicked. At the time she was holding two jars in her hands and was so startled that she accidently dropped them both off the edge of the cloud. Aaaaaaagghh!!! She would have tried to fly down and catch them but there was no way she could grab them in time.

"Oh no! No no no no no no no!! I hope I still have enough poison to affect this thing." Now she had to decide what to do. Go and find Yoshi to try to save him, or destroy the monster plant that was likely the reason for his cry for help and might be killing him. She looked over and saw the soldiers who were watching her on another cloud jump down to see what was happening. Guilt and fear flooded her heart and she decided at that moment that she needed to find out if he was okay.

Then it happened. The orange light of the sunset sky slowly fled away and darkness crept in around her. Angel's yellow skin began to glow brightly again, but it wasn't enough to help her see very far ahead and the moon and stars weren't sufficient either. Now the fairly frightening killer pirana plant in the distance looked like the worst nightmare she had ever seen, and the jungle below her appeared as a tangled trap of death. Why had she come here?! There was no more hope! She pleaded with the yoshi gods to rescue her and save her brother.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a light tap on her shoulder. She yelled out and whirled around to face what she knew was a vine coming to snatch her away. She couldn't have been more relieved when she saw who it really was.

"I think you dropped this child," said Jikondo, with a hint of a smile but very serious expression. "Lucky I was in the area when I saw them fall. I'm sorry I didn't catch the other one."

"Jo! I'm so glad you're here!" She rushed towards him and gave him a strong embrace.

He replied, "Yes, Angel, and I'm glad you're here too... even though I'm guessing you disobeyed your parents like a typical adolescent, heh. But we don't have any time for this." He pushed her away gently. "Your brother and many others are in grave danger. Yoshi is tangled up in strong vines and they are lifting him up in the air right now. Many brave yoshies have tried to free him, but have had no luck and gotten tangled up with him!!" (I forgot to mention that fire and ice had little affect on the vines too, somehow) "Now Victoshia and her mom and brother are stuck with him, as well as Yoseph and Libby who ran here to try and stop you!"

She fell on her knees and began to cry.

"Be calm, Angel. We can still save them. Give the rest of the poison to it and maybe we can still kill it. I have faith in E. Gadd and faith in you."

"But I can't see anything and I'm afraid of getting eaten!!" she said through heavy sobs.

Something appeared in the distance and the two dinos turned to see what it was. Yoshi and the others were being lifted up the trees and straight towards the giant pirana plant which was watching them and drooling. Their screams were coming closer now.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

By now, Yoshi was scared out of his mind and praying as hard as he could. How had this happened? How had Koopa finally found a way to win against them? Why couldn't Yoshi save the ones he loved? Why did he have to live like this if there was no point to it? He never had the chance to get married and have children. The others on his back are doomed as well. He thought of his family when the said goodbye to him before he left. Was that the last time he would see them? Was there an afterlife where he could see them again? What would it be like to be eaten alive? Oh, if only it was just him and not others with him!!

The tough dino finally lost it and cried too.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

"NOOO! NOT MY BROTHER AND FRIENDS!! I CAN'T LET THEM DIE!!" Angel started to run to the edge and planned to fly to save him, but Jikondo grabbed her by the tail and stopped her.

"I know you want to go down there but don't try! We've lost enough friends already who tried their best. Focus on what you're doing now!!


Jikondo pulled her back, then turned her around, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her face close to his determined face. "Angel! I know how you feel but you have to listen to me. If you won't listen to your parents, at least listen to me." She noticed a tear escaping his eye. "Stay focused! Stay focused! Kill the plant! You can do it! I believe it will work and you can do this! I will help you!" He hugged her again tightly and Angel finally relaxed a little.

"Okay... I'll do my best. But... I can't see anything in the dark! Not even my skin is bright enough to help me."

"I know, and that's why I prepared for this." He pulled out a long dry torch from thin air and then a fire melon. He swallowed the melon, spit out a burst of fire, and lit the torch.

"Now this is what we're going to do..."

- Y - O - S - H - I -

Yoseph and Libby were tied close together to Yoshi's back and just as scared as the others. They said many of the same things others had said and wished they had stayed back at their boat.

"I can feel death approaching us rapidly," said Libby. "Oh howI hate that ????? Koopa and hope he rots in ?????? for this!" Some of the words she spoke were in English and Yoseph guessed they weren't appropriate for younger ears.

"I believe in Yoshi," said Yospeh with confidence. "He'll do something to save us, I know it!"

"No, lad" said another yoshi with them also entangled. "We're going to die. Brace yourselves and prepare to meet the gods."

Victoshi could no longer hear anything that anyone was saying, only her heart beating. Time seemed to slow down and she saw her life flash before her eyes. This must be my punishment for what I did to Yoshi. I deserve what I'm going to get. I... deserve.... to... perish. Wait, I haven't said anything to Yoshi yet! There's no time left now! I have to say something!

She pushed her nose out of the vines and yelled out, "Yoshi! Can you hear me?!"

"Y-yes," he replied after a moment, with a trembling voice.

"I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry for what I did to you and ask that you'll forgive me."

"There is nothing to forgive, Vicky. It was all my fault. You did nothing wrong."

She was about to disagree with him but decided there wasn't time and it didn't matter. "I... I still love you, Yoshi. I love all of you, my dear friends. If I ever wronged anyone I am sorry."

Yoshi replied, "I still love you too, Vic. I always have and will until our last moments together."

The others said similar things to each other and cried. It wouldn't be long before they were over the plant's mouth.

