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TITLE: Something is very wrong with this picture!
By gene hudgens

Something is very wrong with this picture!

Around the world, about 26,500 children die every day from hunger, poverty, and easily preventable diseases and illnesses.

That equates to:

* l child unnecessarily dying every 3 seconds

* 18 children unnecessarily dying every minute

* Almost 10 million children unnecessarily dying every year

* About 60 million children unnecessarily dying between 2000 and 2006

Regardless of the scale of this daily/ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time, headline coverage. WHY is this tragedy not in the media headlines everyday?

Yet, right now, today, humanity possesses the resources, technology and the know-how to end the persistence of Hunger. What we lack, experts tell us, is the public will; the commitment to get the job done.

A key element in generating that commitment is making available to people current, accurate, accessible information about hunger and what is being done to end it.

Only with headline facts can we hope to take focused, effective, educated action. It isn’t harsh to say that the mainstream media is one of the many causes of poverty and hunger. Christians in American can change this.

“The continuation of this suffering and loss of life contravenes the natural human instinct to help in times of disaster. Imagine the horror of the world if a major earthquake was to occur and people stood by and watched without assisting the survivors! Yet every day, the equivalent of a major earthquake killing over 30,000 young children occurs to a disturbingly muted response. They die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. (Quote: UNICEF, Progress of Nations 2002.)

Unfortunately, it seems that the world still does not notice. It might be reasonable to expect that death and tragedy on this scale should be prime time headlines news. Yet, [issues for] prime time only surfaces when there are global meetings or concerts (such as the various G8 submits; the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005, etc). Quotes from.globalissues.org/article/715/today-over-26500-children-died-around-the-world…11/4/2008.

*Chronic under nutrition, Malnutrition, Malabsorptie Hunger and Seasonal Under nutrition account for over 90% of all hunger-related deaths, whereas famine accounts for less than 10%.

The March 26, 2005 issue of The Lancet, reveals that worldwide more than 70% of the 10.6 millions child deaths that occur annually are attributable to six causes: pneumonia (19%), diarrhea (18%), malaria (8%), neonatal sepsis or pneumonia (10%), preterm delivery (10%), and asphyxia at birth (8%).

Two Key Diarrhea Facts:

* Of the 10.6 million yearly deaths in children younger than age 5 years: 1.9 Million (18%) are caused by diarrhea. [Encouraged by poverty/hunger].

*Of the 6.6 million deaths among children aged 28 days to five years: 1.7 million (26%) are caused by diarrheas. 1 million (61% of these deaths are due to the presence of under nutrition. Quotes from www.rehydrate.org/facts/child_deaths.htm, 11/4/08.


Experts tell us that as many as 1 billion human beings - one out of five on our planet - are under-nourished and go to bed hungry each night. Not each month, not each week, but each day, 19,000 children die of hunger and hunger-related diseases. That is 13 every minute of every hour of every day.

The worst earthquake in modern history killed 242,000 people in China in l976. Hunger kills that many every 12 days. *Yet Christian America has time to think about and worry about and crusade against such purposeless unimportant, insignificant, illogical, man-made issues as: masturbation is a sin; birth control is a sin, homosexuality is a sin, condom use is a sin and the issue of abortion.

Yet, right now, today, humanity [Christian America] possesses the resources, technology and the know-how to end the persistence of Hunger. What we Christians lack is the commitment to get the job done. [Wake up and act…Christian America].

Where are they hungry?

* India

If hunger were eliminated in India alone, that would end as much as one-third of the world’s hunger.


[Today] the world’s expert community is in widespread agreement that the persistence of hunger can be ended by the turn of the century.

The Brandt Commission stated, “Mankind has never before had such ample technical and financial resources for coping with hunger and poverty. What is necessary can be done, and must be done.” (.rehydrate. Org/facts/ending - hunger.htm)

Children can not start a movement on their own to eliminate hunger, but Christians can. What a wonderful worthwhile project God, our Creator will smile and be pleased if Christian America puts all of its time and resources into a needed worthwhile project, rather than sit and fiddle with utter useless issues.

Needed worthwhile projects have been an issues and goal for at least 2500 years. In 500 B.C. an anonymous Chinese Poet said:

If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.
By sowing seed once, you will harvest once.
By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold.
By educating the people, you will harvest one hundredfold.

What is hunger?”

Hunger is not appetite; it is a profound, debilitating, devastating, intensively painful, human experience. As many as 1 billion human beings are under-nourished and go to bed hungry each night. Each day, 19,000 children die of hunger and hunger-related diseases.

The U. S. presidential commission on World Hunger stated; “whether one speaks of Human rights or basic human needs, the right to food is the most basic of all. Unless that right is first fulfilled, the protection of other human rights becomes a mockery”. (.rehydrate.org/facts/ending - hunger.htm)


Each year, Hunger takes the lives of approximately 7 million of our children (19,000 every day - 800 every hour - 13 every minute.

Hunger exists - people are dying. They don’t have to - the end of hunger is achievable. Christians are the key to the end of hunger - and each Christian can make a difference.
Prepared by: GENE HUDGENS
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