- Y - O - S - H - I -

Angel soared through the air with two jars in her hands and flew as fast as she could. In her clutched talons Jikondo was suspended upside-down holding his torch forwards so they could see farther ahead. She began to feel more hopeful now but it left as soon as it came when she felt prickly things hitting her. The six pirana plant heads must've grown back and were shooting at her again! To make a long story short, she had some difficulty moving back and forth now, and got hit several times (as did poor Jikondo) but she was able to make the deliveries. Only seven jars left to go, but this was getting harder by the second! (Yes there were a lot of them in the box!) Almost there...

Yoshi looked as far as he could in the dark and noticed something unusual. It looked like Angel was flying to and fro through the air, with someone hanging from her feet with a long torch, and hovering over the plant for a few seconds before flying back somewhere else. What were they doing? When she flew back to the monster plan again he was horified to see that the vines were taking them very close now to it's mouth, and he could now see the underside of it. He was thankful that the plant couldn't move it's head much from it's vertical position, but that wouldn't help much. In just a few moments he was raised up high enough that he could see inside the beast's mouth and the many razer sharp spikes behind it's large hungry lips. He closed his eyes, said goodbye to everyone, and waited for it all to end.

When the vines released them and he felt himself fall into the large mouth, he knew it would be all over soon. The plant may not have had a throat but surely the digestive juices would kill them soon. Instead of that, he felt something strange happen. Nothing. And then... creeeeeeeeeeak. Snap! Graaaaaaaaaaaah! something shrieked. He could feel himself falling! He yelled with the others, then opened his eyes to and could see nothing but darkness. Soon they all hit the ground and everything stopped. Was he still alive? He could hear the others talking excitedly and asking what happened.

All of the dinos stood up and walked forwards with Yoshi leading them. Suddenly he felt something sharp poke his foot and stepped over it. Cool air hit him and light from the moon and stars told him he was outside again. What in the...?

"Aaaaaaaaagh!! Everyone, check it out!" shouted Yoseph. "Look behind you!"

Yoshi and the others swiveled around and couldn't believe their eyes. They had just stepped out of the pirana plant's head, which was now lying on the groud detached from the rest of itself and motionless. It must have fallen off somehow! Not only that but now he could also hear the sounds of vines crumbling and pirana plants shrieking as they shriveled up and poofed away. All of the yoshies cheered and danced around, happier than they had ever been. Somehow they were alive and they had won.

Soon Yoshi saw a luminous yellow creature land on his nose, with another creature hanging on to her feet. He knew right away who they were.


"You're a real hero, Angel! Just like your brother!" said a stranger. "I mean heroine!!

A grin spread across Angel's glowing face and Jikondo smacked her on the back.

"How... how in the island did you do it?!" asked Yoseph, more outgoing than usual. "It just died all of a sudden! What did you do? And what happened to your body?!?!"

She blushed and then explained to them how she had mutated not long ago and felt extremely embarrassed until her family helped her come out of her "shell." And how E. Gadd briliantly made the poisons that she used to exterminate the plants. Then she finished with, "I now see how this curse was actually a blessing in disguise, and I think I'll learn to adjust just like big brother has."

She kissed him on the nose, then hugged Jikondo again, and then warm hugs went all around, even with the tough soldiers. (The yoshies are very affectionate creatures, if you haven't noticed) The gang returned to the docks to inform the creatures in the waiting boat the good news and they cheered too, and none seemed happier than E. Gadd. After a few hours of the soldiers scavenging the island, it was found that all of the ferocious plants were now dead and the enemies had retreated back to the pipes that returned to Koopa's castle! More celebrating ensued, and everyone decided that tomorrow some of them should go to the mushroom kingdom and tell everyone the great news. Just to be safe, the soldiers spent the night plugging up the pipes with heavy rocks and tying them down around them.

The next morning, almost all of the island soon returned full of excitement and hope, and danced until their feet hurt too much to hyold them up. Angel's family showed disappointed that another of their children had disobeyed them, but congratulated her for her selfless bravery and amazing victory. Just when it seemed like it couldn't get better, Angel felt someone tap her on the arm again and turned around to find fat Takashi standing before her and smiling. Before she could speak, he came at her and embraced her and gave her a passionate kiss. Her eyes rolled back and she fainted to the ground.

That night, a huge celebration was thrown and the dead vines were thrown into a gigantic pile and set on fire and music and dancing ensued. There was a brief moment of quiet and mourning for the second disappearance of Boshi, but the soldiers promised to not give up and considered even searching the pipes if they had to. Then the mood got happy again and many yoshies and all the humans gave special recognition to Angel. From then on, that date was declared as a holiday to remember the horror that had almost overtaken the island and eaten a numbler of them, unil "a glowing princess from the heavens" came to rescue them. She felt overwhelmed with all the attention and praise that she was tempted to go back home and never come out again! But of course she didn't

Yoshi's Island was no longer as safe as it had been, but the citizens felt safe knowing that Yoshi, Angel, Jikondo and others like them were always around and always watching for danger. No matter how many enemies came or how big they were, the strength from their blind anger was no match against the love they had for each other and the determination that came from it.

Courage, endurance, forgiveness, life, love, and peace... some of the things that they strived for to make their land so great. They hoped it would always be like this.

{SMW bonus them victory} "Yoshi!"
Quick Fact: The biggest reason I gave Angel glowing skin and a diamond-tipped tail is because on the internet I heard about someone who said he had supposedly seen a modern-day living pterosaur, and described it like that. Crazy, if true!
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